Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models

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The Schleich Macrauchenia Model

Time to pay tribute to one of our all time favourite prehistoric animal models, the Schleich Macrauchenia replica.  This hand-painted model was part of a set produced by Schleich of Germany which also featured a Woolly Mammoth, Glyptodon, Smilodon, a Cave bear and a Woolly Mammoth calf.

The Schleich Macrauchenia Replica

The Macrauchenia Prehistoric Animal model by Schleich

The Macrauchenia Prehistoric Animal model by Schleich

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We think the species name that inspired this particular replica might have been Macrauchenia patachonica.  ‘The name Macrauchenia means “big Llama or big neck”.  The last of these magnificent herbivores died out in South America around twenty thousand years ago, the Schleich Macrauchenia model became extinct somewhat more recently.

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