Lest we forget Iguanodon

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New Iguanodon Model from Bullyland of Germany

So much interest has been generated by the introduction of the long awaited Giganotosaurus replica from Bullyland of Germany that their second new introduction seems to have been somewhat overlooked.  Admittedly, the new Giganotosaurus from this German manufacturer is a fascinating insight into the current thinking on this, the largest Theropod known from the fossil record to date.

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However, the 1:30 scale model of Giganotosaurus represents just half of Bullyland’s new prehistoric animal model output for 2010, also launched this year is an updated version of that perennial favourite, Iguanodon.

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This new interpretation of a large Ornithopod, shows Iguanodon in a quadrupedal pose, scientists are quite certain that most Iguanodontids were facultative bipeds, that is, if they chose they could run on their hind legs, however, they mostly moved around on all fours.

The New Bullyland Iguanodon Model

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

This new Iguanodon interpretation keeps up the fine tradition of Bullyland models, it is very well painted and the striped flanks, rump and tail are representative of recent work carried out on Ornithopod colouration and markings.  This model even has a pose-able left forelimb so that the thumb spike can be raised in a defensive posture.  The manufacture of articulated dinosaur models is a new innovation for Bullyland, it is interesting to speculate about what new introductions may result next year as a result of this development.