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COP 21 – Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change in a Geological Context

Our planet’s climate has changed dramatically over deep time.  The immense geological record of our Earth and the fossils contained within certain strata point to several periods of dramatic mass extinction.  The Earth’s climate does change, it rarely remains stable for any length of geological time.  Whilst writing this piece and glancing out of the window it is difficult to believe that just a few thousand years ago our part of the world was covered in ice sheets.  Around 20,000 years ago, a mere blink in geological time, this portion of Cheshire was covered in ice approaching 1,000 metres thick, to the east, the prominent, coarse grained sandstones are testament to a vast expanse of desert that existed some 270 million years ago.

Cheshire (North-west England) during the Permian Period

Sand dunes once covered north-west England.

Sand dunes once covered north-west England.

Picture Credit: David Reimer

Global temperatures have also fluctuated widely.  The average global temperature in the first few years of the 21st Century is around 14-15 degrees Celsius, although there is plenty of geological evidence to suggest average global temperatures were much higher and lower in the past.  However, the rate of change is the concern.  Scientists and politicians are becoming increasingly aware that human activity has interrupted the natural, planetary circle and that human-induced global warming has serious implications for the stability of the Earth’s climate and the changes, if allowed to take place, could lead to the extinction of our species and a lot of other species too.  2015 is on course to become the warmest year in recorded history.  Thirteen of the fourteen warmest years were recorded in this Century.  Fortunately, measures are being put in place to try to minimise the effects of global warming.

COP 21

World leaders, politicians, scientists, environmentalists and lobbyists are gathering in Paris for the start of the global warming conference (COP 21).  COP 21 stands for the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.  A convention signed in 1994 commits the majority of the countries of the world to work together to lessen the impact of global warming.
That long winded title was created in Rio in 1992 where countries concerned about the impacts of climate change came together under the United Nations to do something about it.  The key aim is the “stabilisation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”.

The term anthropogenic refers to something that has been caused by or relates to our species (Homo sapiens).

Time May Be Running Out to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change

Climate change, time is running out.

Climate change, time is running out.

Picture Credit: Associated Press

The conference will run from November 30th to December 11th and its aim is to fundamentally re-order the economies of our planet to permit the reduction of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide that contribute to the global warming of our world.

When the Earth warms about 2°C above pre-industrial revolution times, scientists say there will be dangerous and unpredictable impacts on our climate system.  Our planet is already half way to that danger point.
So the purpose of the Paris conference is to work out a way of limiting emissions of greenhouse gases, while allowing countries to continue to grow their economies, and providing assistance to the least developed and those most affected by rising temperatures.

We wish all those taking part in the conference ever success with this enormous undertaking.  Let us hope that common sense, mediation and a common sense of purpose win the day.  It is not too late, but the window of opportunity is closing.  Our species is not capable of managing the Earth’s climate, however, we are capable of putting in place changes that will minimise our effect on the planet and the natural order.  Ice sheets will one day return to north-western England, deserts will also be here once again, just like they were millions of years ago.  Our planet’s climate changes, what we must do is to have the courage to build a consensus to help minimise our impact and to reduce the speed of change.  Failure to do so is not an option and the geology of our planet will bear testimony to how successful we prove to be in this undertaking.

Everything Dinosaur acknowledges the help of the BBC in the compilation of this article.

CollectA Spinosaurus Models

CollectA Spinosaurus Models (2015)

There is a saying that good things come in threes, a bit like the manual unguals (claws) on a Spinosaurus and thanks to CollectA, dinosaur fans have now got three new models of this super-sized predator to savour.  Everything Dinosaur have just taken in stock of the CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Spinosaurus and the two smaller Spinosaurus models, one showing the quadruped pose and one depicting this north African dinosaur swimming.

The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 Spinosaurus Replica

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: CollectA

We note there has been some debate as to the scale of this replica.  This is a little difficult to estimate, given that all three Spinosaurus models are based on the 2014 interpretation published by Ibrahim et al.  The new interpretation caused a lot of controversy and discussion in academic circles, particularly over scaling in relation to the hind limbs and so forth, but the authors still depicted Spinosaurus in excess of sixteen metres long.  If we take the curve of the tail into account and measure the CollectA Deluxe replica from nose to tail it is an impressive 38 centimetres long, perhaps a fraction longer.  So if we compare this replica to the scale used by Ibrahim and colleagues, we do get an approximate 1:40 scale for this beastie.

To view the CollectA Deluxe Spinosaurus at Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Animal Models

 A Pair of Spinosaurus Models (CollectA Swimming and CollectA Walking Spinosaurus Dinosaurs)

CollectA Spinosaurus available from Everything Dinosaur.

CollectA Spinosaurus available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Just like their bigger counterpart, the two smaller models (both around 23 centimetres in length or so), are very well made.  Lots of detail has been added and it is really pleasing to see those cranial crests given prominence.  You can really imagine that these two little chaps had the dense bones as proposed in the September 2014 paper*, indicative that here was a Theropod with several adaptations to an aquatic lifestyle.  Of particular note are the very crocodilian tails of these two models, the base of each tail is broad and deep, providing propulsion through the water just like an extant crocodile today.

