The Feathered Dinosaur Set from the AMNH (New York)

The set of feathered dinosaurs, designed by those clever palaeontologists and researchers at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York is back in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  This set of model dinosaurs consists of a number of Feathered dinosaurs.  Animals such as the ancestor of T. rex, the predatory Dilong from China, as well as smaller Theropods such as Microraptor and Caudipteryx.  There is even a brightly coloured, feathered Velociraptor, depicted in a pose as if it is about to pounce on some unsuspecting prey.  Accompanying the feathered dinosaurs in this set are a number of rare non-feathered dinosaur models, including a member of the Chasmosaurinae (Chasmosaurus).

The American Museum of Natural History Feathered Dinosaur Model Set

Feathered Dinosaur Models

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the model set and other dinosaur models: Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls – Dinosaur Models

The set also includes a model of a primitive horned dinosaur Protoceratops.  This is very appropriate (putting a model of Protoceratops and Velociraptor together), especially when you consider that new evidence is about to be published suggesting that the carnivorous Velociraptor may have scavenged the carcases of the herbivorous Protoceratops.

To read more about this discovery: Evidence of Velociraptor Feeding Behaviour – Scavenging the carcase of a Protoceratops

Interestingly, a contemporary of both Protoceratops and Velociraptor is depicted in the set – Psittacosaurus.  Since the models making up this set (a tube as the Americans call them), were first cast; new evidence concerning Psittacosaurus has emerged.  Although this dinosaur is depicted as non-feathered in this particular model series, there is considerable fossil evidence to indicate that this small Ornithopod was covered in downy feathers, or at least it had long feather-like quills protruding from the tail.

To read more about the feathers on Psittacosaurus: The Evolution of Feathers – Bird-hipped Dinosaurs upset the Apple Cart

All in all, this set makes a welcome return to the Everything Dinosaur product range.  The models are very well painted and the set helps to encourage creative, imaginative play.

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