Nemicolopterus Illustration

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Illustrating a Pterosaur

Our knowledge of the Pterosauria has grown remarkably over the last decade or so.  There have been some fantastic flying reptile fossil discoveries in Europe, South America (Brazil) and China.  One of Everything Dinosaur’s favourite illustrations of a recent Pterosaur discovery is this lovely image of the small, insect eating Nemicolopterus.

Nemicolopterus Illustrated

Small agile flier.

Small agile flier.

Picture Credit: Michael Skrepnick

To read more about what is believed to be one of the smallest members of the Pterosauria discovered to date: Tiny Pterosaur from China

We really like this picture as it shows a Pterosaur with a dragonfly which gives the viewer a sense of scale and there is a Maidenhair branch (Ginkgo) in the illustration too.  This flying reptile had a wing span of around 25 centimetres and it has been named Nemicolopterus crypticus.