Frog Blog 2009 – The Frog Spawn has Moved

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Moving Frog Spawn

We were checking back on last year’s notes and articles made about the frog spawn in our office pond.  Interestingly, the frog spawn was laid on March 16th last year and this year it has arrived a little earlier.

To read last year’s article about the sighting of frog spawn: We have frog spawn in the office pond!

Yesterday we commented upon the folklore which stated that depending on where in ponds frogs spawned was an indicator of either a wet or dry spring.  If frogs spawn in the shallow margins, this, according to the old-time sayings of country folk, meant that the spring was going to be wet.  If frogs spawned in the deeper parts of the pond, this meant that the spring was going to be dry.

Our frog spawn has moved, it has sunk down to a deeper part of the pond.  How it has done this remains a mystery.  The eggs are inert and cannot move themselves, so we suspect that either the natural buoyancy of the spawn has changed and the spawn has sunk or the activity of the frogs in the pond may have moved it.  It was quite windy last night so there is a possibility that the wind may have had an effect on the spawn and caused it to move.

So our spawn has been transferred from a shallow part of the pond to a deeper part, so much for the folklore, or did the frogs change their minds over the weather forecast?