Dinosaur Pyjamas arrive Safely

After a very long wait, our shipment of dinosaur pyjamas has finally arrived.  It seems that our pyjamas and the container in which they were in got lost and have had a very roundabout journey on their way to us.  Having arrived in England and been unloaded, the shipment was sent to the wrong despatching hub, it seems to have travelled backwards and forwards across the UK, with ourselves desperately trying to catch up with it.

The Dinosaur Pyjamas from Everything Dinosaur

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Finally, we cornered our wayward pyjamas at a depot in Coventry (West Midlands), after a bit of a tussle we were able to extract our boxes from the others that had been gathered there and our brave team were able to get their hands on the pyjama sets that we had all been waiting for.

We started early this morning to check all the new stock and put them into our online shop.  Pyjamas now available, we have contacted those customers on our waiting list and will have to order more shortly.

Here’s hoping that the next batch of dinosaur themed pyjamas behave themselves.

Dinosaur pyjamas: Dinosaur Clothing

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