Review of Prehistoric Times (winter edition #88)

The fast running, double crested, Theropod Dilophosaurus features on the front cover of the new edition of Prehistoric Times.  Prehistoric Times is the magazine for dinosaur model fans and prehistoric animal merchandise collectors.  Once again this edition is packed full of fascinating features.  As well as artwork and an update on the latest developments with the Dilophosaur genus, news on the largest T. rex fossil ever discovered and a special feature on the biggest developments in palaeontology over the last twelve months there is a special section on the fantastic palaeoartist Fabio Pastori.

The Dilophosaurus article is particularly in depth with a comprehensive review of the latest theories and an update on new discoveries.  As well as Dilophosaurus it is pleasing to note that “Elivisaurus”, otherwise known as Cryolophosaurus, an Antarctic dinosaur, gets a mention.

To see a model of Dilophosaurus: Dinosaur Toys for Boys – Dinosaur Models

To view a model of Cryolophosaurus: Dinosaur Toys and Dinosaur Models

Great to see a special section dedicated to that deadly Placoderm Dunkleosteus, with lots of drawings and artwork sent in by enthusiasts to illustrate the piece.

The Winter Edition of Prehistoric Times

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks (editor)

A particular mention should be made of the excellent article by Anthony Beeson entitled “Scelidosaurus in Science Art and Toys”.  It is wonderful to see an article on this particular Ornithopod, one that is synonymous with Britain.

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  Prehistoric Times Magazine

Everything Dinosaur even gets a mention in this edition – how’s that for being famous!

Prehistoric Times really is a super read and is jam packed with the latest dinosaur toys and dinosaur model developments.


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