Summer Holiday Activities – Baking with Dinosaurs

I am sure many young Dinosaur fans would have watched the ground breaking BBC Television series “Walking with Dinosaurs” first aired on BBC1 in 1999.  This groundbreaking television series used CGI imagery and animatronics coupled with the latest scientific research to bring back to life dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

In total six episodes were made, starting with “New Blood” which depicted the late Triassic and showed the rise of the dinosaurs to “Death of a Dynasty” which covered the extraterestrial impact that marked the end of the Cretaceous.  This work was a collaboration between a number of universities, museums and designers to recreate as accurately as possible the world as it was during the Mesozoic.

The subsequent TV rights, merchandise, video and DVD sales have helped to swell the coffers of the BBC to a considerable extent.  The “Walking with” programmes have provided the BBC with very welcome revenue, these programmes have been some of the best selling of all the BBC’s output.

Unfortunately, even the most avid home movie fan is unlikely to be able to recreate the BBC TV series, at least we at Everything Dinosaur can offer an alternative that might keep your little ones occupied for a part of the long Summer holiday – Baking with Dinosaurs.

Our buying team carried out a great deal of research and testing of home baking products in the late Winter and early Spring and they recommended three types of dinosaur shaped cookie cutters – ideal for making simple dinosaur shaped snacks or biscuits.

To view the Everything Dinosaur range of cookie cutters: Dinosaur Bedding & Dinosaur Bedroom Accessories

As well as providing the cookie cutters and such like, the team have published a number of recipes for making dinosaur themed biscuits using these products.  At the main Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur visitors are able to download for free recipes for dinosaur gingerbread as well as dinosaur shortbread biscuits.  All the recipes have been tried out by our team members and the site provides pictures of the finished biscuits along with ingredients and instructions.

The recipes are simple to follow and are ideal to help pass a little bit of the Summer holiday time, with a grown up supervising the cooking activities.  The biscuits are a great addition to any dinosaur party food and they are fun and easy to make.

We have also used the dinosaur shaped cutters for modelling work using clay and other materials, the cutters work equally well whether making food or simply having fun with plasticine or other materials.

The Dinosaur Puzzle Cookie Cutter, is a particularly clever product.  Made from robust, sturdy plastic, it consists of several pieces that fit together to make a large motif for a long-necked dinosaur (Sauropod).  You can make your own edible dinosaur puzzle.  The set even comes with a smaller long-necked dinosaur biscuit cutter that allows you to make smaller, dinosaur shaped biscuits and snacks.

The Dinosaur Puzzle Cookie Cutter

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

When some of our team members organised tests with this particular product, shortbread biscuits were made.  The young children we were working with found the cutters easy to use and had great fun decorating the biscuits once we had allowed them to cool.

To view the Dinosaur Puzzle Cookie Cutter: Dinosaur Bedding & Dinosaur Bedroom Accessories

As I recall, we simply made up some small amounts of icing sugar in several pots, a few drops of food colouring enabled our young chefs to colour the icing sugar and we had red, green, yellow and even pink dinosaurs.  These biscuits were then decorated in a variety of ways.  It was certainly a fun way to spend an afternoon, and once washed the biscuit cutters were ready to use again.  There were plenty of recipes for us to try in the little recipe book that was provided in the box.

Some of the Results of our Labours

Baking with Dinosaurs

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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