The CollectA Swimming Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

The CollectA swimming Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

The CollectA swimming Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The scientific paper certainly attracted a great deal of attention when it first was published, twelve months on, the debate continues, only recently another review of spinosaurid material from North Africa was published.  This review challenged many of the earlier findings, it even added an extra dimension with the inclusion of further studies related to the vertebrae assigned to Sigilmassasaurus, these Kem Kem fossils (Morocco), really have muddied the waters even further when it comes to a reassessment of all things spinosaurid.

To view the not to scale Spinosaurus models from CollectA: CollectA Dinosaurs

The “Spinosaurus Re-boot” as it has been termed, is going to rumble on, in the meantime, we can enjoy these new dinosaur models.

The full title of the September 2014 paper is “Semi-aquatic Adaptations in a Giant Predatory Dinosaur”, it was published in the journal “Science”.

List of authors: Nizar Ibrahim, Paul C. Sereno, Cristiano Dal Sasso, Simone Maganuco, Matteo Fabbri, David M. Martill, Samir Zouhri, Nathan Myhrvold and Dawid A. Iurino

Getting Along “Swimmingly” – A Pair of CollectA Spinosaurus Models

A pair of CollectA Spinosaurus dinosaur models.

A pair of CollectA Spinosaurus dinosaur models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Spinosaurus Models in Stock at Everything Dinosaur (Tomorrow)

CollectA Spinosaurus are on their Way!

The eagerly awaited Spinosaurus replicas including the 1:40 scale Deluxe Spinosaurus with an articulated lower jaw are their way to Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse.  These eagerly awaited dinosaur models are the last of the 2015 CollectA production to reach us and when the stock arrives and is checked over we shall commence the operation to let everyone who contacted us and wanted to reserve one that these beautiful replicas have arrived.

All Three 2015 CollectA Spinosaurus Dinosaur Models

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Joining the 1:4 scale Supreme Guidraco Pterosaur figure and the wonderful Feathered T. rex (also in 1:40 scale like the Deluxe Spinosaurus), will be the three new versions of Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus), which represent one of the very latest interpretations, of what is believed to be, the largest meat-eating dinosaur known to science.

The CollectA 1:40 Scale Deluxe Spinosaurus

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

A Carnivorous Dinosaur at Home in the Water and on Land

These three, hand-painted models are based on the re-examination of the Spinosauridae fossil material that was published last year (Ibrahim et al).  In what was a dramatic report, a team of scientists including Paul Sereno, Nizar Ibrahim, Cristiano Dal Sasso, Simone Maganuco, Matteo Fabbri plus others esteemed academics including the UK’s David Martill re-examined all the known Spinosaurus fossil material from North Africa and concluded that Spinosaurus was adapted to a life as an aquatic animal.  Put simply, it was a dinosaur that looked like a dragon and decided to live like a crocodile.

The paper, entitled “Semi-aquatic Adaptations in a Giant Predatory Dinosaur”, was published on September 26th 2014, so CollectA have been remarkably quick off the mark to produce this trio of replicas.

To read more about the original Spinosaurus research: Spinosaurus – Four Legs Better than Two

 The Swimming Dinosaur (Popular CollectA Model Range)

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

In essence, the 2014 study depicted Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus) as a semi-aquatic hunter, more at home in water than in a terrestrial environment.  Although descended from entirely terrestrial ancestors, Spinosaurus had evolved into a supreme specialist, an obligate quadruped of a Theropod that was very much a creature of the large rivers and deep lakes of its ancient Cretaceous habitat.  In recognition of this research, CollectA created a total of three new Spinosaurus models, a swimming one (pictured above), the Deluxe 1:40 scale replica mentioned earlier and a walking Spinosaurus (see below).

A Walking Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model (CollectA)

A Spinosaurus going for a stroll.

A Spinosaurus going for a stroll.

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

To see Everything Dinosaur’s existing range of Deluxe CollectA models: CollectA Scale and Deluxe Models

To view Everything Dinosaur’s existing range of CollectA not to scale models: CollectA Prehistoric Animals

A spokesperson for the UK based company stated:

“It is great to see these three fascinating depictions of Spinosaurus.  CollectA are to be praised for the quick turnaround from the published paper to making this a production model and also for taking on the challenge of depicting this iconic dinosaur in this way, bringing a whole new dimension when it comes to dinosaur model collecting.”

TetZooCon 2015 and Everything Dinosaur

TetZooCon 2015 and Everything Dinosaur

It’s full steam ahead with just a few days to go to the second annual TetZooCon, a convention dedicated to Tetrapod Zoology and what an amazing day it’s going to be.  The London Wetland Centre is the venue and on Saturday 14th November, the great and the good in the TetZoo-verse will descend on Barnes, London SW13 to enjoy a variety of speakers covering subjects as diverse as Pterosaurs to Pygmy Elephants?  Keeping to the all things beginning with “P” theme, renowned palaeoartists Mark Witton, Bob Nicholls (he of the famous Nigersaurus eye-lashes illustration, ask him about this whilst you are there) and John Conway will be holding a special palaeoart workshop.  If you have ever wondered how artists are able to create such stunning illustrations of long, extinct creatures now’s your chance to find out.

