Review of Pop-up Facts Dinosaurs

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Pop-up Facts Dinosaurs (Review)

Time to step back to the Mesozoic (Age of Reptiles) and meet some of the amazing animals the lived during the Triassic, Jurassic and the Cretaceous.

The Front Cover of Pop-Up Facts Dinosaurs

Picture: Everything Dinosaur

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A hardback book that is beautifully illustrated contains lots and lots of facts and information about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  Young readers can wonder at the huge plant-eating Sauropods that pop out of the page at you, examine fossil evidence of the colossal meat-eating dinosaurs and study marine reptiles as well as Pterosaurs.  Page after page of truly impressive pop-ups, packed with fascinating facts, tabs to pull, flaps to lift and wheels to turn.  Even the front cover which depicts a Theropod dinosaur in 3-D relief has a dinosaur eye that looks straight back at the reader.

Recommended for young dinosaur fans aged 5+ a super, dinosaur book, crammed with facts and very educational, this is a great example of a book about dinosaurs for kids.

An Example of the Fact Filled Pop-up Pages

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur