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7 07, 2007

Pictures from our Offices (Everything Dinosaur)

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A Photograph of Everything Dinosaur in the Office

Team members at Everything Dinosaur took the opportunity to take some pictures around the company’s offices the other day.  A chance to show off some of the fantastic pictures on the walls around the offices.

Pictures from the Office

Ready for work!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Creating the right image is important for a young company and whilst offices were being refurbished we took the chance to take some photographs of team members at work.  To purchase dinosaur toys and dinosaur themed games from Everything Dinosaur click on the link below:

Visit Everything Dinosaur: Everything Dinosaur’s website

7 07, 2007

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

No sooner does the team at Everything Dinosaur get into the swing of Summer events then it seems time to begin planning for the Autumn.  On Thursday, some of the team members went off to Wales for the day to take part in some product and promotional photography.

We headed out passed Chester around the ring road then we travelled south down the A483 skirting round Wrexham before arriving at our destination Cefn-Mawr, which is a small village in North Wales about 8 miles from Llangollen.  Cefn-Mawr has an industrial heritage with sandstone quarries, coal mining and chemical works.  The geology of the area is quite interesting, the region is mainly Carboniferous limestone, with scattered coal mines and of course the famous Cefn stone (the sandstone), which was used to build most of the houses in the area.   The industrial development has left its mark on the area with the beautiful viaduct built by Thomas Telford dominating the valley.

The area is receiving a considerable amount of European Union funding, helping to revitalise the village after some years of decline.  A local told us that something like £3.5 million had been invested in the village, with grants available to help restore buildings and set up new businesses in the area.  It was certainly looked impressive as we left the car in one of the many free car parks on the high street and wondered up passed the newly opened business centre to find the premises of the photographer that we were working with.  There may be lots of exciting and new things happening in Cefn-Mawr but I would guess that we would be the first people to carry cuddly dinosaur toys and fossils up the high street.

The photography went well.  We were using a brand new photographic studio that had only just opened, it was very impressive.  We took pictures of some new products and did some shots of ourselves and other items that we will require for promotional purposes.

It was a fun day, working under the direction of Michael (the photography), suspending Pteranodon’s from pieces of cotton and posing with various fossils and such like.  Most of the pictures will go up on our website and we will put some of the other pictures up on this blog.  In the meantime, I have loaded up a shot of the team working to set up a product shot – lots of concentration required.

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