Countdown to TetZooCon 2015

Click on the logo to visit the Paypal booking service.

Click on the logo for more information!

Image Credit: Darren Naish

Organised by Darren Naish, vertebrate palaeontologist, acclaimed science writer and all round good guy, and the super talented John Conway, Saturday’s event provides an amazing opportunity to meet top academics and to learn all about the comings and goings in terms of some of the latest thinking regarding the astonishing creatures that share our planet, plus of course, lots of information on those animals that have dropped out of the gene pool.  Animals such as the Ichthyosaurs which will be covered in a talk given by the University of Southampton’s Jessica Lawrence-Wujek.  So if “fish lizards” are your thing, head down to the London Wetland Centre on the 14th.

For further information and to book: TetZooCon 2015

The event starts at 9am and Everything Dinosaur are proud to be associated with this wonderful day out.  Look out for some super prehistoric animal models that we have donated for the quiz that will round off the fun filled and very informative day.

Look out for our Logo at TetZooCon 2015

Proud to sponsor Tetzoocon 2015.

Proud to sponsor TetZooCon 2015.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tea and coffee are provided, and lunch can be purchased at the nearby Water’s Edge Cafe.  TetZooCon promises to be the best thing to hit this part of London since the Ice Age!

Commenting on the event, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained:

“Events like TetZooCon provide those with a general interest in science with a marvellous opportunity to converse with leading scientists, artists and science writers.  Sadly, these opportunities, are few and far between and it is great to see such a convention taking place.  We wish the organisers and everyone attending the very best and we look forward to hearing more about this exciting event.”

Everything Dinosaur Slides Between Speakers at the Conference

All ready for the 14th November.

All ready for the 14th November.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We note that the day is to be concluded with a visit to a local hostelry, a trip to the Red Lion Pub!  Fantastic planning Darren et al, choosing an inn with a Tetrapod connection.   Sounds like it is going to be a great day!

Update on the Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas 2015

Update on the Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas 2015

October is drawing to a close, and although most of our customers will be concerning themselves with the festivities associated with “All Hallows Eve” it is worth noting just how quickly October seems to have sped by and that Christmas is rapidly approaching.  As a mail order company, Everything Dinosaur does all it can to help customers get their gifts in time for the big day.  The warehouse team will once again be putting in the long hours of dedicated service to make sure that parcels are packed and despatched as quickly as possible.  In addition, we have begun packing and sending out orders on Saturday mornings to help keep up with the amount of orders we are now receiving.

Royal Mail in conjunction with the Post Office, have produced a handy guide which provides details of the last safe, recommended posting dates for Christmas parcels and other mail sent overseas and around the United Kingdom.  The table we have created below summarises these dates.

A Table Illustrating the Last Safe Posting Dates for Christmas 2015

Recommended last posting dates for Christmas.

Recommended last posting dates for Christmas.

Credit: Everything Dinosaur and Royal Mail

 A table reproduced above provides details of the recommended posting dates by geographical region.   Our best advice is, as always, please post early.

Please note:

On the Everything Dinosaur website (Delivery Policy page) we have provided the following information about International Surface Mail posting options:

“A number of international delivery and postal options are offered by Everything Dinosaur, including Airmail, International Surface Mail and International Parcel Force.  Whilst Everything Dinosaur does all it can to ensure a rapid despatch, customers should note that International Surface Mail, often the cheapest international postage option is a relatively slow service and deliveries can take many weeks to arrive dependent on destination country.”

The last recommended posting dates for Surface Mail to many different parts of the world have already passed.

Seven Tips for a Happy Mailing Christmas

1).  Remember to include the house number or house name with the delivery address information.

2).  Check postcode/zip code details carefully.

3).  Check delivery address details on orders to Everything Dinosaur, try checking twice.

4). Remember, with PayPal and our own website’s ordering process, customers can include a message to us in the order message box.  You can write in confirmation of delivery address or any specific, relevant information required to help ensure a speedy delivery.

5).  If you want to specify a different delivery address to your billing address, our website allows you to do this easily and without fuss.

6).  If you want to send an item to your work address, please ensure that you include the company name in the delivery address information.  Make sure that the work reception team are informed and try for a delivery during the working week, especially if  on Saturday/Sunday your premises are shut.

7). Take note of the recommended last posting dates for Christmas, and please, please, please post early.

