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Feedback from Everything Dinosaur Customers

Feedback from our Customers

People who purchase dinosaur toys and games from Everything Dinosaur provide feedback on their purchasing experience, teachers who invite our experts into schools give us their views on our dinosaur workshops, all of our customers are encouraged to provide Everything Dinosaur with feedback.  Team members from the Cheshire based dinosaur company even had an article about developing a good customer service ethos within companies published by the Chamber of Commerce recently.  We feel it is very important to have a two-way dialogue with our customers and contacts.  All the information we gather helps us to become a better company.

We are grateful for all the comments and views, in fact we get so many lovely comments that we often forget to publish them on our various social media platforms.  We always remember to thank those people who have taken the time to tell us how much they enjoyed working with us or how easy the shopping experience was, we just don’t post up all the wonderful feedback we receive.

Here is a selection of recent comments:

Key Stage 2 teacher:

 ”Firstly, thank you so much for today the children are now very excited about starting their dinosaur topic and remembered all of the key facts you told them today!  The ideas and resources you have provided are fantastic and will be used by us throughout our topic and we will email you some of our work and pictures.   Thanks again, we really enjoyed the session and feel very lucky that we had the opportunity to have you in our school.”

A mum to a young dinosaur fan:

“So glad I found your website, my son is only four but he loves sorting and arranging his dinosaur models.  He has a passion for pre-history and it gives him a brilliant way for him to connect; I watched him give a little ‘lecture’ to a group of 3 year old boys the other day with the pre-school dino models.” 

Feedback from one of our many telephone customers who ring the office to place orders:

“I just wanted to thank you.  I really appreciate the service that you offer your customers!”

Comments from a  dinosaur model collector:

“Thank you for checking over the dinosaurs before they were dispatched.  I find it very heart warming that your site actually takes the time to reply and check up on these things.  A big thank you!”

We Should Give Ourselves a Big “Iguanodon Thumbs Up”

Praise from a dinosaur!

Praise for a dinosaur company – Everything Dinosaur!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs and Autism

World Autism Awareness Day

Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day, the culmination of a week of activities and events organised to help raise awareness and support for those people who are on the autistic spectrum.  One of the themes is to show your support by turning things blue, the light it up blue (LIUB) campaign to commemorate the United Nations sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur provide support for teachers who have responsibility for a child with autism in their class.  We also assist many parents, grandparents and guardians by providing free fact sheets, drawing materials and other resources to children on the autism spectrum.

Autism is a condition that affects an estimated 700,000 people in the United Kingdom.  People with autism share certain difficulties but each person may be affected in slightly different ways.  Many children we meet who are on the autistic spectrum, have a variety of issues related to understanding and processing information as well as, in a number of cases, accompanying learning difficulties.  We do our best to assist them and to help their carers and dedicated support providers.  Children on the autistic spectrum can obsess over certain things and one thing that they can get very obsessive over is dinosaurs.  Hence our support and help, as dinosaur experts we are in a good position to offer assistance, especially with so many dinosaur facts and figures at our fingertips.

In Honour of World Autism Awareness Day – Some Blue Dinosaurs

Commemorating World Autism Awareness Day

Commemorating World Autism Awareness Day

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We hope you like our LIUB dinosaurs.  Blue is a colour not often found in nature but there may well have been blue feathered dinosaurs.

To learn more about autism and other related conditions such as Asperger syndrome visit: The National Autistic Society

Vote Dinosaur!

Which Political Dinosaur Will You Vote For?

Unless you have been buried under a geological formation for the last few months it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that on May 7th in the United Kingdom we are going to have a general election.  Today, April 1st means that there is just over five weeks remaining before the big vote.  Whilst we appreciate that such events are very important and we would not want to belittle the democratic process, but having heard the phrase “political dinosaur”  banded around and with many politicians and other people who hold public office referred to as “dinosaurs”, we thought that just for a bit of fun we could give everyone the opportunity to vote for a dinosaur!

Everything Dinosaur team members have sorted through our range of soft toys and identified our candidates.   We have tried to represent the leaders of seven political parties with a dinosaur soft toy, each soft toy being in the colours of their respective political parties.

Vote Dinosaur! Which Political Dinosaur will you Vote For?

Vote Dinosaur! #votedinosaur

Vote Dinosaur! #votedinosaur

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In alphabetical order we have:

Ed – the red Spinosaurus (Labour).

Dave – the blue Tyrannosaurus rex (Conservative).

Leanne – the green and red Spinosaurus hat (closest item we have that looks like a dragon), for the Party of Wales, (Plaid Cymru).

