Postosuchus kirkpatricki – Fierce Prehistoric Animal

Postosuchus (P. kirkpatricki) was a member of the Order Rauisuchia of reptiles.  This Late Triassic predator whose fossilised remains have been found in Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina and the state of Texas was made famous in 1999 when it appeared in the first episode of the ground breaking BBC documentary series “Walking with Dinosaurs”.  The name Postosuchus means “after or post crocodile”, a reference to this extinct creature’s affinity with the crocodile family.  The genus name also gives a nod towards Post Quarry, a fossil location close to the small town of Post in Garza County (Texas).

An Illustration of Postosuchus

Scale drawing of Postosuchus

Scale drawing of Postosuchus

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

After this predator’s appearance on the television documentary series it has become one of the most popular non-Dinosaurian prehistoric animals known from the Triassic geological period amongst enthusiasts of all things Mesozoic.

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