Dinosaurs Unleashed Exhibition Opens on January 28th

Dinosaurs Unleashed opens in London’s West End this week.  The largest animatronic dinosaur ever to be seen in the United Kingdom will be just one of the many exciting features of the Dinosaurs Unleashed exhibition at Parklife, Oxford Street (London).  Joining the 30 metre long Diplodocus will be a range of 23 life size dinosaur models featuring the likes of the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and the armoured dinosaur Stegosaurus.

Large Theropod Stalking Oxford Street

Picture Credit: Dinosaurs Unleashed

Dinosaurs Unleashed opens its doors on Thursday, January 28th and runs until the end of April.  The exhibition offers visitors the chance to see prehistoric animals in a unique Mesozoic forest setting, as the exhibition also includes a range of prehistoric plants that were around at the time of the Dinosaurs.

Are you Brave Enough to Face a Dromaeosaur?

A terror on Oxford Street

Picture Credit: Dinosaurs Unleashed

This particular dinosaur encounter is designed to be educational, informative and lots of fun for all the family.

Looks like a Meat-Eater has its Eye on You

Meat-eater has its sights on you.

Picture Credit: Dinosaurs Unleashed

Everything Dinosaur staff have been involved in this event helping to set up the retailing.  For a fun-packed experience with an amazing array of prehistoric animals visit Everything Dinosaur’s social media sites for updates.

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