If you have a query about Christmas deliveries, or indeed any aspect of Everything Dinosaur’s delivery service please feel free to contact us: Email Everything Dinosaur

To view the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur’s Website

Everything Dinosaur Prepares for Christmas

Everything Dinosaur Prepares for Christmas

It’s that time of year, yes, we know that Halloween is approaching fast, but no sooner have we put away our pumpkins then team members will be looking ahead to Christmas and putting in place plans to help our customers have a worry free time when it comes to shopping on line.  Everything Dinosaur will be switching soon to seven-day packing and order preparation, this means that in addition to our already “dinotastic” customer service, we will pack and prepare orders on a Saturday and Sunday to make sure they get on their way as soon as the working week starts.

Naturally, we will be available to deal with emails and other enquiries, but at this time of year with the increased amount of orders that we receive, we think that it is important to dedicate more resources in order to ensure that every single one of our customers and their precious parcels get looked after to the best of our ability.

Don’t forget to check out the recommended posting dates for sending/receiving parcels overseas, we don’t want any gifts missing on the big day.

Here is a helpful article that summarises posting advice: Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas 2015

Additional Helpful Hints Provided By Everything Dinosaur

1).  Remember to include the house name or house number with the delivery address information that you provide with your order.

2).  Check the zip code/postcode with care.

3).  Before clicking the “submit” button to send an order to Everything Dinosaur, it is a good idea to check the delivery address for one last time.

4). Remember, with PayPal and our own website’s ordering process, customers can include a message to Everything Dinosaur in the order message box.  You can write in confirmation of delivery address or any specific, relevant information required to help ensure a speedy despatch and a rapid, worry free delivery.

5).  Everything Dinosaur’s website makes it easy for you to specify a different delivery address to your billing address, perhaps you want to send to a relative or even to work.

6).  If you do decide to send an item to your work address, please ensure that you include the company name in the delivery address information, do not forget to check the postcode or zip code.

7).  If you think it will help, you can always specify a neighbour’s address where the parcel can be delivered to if you will be out at work when the delivery is likely to take place.

If you have a query about Christmas deliveries, or indeed any aspect of Everything Dinosaur’s delivery service please feel free to email: Email Everything Dinosaur

To view Everything Dinosaur’s website: Dinosaur Toys and Games

We want all our customers to enjoy their on line shopping experience, Everything Dinosaur team members are available and on hand to assist you.

In addition, starting next month, we will include a free set of dinosaur stickers with every order we receive until Christmas!  Just part of our customer commitment to you, our customers.

Starting Soon Free Dinosaur Stickers From Everything Dinosaur!

A set of free dinosaur stickers included with every order from now until Christmas 2015.

A set of free dinosaur stickers included with every order from now until Christmas 2015.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

So for all your dinosaur toys and games, you know who to visit…

Dinosaur Fan Sends in Dinosaur Drawing

Everything Dinosaur Keeps Its Promises

Social media is a great way for customers to reach out and contact Everything Dinosaur.  We have a fairly active profile on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms such as Twitter and Youtube.  Our team members do try to respond to all the questions, queries and enquires we get.  There are lots and lots each day, too many for us to count.  However, when Clare Hart, contacted us a few weeks ago to tell us all about her son and his fascination for dinosaurs we made a promise, if her son sent in a drawing of a dinosaur to us, we would post it up for him.

Sure enough, Clare has provided Everything Dinosaur with a lovely drawing of a meat-eating dinosaur created by her son Brandon.

Brandon’s Excellent Illustration of a Theropod Dinosaur

An interesting perspective and great care has been taken over the drawing.

An interesting perspective and great care has been taken over the drawing.

Picture Credit: Brandon Hart (age 12)

The illustration above shows an unusual view of a meat-eating dinosaur.  The picture gives the impression that the drawing has been made by looking from the side of the head back down the Theropod’s body.  Great care has been taken to show the different type of skin patterns that have been seen in fossil Theropods.  The large fenestra (opening) in front of the eye socket has been depicted and from the overall appearance and those crests over the orbit (eye socket), we would suggest that this drawing represents a member of the Superfamily Allosauroidea.  There are a lot of dinosaurs within this particularly Superfamily, but this could be a drawing of an Allosaurus (Allosaurus fragilis), nicknamed by many palaeontologists as the “lion of the Jurassic”.

A Typical Model of an Allosaurus

A Papo Allosaurus dinosaur model.

A Papo Allosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Allosaurus was a formidable predator, amongst the largest known from rocks that date from the Upper Jurassic. Brandon’s dinosaur has a row of dermal spines running down the animal’s “s-shaped” neck, this type of ornamentation is seen in a number of illustrations of this meat-eating dinosaur.

Commenting on the artwork of twelve year-old Brandon, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“This is an excellent piece of artwork, a wonderful drawing of a carnivorous dinosaur.  The illustration shows lots of detail and obviously a great deal of care has been taken by young Brandon.”

Ironically, in this digital age when a mobile phone can incorporate a camera capable of taking exquisitely detailed photographs, scientific illustration remains very important.  Tutors used to tell us that the best way to get to know a fossil is to draw it.  Pencil sketches can help to reveal details and minute features not immediately obvious.  Recently, Everything Dinosaur team members have been looking at drawings from the 19th Century that illustrate fossil finds from southern England.  It seems that with Brandon’s carefully drawn dinosaur, the future of scientific illustration is in safe hands.