Natalie – the green Stegosaurus (Green Party)

Nick – the yellow Velociraptor (Liberal Democrats)

Nicola – the Utahraptor (Scottish Nationalist Party)

Nigel – the purple Triceratops (UKIP)

We apologise for not including all the political parties/candidates that are standing on May 7th, but just for a bit of light relief as we head towards the general election we thought it would be fun to give readers the opportunity to vote for a real “dinosaur”.

Vote Dinosaur for the Chance to Win a Dinosaur!

Voting is easy to do, just visit Everything Dinosaur on Facebook (see logo/link below), like our page and comment under the picture of our seven dinosaur candidates telling us which dinosaur soft toy you want to see at Number Ten, Downing Street.  Competition will close when the polling booths close at 10pm on May 7th and we will announce the winner the next day.   A prize draw will be held and one lucky voter will receive the winning soft toy.

So to enter Everything Dinosaur’s competition, all you have to do is “Like” Everything Dinosaur’s FACEBOOK page, then comment on the picture (either here or on Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page)  voting for the dinosaur that you want to be the next Prime Minister.

Everything Dinosaur on FACEBOOK: “LIKE” Our Facebook Page and Enter Competition

For example, if you think that the purple Triceratops called Nigel is your favourite just comment “Nigel” either here in the comments section on this post or on our Facebook page.

We will draw the lucky winner at random and #VoteDinosaur competition closes at 10pm Thursday, May 7th.  Good luck!

Don’t forget to “Like” Everything Dinosaur’s Page on Facebook!

Like our Page (please).
Like our Page (please).


To view Everything Dinosaur’s huge range of dinosaur soft toys: Dinosaur Soft Toys

Terms and Conditions of the Everything Dinosaur #VoteDinosaur Competition

Automated entries are not permitted and will be excluded from the draw.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Only one entry per person.

The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered.

The Everything Dinosaur #VoteDinosaur competition runs until 10pm on May 7th 2015.

Winner will be notified by private message on Facebook.

Prize includes postage and packing.

For full terms and conditions contact: Contact Everything Dinosaur

It’s just for a bit of fun, but we thought we would give everyone the chance to vote for a real “political dinosaur” !

Team Members Try Their Best for Easter Delivery

Everything Dinosaur Prepares for the Bank Holiday (Easter)

With a Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching for those of us in the UK, it is worth remembering that most courier services and Royal Mail will not be working on Good Friday or Easter Monday.  What will be for most of the population, a four day weekend, will result in disruption to mail services and deliveries.  However, those hard working team members at Everything Dinosaur are doing all they can to try to ensure that UK customers at least, have every chance of receiving their parcels before the Easter break.

Team Members Working Hard to Despatch Parcels

Everything Dinosaur provides "egg-cellent" service.

Everything Dinosaur provides “egg-cellent” service.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson for the Cheshire based dinosaur company stated:

“Our packing team are working as hard as they can at the moment to get orders picked, packed and despatched as quickly as possible.  We appreciate that many customers have made purchases for the Bank Holiday and we are doing all we can to get parcels on their way as quickly as possible.”

No parcels will be despatched on Good Friday as Royal Mail and most couriers are not going to be working, so customers are urged to place any orders for Easter as quickly as possible to give their parcel the chance of arriving in time.

Everything Dinosaur aims to pick, pack and send out parcels on the same day as an order is placed.  Every customer receives a personalised email from a team member advising them of the status of the parcel and where it is in the despatching process.  Some parcels are turned round from the time the customer places the order to despatch within forty-five minutes, a schedule that few other mail order companies can match.

There will be no parcels sent out on Bank Holiday Monday.  Once again most couriers and Royal Mail are not operating a collection service on this day.  However, Everything Dinosaur has put in place a contingency plan, whereby they can despatch parcels on Saturday morning should the need arise.

The spokesperson went onto add:

“We do appreciate that a number of customers want orders to arrive in time for the weekend.  We have put extra resources in place to help manage the Bank Holiday work pressures, but we do urge all customers to place any orders as early as possible to give the delivery companies time to deliver.”

 With a commitment to customer service such as this, it is no wonder that Everything Dinosaur has become the “go to company” for dinosaur toys and dinosaur models.

