“Land of Dinosaurs” – List of the Twelve Models in the Series

The “Land of Dinosaurs” model series that we at Everything Dinosaur have introduced consists of a set of twelve different dinosaur and prehistoric animal models.  Suitable for children from three years and upwards, this model series contains some very unusual and rare prehistoric animal models.

We have been asked to provide a list of all the prehistoric creatures featured in this series, so listed below are the details.

“Land of Dinosaurs” – Description of Models

Table Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the model series: Dinosaur Gifts & Presents

The table lists the twelve different large prehistoric animal models that make up this particular series, within each presentation case there is one large model and a model of a juvenile prehistoric animal.

The Hypsilophodon Model

A rare item – model of Hypsilophodont

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture shows the bright and colourful Hypsilophodon model, this fast-running dinosaur is eating some ferns, next to it is a model of a juvenile Postosuchus.  These models are well made, sturdy and represent an array of unusual and very different prehistoric animals.

They are great for creative, imaginative play.

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