The Dinosaur Collection – Six models for Prehistoric Animal Fans

With the myriad of different models of prehistoric animals it can be difficult identifying which model belongs to which manufacturer’s series, especially with so many animals being retired and new ones coming along all the time.

Perhaps we should use the “Prefix and Accession number” system that scientists use to identify individual specimens housed in museums around the world.  For example, MIWG6621 is the unique classification code given to a single caudal vertebra (tail bone), of a small bipedal plant-eater – Hypsilophodon foxii, which is housed in the Museum of Isle of Wight Geology, Sandown on the Isle of Wight in the UK.

This would certainly help streamline our searches for various specific models for avid fans and collectors when they ask us to conduct a “Dino Hunt” for them, details of which can be found on the main page of our website.

Access “Dino Hunt” here:  Everything Dinosaur Home Page

Simply type in the dinosaur name into the Dino Search box, press the magnifying glass icon next to the box to start the field and if no items appear, then you will be directed to start a “Dino Hunt” request and one of our dinosaur experts and researchers will try to find the product or animal that you have requested.  This certainly saves our customers a lot of time.

One model series we have taken a fancy to is the “Dinosaur Collection” series from Procon.  This model series currently consists of six models, five dinosaurs (T. rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Velociraptor), plus a Pterosaur.  The Pterosaur in question is Pteranodon ingens, so this makes a popular choice for the avid dinosaur fan and for serious model collectors.

The Dinosaur Model Series from Everything Dinosaur

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each model comes with its own fact sheet written by our researchers, and this series is available either as individual models from Everything Dinosaur, or as a set of six models at a special discounted price.

To see the Dinosaur collection set of models: Dinosaur Toys for Girls and Boys – Dinosaurs

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