Mammoth Tooth Found on Golf Course

Golfers may be used to having to avoid bunkers and water hazards but having to ensure they miss the remains of a prehistoric animal on the course is certainly a bit unusual.  The members at Morrison Lake Country Club in Saranac, Michigan will be facing this prospect after a 4 kilogramme Mammoth tooth was found in a small stream on their golf course.

A sharp eyed groundskeeper spotted the fossil and brought it to the attention of the golf course owner.  After an examination, the strange object was confirmed as being the tooth of a Mammoth and that it would be at least 10,000 years old.  Teeth of such creatures can be found washed out of Quaternary aged gravels and do turn up in some unusual places.  However, the groundskeeper believes that other elements of the skeleton including parts of the tusk and vertebrae may also be present.

It seems that part of the golf course may have to be closed in the near future to allow palaeontologists to have a thorough examination of the area.  Think they will need more than a sand wedge to extricate Mammoth remains.

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