We made a promise that if Clare sent us a drawing done by her son we would post it up.  We like to keep our promises.

Well done, Brandon!

New 2016 Prehistoric Animal Models from Safari Ltd

New Prehistoric Animal Models (Safari Ltd) 2016

With the news that Safari Ltd had ended its twenty-eight year partnership with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which broke in the spring, model collectors and dinosaur fans alike have been eagerly awaiting developments.  What prehistoric animal replicas would come out in 2016?  Everything Dinosaur can now reveal that information, the wait is over and enthusiasts of all things Dinosauria et al are not going to be disappointed.

Here are the new prehistoric animals:

  • Plesiosuchus
  • Iguanodon
  • Masiakasaurus
  • Shunosaurus
  • Carcharodontosaurus
  • Plus re-issues of previous Safari Ltd models, the baby Woolly Mammoth, the Megatherium (giant ground sloth), Amebelodon and the glyptodont Doedicurus.

Everything Dinosaur intends to stock all these items, we will do all we can to keep our customers and fellow prehistoric animal fans informed about deliveries into our warehouse.

There are a total of five new replicas, this is the same total as last year, the 1:10 scale Carnegie Collectibles Velociraptor, plus four not to scale models under the Wild Safari brand that has now become the flagship brand for prehistoric animal replicas the Florida-based company makes.

Let’s take a look at the new models in turn, firstly the Plesiosuchus model (marine crocodile).  This Late Jurassic carnivore was one of the super predators of the shallow seas that covered much of Europe.  It is estimated to have been around seven metres in length, approximately the size of the largest Saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) found today.  Plesiosuchus means “near crocodile” and is pronounced Plee-see-oh-sook-us.  It was a member of the Metriorhynchoidea (pronounced Met-ri-oh-rink-oi-deer [A super family of the Crocodylomorpha]).  It is great to see a model of a metriorhynchid from Safari Ltd.

New for 2016 the Wild Safari Dinos Plesiosuchus

Available soon from Everything Dinosaur.

Available soon from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

The Plesiosuchus replica measures a fraction over seventeen centimetres and is around four and half centimetres tall (it’s the tail).

Now the Iguanodon model comes into focus.  It is great to see another Ornithopod in the Safari Ltd Prehistoric Life model collection.

New for 2016 the Wild Safari Dinos Iguanodon

Some very striking colours on this new replica.

Some very striking colours on this new replica.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

Over the years, there have been a number of iguanodont models made, with the retirement of the Carnegie Collectibles Iguanodon replica, it is great to see this introduction.  Iguanodon is brought bang up to date, the bipedal pose of the earlier model, launched in 2007 and effectively a re-paint of an even earlier Carnegie replica, has been replaced by a walking on all four limbs approach.  The body proportions seem much more accurate and we love the thickened base of the tail.  These Ornithopods were powerful animals and indeed the base of the tail and pelvis were very robust.  The model has been given a striped colour scheme and we adore the flashes of purple, not a colour associated very often with dinosaur models.  It is a nice touch.  The model measures 18.5 cm by 7 cm.

New for 2016 – Shunosaurus

Available soon from Everything Dinosaur - Shunosaurus.

Available soon from Everything Dinosaur – Shunosaurus.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

The “Sauropod crossed with a Llama”, as an Everything Dinosaur member of staff termed this replica when trying to decipher the double page advert that showed a glimpse of this figure, turns out to be a Shunosaurus.  The colourful figure measures 16.5 cm in length and that detailed head stands around 7 cm high.  One of the best known of all the Chinese Dinosauria, certainly the best known Sauropod, thanks to the huge fossil assemblage excavated from the Dashanpu Quarry site (Sichuan Province).  This looks like an excellent interpretation of the extensive fossil material.  Well done Safari Ltd for bringing out such an interesting replica.

“Vicious Lizard” – Masiakasaurus

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

A new fact sheet will be required for the fourth new prehistoric animal figure we are featuring here – Masiakasaurus, (the name means vicious lizard).  An agile Theropod that lived on the island of Madagascar in the Late Cretaceous.  The forward pointing teeth have been very well depicted in this new for 2016 replica.  We suspect that this is the first dinosaur model made by Safari Ltd, whose scientific name was inspired by a band member of Dire Straits.  The formal, binomial name for this two metre long terror is Masiakasaurus knopfleri.  It was the music of Dire Straits’s front man Mark Knopfler that inspired the field team behind this particular dinosaur fossil discovery.

The design team at Safari Ltd have taken into careful consideration details of this dinosaur’s known skeleton (about two-thirds of all the bones in the skeleton have been described to date).  Note the position of the hands and digits, although an abelisaurid, Masiakasaurus had proportionately much longer front limbs than other members of this Theropod dinosaur family.  It is an attractively painted model, the stripes and green markings are a good choice, it is likely that this dinosaur, required camouflage to help it avoid being spotted by larger meat-eaters that shared its floodplain environment.

