A Snippet about Utahraptor

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Utahraptor – The Scariest of all the Dinosaurs?

With its twenty centimetre long second toe claw, Utahraptor may have been one of the scariest dinosaurs to have evolved.  Highly cursorial and speedy with it, Utahraptor (U. ostrommaysorum or U. spielbergi) was around six metres in length and probably a pack hunter.  Utahraptor is the largest “raptor” described to date and one that dates from the Barremian faunal stage of the Cretaceous.  The name means “Hunter from Utah” as this is where the fossils were found (Utah, western United States).

An Illustration of Utahraptor

Speedy, dinosaur hunters

Speedy, dinosaur hunters

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Palaeontologist Jim Kirkland, one of the scientists responsible for the discovery of this Theropod dinosaur found the first fossils of this ancient creature having had a tip from a customer in a pancake shop as to where to look.