The new Safari Ltd Masiakasaurus is around 18.5 cm in length and stands an impressive 8.25 cm tall.

New for 2016 – Carcharodontosaurus

Say hello to "shark-toothed lizard".

Say hello to “shark-toothed lizard”.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

One of the largest Theropods known, Carcharodontosaurus is a firm favourite amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors alike.  It is great to see this interpretation by Safari Ltd.  We had thought that the large, meat-eating dinosaur was going to be a Megalosaur, we got wrong but we are delighted to see this North African monster join the Safari Ltd “Prehistoric Life” fold.  At an impressive 22.75 cm long and standing 10.25 cm tall this is the biggest model dinosaur that Safari Ltd are bringing out next year.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s existing range of prehistoric animals from Safari Ltd: Safari Ltd Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

Look out for announcements on Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page, Twitter feed and on this blog site.  More information including when they will be in stock will be posted up soon.

Check out Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page for pics of the prehistoric mammal models that are being re-introduced by Safari Ltd.

Find Everything Dinosaur on Facebook: Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

Speculating on the new for 2016 Safari Ltd Prehistoric Animals

Thoughts and Comments on the New for 2016 Prehistoric Animals (Safari Ltd)

We had hoped that today we could provide our readers with comprehensive details regarding the new for 2016 Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models.  In addition, we wanted to discuss the changes to the company’s prehistoric animal models, potential retirements, re-issues and so forth.  However, we can’t and we at Everything Dinosaur do apologise for this, but we do understand the position of the manufacturer and we do respect their wishes.

However, since we intended to write about Safari Ltd today, let’s not waste this opportunity.  We can speculate on what we do know with regards to Safari Ltd’s plans.  For example, in the fall/autumn edition of “Prehistoric Times” there is a double page, full colour spread advertisement which can provide dinosaur fans and model collectors alike with a wealth of information.  We have reproduced the first half of the advert for you below.

Toys that Teach – the Safari Ltd Advert 

As seen in Prehistoric Times magazine

As seen in Prehistoric Times magazine

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times Magazine (issue 115)

What does the Advertisement Show?

The format of the advertisement follows a very similar line to previous print adverts from Safari Ltd.  A range of models, new and old are featured and we expect such images to be incorporated into other marketing communications media.  From a model fan’s perspective it shows that Safari Ltd remain committed to producing replicas of sea creatures, extinct terrestrial animals and of course Pterosaurs.  Note the pair of Dimorphodons flying over the scene.  These two Pterosaurs are soaring over quite an eclectic group of models, that’s see if we can dissect this picture further.

Three types of replica can be seen:

  1. New models (five new models can be seen)
  2. Existing models (three models can be seen, we are only counting Dimorphodon and the Ammonite  once)
  3. Models that have been retired (four models can be seen, all of them prehistoric mammals).  With Carnegie Collectibles all retired, we can expect some re-issues next year – the welcome return of the Woolly Mammoth calf, Megatherium, another distant modern elephant relative, the “shovel tusked” Amebelodon and good old “pestle tail”, the wonderful Doedicurus replica.

New Models from Safari Ltd for 2016

It Looks Very Much Like a Metriorhynchid (Marine Crocodile)

Truly adapted to a marine environment - Plesiosuchus or what?

Truly adapted to a marine environment – Plesiosuchus, Dakosaurus or what?

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times Magazine (issue 115)

This looks like a new model for 2016.  It’s a marine reptile but no Mosasaur or Pliosaur for that matter.  From the limb proportions, the broad, powerful snout, that shark fin tail fluke and simply because Safari Ltd have not produced one before, we suspect that this is a representative of a metriorhynchid.  The Metriorhynchidae are a group of marine crocodiles that flourished during the Late Jurassic and into the Early Cretaceous.  A number of genera have been described, they are not closely related to modern crocodiles, or indeed to dinosaurs for that matter, but they do seem to have had an almost global distribution.  As an English company (Everything Dinosaur is based in the UK), it is great to see a picture like this.  A lot of metriorhynchid fossil material has been excavated from Dorset for example, but what species is it?  Hard to say, after all, there are a lot of species named, it could be Metriorhynchus, but the snout is not narrow enough.  We think this is something like Dakosaurus or Plesiosuchus.

Could be “Vicious Lizard” – Masiakasaurus

New, green Theropod

New, green Theropod

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times Magazine (issue 115)

One of two Theropod dinosaurs featured in the advert is a curious looking green, meat-eater.  From those teeth and with those grasping claws this could not be anything else but a meat-eater, but which dinosaur could this possibly be?  There are clues and if you know your Theropoda, especially the terrestrial fauna of Late Cretaceous Madagascar you can have a good guess.  We think this is a replica of the bizarre Masiakasaurus, the first dinosaur model to be made by Safari Ltd which was named after a member of the rock band Dire Straits.  The species name is M. knopfleri, honouring the front man of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler.

A Close up of the Head Reveals Tantalising Details

Tell tale teeth!

Tell tale teeth!

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times Magazine (issue 115)

The advert shows large nostrils placed high up on the front of the snout, large eyes and a set of lower teeth far bigger than the upper teeth.  Most importantly of all the teeth at the front project forwards, these are all distinguishing characteristics of Masiakasaurus, the name means “Vicious Lizard” and with teeth like that you can see why.  We speculate that Safari Ltd will add Masiakasaurus to its prehistoric animal model range.

 Herbivorous Dinosaurs to be Added to the Safari Ltd Range for 2016

Plant-eaters join the range.

Plant-eaters join the range.

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times Magazine (issue 115)

Well, there are at least two plant-eating dinosaurs being added.  The one in the foreground represents a member of the Iguanodontia, the front limb and digits are the give-away here.  Which member though?  The absence of a scale does not help here.  It looks very typical of a modern interpretation of the very well known Iguanodon. Introducing an Iguanodon replica would  make some sense, it would be a replacement for and an update of the 1:40 Carnegie Collectibles Iguanodon that was introduced eight years ago.  Iguanodon is certainly a popular dinosaur, but the Iguanodon family is big, this model could represent a number of genera, however, it looks too robust to be Hypselospinus or indeed a Mantellisaurus, but at the same time it does not quite have the look of a real bruiser such as Barilium (B. dawsoni).  Could it be a Dollodon?  Or moving out of the Wealden Clay and the Wessex Formation of southern England altogether, this green-eyed plant-eater could represent the immense Iguanacolossus  which once roamed Utah.  For us, our money is on an Iguanodon, (but we would not bet the farm on it).

Who’s that in the Background?

Just behind the iguanodontid stands a very peculiar looking dinosaur indeed.  Most definitely a quadruped but with a row of raised scutes along the back and tail, but with no other signs of body armour, except for some oversized scales clearly visible on the shoulder,  a box-like skull and a short, thick neck.  A staff member described this critter as a “Llama crossed with a Sauropod”, we can sort of see the resemblance.  The proportion of the limbs suggests that this is no Sauropodomorph, the lack of armour along the flank discounts a basal member of the Thyreophora.  Those strong looking limbs, with the rear legs larger than the front legs, that short, ever so short neck, we think that this is a model of a dicraeosaurid, a member of the diplodocid group of long-necked dinosaurs, that,  for a start, seemed to be evolving shorter and shorter necks.  From an evolutionary point of view going in the opposite direction to the brachiosaurids, diplodocids, camarasaurids and so on.  Could this be the bizarre Brachytrachelopan (pronounced Brak-ee-trak-hel-oh-pan), from the Late Jurassic of Argentina?  Brachytrachelopan (B. mesai) has the shortest neck of any known member of the Sauropoda.

Apex Predator

Last but not least, standing behind the re-issued Amebelodon is a very formidable looking meat-eating dinosaur.  This is an apex predator, but which one?  The forelimbs are obscured in the picture but the left arm suggests that it is too big to be a tyrannosaurid.  There is a lack of cranial ornamentation, but the skull is deep and the dentary (lower jaw) robust.  It is difficult to make out any substantial antorbital fenestra, so we move on from the likes of Tyrannotitan, but this could be a carcharodontosaurid.

Brutal Killer But Which One?

It's a big Theropod.

It’s a big Theropod.

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times Magazine (issue 115)

Let’s go out on a limb, this could be a Megalosaur.  Have Safari Ltd produced a replica of Torvosaurus, or perhaps have they added a replica of the very first dinosaur described – Megalosaurus to their dinosaur model repertoire for 2016.  It would be appropriate if they had, the first ever illustration of a dinosaur bone ever published in the occidental world took place in 1676,  this bone was a partial femur from a Megalosaur.  Could Safari Ltd have introduced a Megalosaurus to mark the 340th anniversary of this momentous event?

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models: Safari Ltd Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

When we have definitive information we will publish it, rest assured, Everything Dinosaur will be stocking these models.

New Schleich Dinosaurs for 2016 (Part 1)

A Definitive Guide to Schleich Dinosaurs for 2016 (Part 1)

At this time of year we receive lots of emails, phone calls and other forms of correspondence from dinosaur model collectors who are eager to find out what Schleich will be introducing into their “Dinosaurier” ranges in 2016.  Here is a guide to what the Germany-based manufacturer have planned for the first part of 2016, we have tried to make it as unambiguous as possible, a definitive guide.  However, before we jump in, just a couple of points to make.  Firstly, some of Schleich plans for new model introductions next year are still embargoed, as much as we would like to, we can’t talk about them.  We respect the position of manufacturers and we understand their position.  Schleich intend to roll out further models over the course of the next twelve months.  Secondly, in this article we will be putting forward our views, this is not an official Schleich press release, we will try our very best to report matters accurately, however, please forgive us if we get the odd thing wrong.   After all, plans do change and not everything for 2016 has been finalised by Schleich yet.  This is about as definitive as we can get, for the moment anyway.


  1. Many collectors and dinosaur model fans will know that Schleich have over the last few years moved into the concept of providing complementary play worlds and accessories.  Fans of the Schleich brand can expect this trend to continue with the likes of the “Dinosaur Set with Cave” being prominent.  At Everything Dinosaur we expect this trend for play worlds to continue and we predict that modular items will be added to the range.  These modular items will allow play sets to be extended with new areas of landscape and features.
  2. Ten years ago, virtually every model that Schleich sold in its main ranges was available as a single piece.  Models could be purchased individually.  That is no longer the case as the company introduces more play sets and boxed groups of replicas across its major product lines.  This in part reflects increased investment by Schleich in point of sale and point of purchase.
  3. Expect more colour variants within ranges and re-paints.  This is a cost effective method for manufacturers to increase their product offerings.

Schleich Mini Dinosaurs

For the moment we will focus on the Schleich Mini Dinosaurs range, more posts will follow detailing other additions to the Schleich range for 2016, we will also announce some retirements.  Let’s look at the “Minis”.

Some of the New Schleich Mini “Dinosaurs” for 2016

Four of the new Mini Dinosaurs for 2016.

Four of the new Mini Dinosaurs for 2016.

Picture Credit: Schleich/Everything Dinosaur

Introduced in 2015, the current Schleich Mini Dinosaurs range consists of eight figures, this will expand to sixteen next year with the introduction around late January of a Kentrosaurus, Suchomimus, a new blue coloured variant on the Triceratops and a reddish coloured variant on the Velociraptor figure.  The picture above shows the new Triceratops and Velociraptor colour variants plus the Suchomimus and the Kentrosaurus figures.  In addition, there will be a new colour variant of the mini Spinosaurus, a new Quetzalcoatlus variant and two new models, a Mosasaur and an Ichthyosaur (described by Schleich as Ichthyosauria in their catalogue notes).  How these figures are to be sold has yet to be finalised, but all of the new figures will be available as part of a set of four mini dinosaur jigsaw puzzles (24 pieces in each jigsaw).

To see Everything Dinosaur’s range of Schleich Mini Dinosaurs: Schleich Mini Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

New for 2016 Schleich “Lava Field” Mini Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle

T. rex, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus and Spinosaurus figures included.

T. rex, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus and Spinosaurus figures included.

Picture Credit: Schleich/Everything Dinosaur

New for 2016 Schleich “Discovery” Mini Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle

Green Velociraptor,  Torosaurus, Stegosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus are included.

Green Velociraptor, Torosaurus, Stegosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus are included.

Picture Credit: Schleich/Everything Dinosaur

New for 2016 Schleich “Waterhole” Mini Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle

New figures in this set, a Quetzalcoatlus colour variant, a green Spinosaurus and an Ichthyosaur plus a Mosasaur.

New figures in this set, a Quetzalcoatlus colour variant, a green Spinosaurus and an Ichthyosaur plus a Mosasaur.

Picture Credit: Schleich/Everything Dinosaur

New for 2016 Schleich “Marshland” Mini Dinosaurs Puzzle

New figures in this set - Suchomimus, Kentrosaurus, red variant Velociraptor and the blue Triceratops figure.

New figures in this set – Suchomimus, Kentrosaurus, red variant Velociraptor and the blue Triceratops figure.

Picture Credit: Schleich/Everything Dinosaur

All four twenty-four piece jigsaw sets should be available around late January from Everything Dinosaur, possibly a little sooner.  Everything Dinosaur can exclusively reveal that these four sets actually fit together to make a large play area measuring 36 cm x 50 cm.

The Four Jigsaws Have Been Designed to Fit Together as One Large Play Puzzle

The four individual puzzles join together to make one large 96 piece jigsaw.

The four individual puzzles join together to make one large 96 piece jigsaw.

Picture Credit: Schleich/Everything Dinosaur

 As we mentioned earlier, how these items are to be sold has yet to be finalised.  There are two areas that have yet to be worked out as we, at Everything Dinosaur currently understand.  Firstly, any plans to sell all four puzzles together with the sixteen models have not been made clear.  In addition, there are plans to sell a counter top display consisting of a total of 32 figures (4 x 8 models) in the counter display.  Which models these will be remains open, but initial plans for the assorted counter top display include:

  • 2015 T. rex
  • 2015 Spinosaurus
  • 2015 Stegosaurus
  • 2015 Green Velociraptor

These were the top selling models of 2015 from the Mini Dinosaurs range.  These models are likely to be joined by:

  • 2016 Kentrosaurus
  • 2016 Suchomimus
  • 2016 Blue Triceratops variant
  • 2016 Red Velociraptor variant

There will be four models of each of these in the 32 piece counter display.  The other four new models, the Quetzalcoatlus variant, the Mosasaur, the Ichthyosaur and the colour variant green Spinosaurus may only be available via the “Waterhole” jigsaw puzzle set.

In other articles we will provide more information about Schleich’s prehistoric animal plans for the first part of 2016, we will also cover the retirements.

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