The Dinosaur Timeline Poster

Dinosaur Timeline Poster

Many dinosaur fans may be familiar with the phrase the Age of Dinosaurs.  This term represents the time when the Dinosauria were the dominant terrestrial life forms on our planet.  This informal measurement of deep time actually covers three geological periods, the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous.  The first dinosaurs and the Pterosauria (flying reptiles), evolved in the Middle Triassic, although this is only an approximation as the evolutionary history of the Dinosauria and Pterosauria remains controversial due to the paucity of the fossil record.  Both these types of vertebrate reptiles rapidly diversified and for the next one hundred and sixty million years these types of creatures dominated the land and the air respectively.  For the Pterosaurs, the evolution of the birds (descended from Theropod dinosaurs), led to them being challenged for aerial dominance and as a group, the flying reptiles began to decline in terms of the number of genera and species towards the end of the Cretaceous.  Both the Pterosaurs and the Dinosauria went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous.

This super, beautifully illustrated A2-sized poster shows how the world changed over the time of the “Age of Dinosaurs”.  Three scenes are presented, one for each of the geological periods and dates for the length of these immensely long geological periods are provided.

A Fantastic Dinosaur Timeline Poster

The excellent Dinosaur Timeline Poster

The excellent Dinosaur Timeline Poster

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each prehistoric scene depicts the flora and fauna associated with that particular time period.  It provides an excellent, visual guide to the changes to life on Earth during the time of the dinosaurs.  There are a total of thirty prehistoric animals illustrated and the poster provides a stunning depiction of prehistoric life.  The dinosaur timeline poster has a key to help viewers to identify the animals and the dioramas really help young minds to understand the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and the types of animals and plants that flourished.

To see the range of educational prehistoric animal posters available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Posters for Kids

This colourful dinosaur timeline poster measures 42cm by 59.4cm and it is a really well thought out dinosaur and prehistoric animal poster.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“We have searched for quite a while to find a colourful, accurate and educational dinosaur timeline poster and we are delighted with this item.  Retailing for under £2.50 GBP [2015] plus post and packaging, this poster represents fantastic value.  We highly recommend it for use in schools, for use by home educationalists and for the bedroom walls of young dinosaur fans.”

A Close up of the Jurassic Scene from the Dinosaur Timeline Poster

Beautifully illustrated and educational

Beautifully illustrated and educational.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

William Smith Map – Re-discovered

Founding Father of Geology and His Remarkable Map

One of the very first editions of arguably one of the most significant maps in the history of the study of our planet has been re-discovered.  A pristine copy of William Smith’s 1815 map of the geology of England, Wales and parts of Scotland has been found in the archives of the Geological Society (London).  It seems that the map was placed in storage, carefully sealed inside a leather wallet but just where in the vast archive it was stored had not been recorded.  Ironic really, when you consider the dedication and attention to detail shown by Smith, the son of a blacksmith who so meticulously mapped the strata of most of the British Isles.

The archives of the Geological Society are vast, after all, it is the oldest body of its kind in the world (founded in 1807).  This year marks the bicentenary of the publication of William Smith’s great geological survey, only about 370 or thereabouts were ever produced and with this re-discovery, it is estimated that at least seventy are still in existence, not bad considering this map first went into production in the same year as the battle of Waterloo.  It is believed that this particular copy last saw the light of day around forty years ago.

Indexing the map, which comprises of fifteen sections would not have been easy.  It was customary in Georgian times to use very long titles for scientific publications, a trend that in some academic institutions still exists today.  Try cataloguing a map with the catchy title of:

“A  Delineation of the Strata of England and Wales with part of Scotland, exhibiting the collieries and mines, the marshes and fen lands originally overflowed by the sea, and the varieties of soil according to the variations in the substrata, illustrated by the most descriptive names by W. Smith.”

It is thought that William Smith, nick-named “strata-Smith” by his contemporaries spent fifteen years travelling the United Kingdom and carefully recording the rock formations exposed on the surface of the land.  His map when published, helped land owners and mining companies exploit this nation’s natural resources as the map helped surveyors identify potential areas for drainage, sites for new building work and most importantly which layers of strata indicated the presence of coal seams nearby.

Commenting on the discovery, John Henry (Chairman of the Geological Society’s History of Geology Group), stated:

“It just wasn’t where people expected it to be.  I guess the person who put it away knew where it was, but then they left and that was it, it became lost.”

Having been hidden away in the archives the map, which was printed from copper plate engravings with the details painted in with water colours, has not faded and the colours depicted are as vivid today as when the map was first completed.  Archivists are puzzling over just what number in the sequence of maps produced might this copy be?  There is the exquisite hand finished painting with the lower edge of each formation saturated and then the paint is faded to indicate the formation’s edge, a technique used by Smith to make his maps easier to read, but the map itself, unlike later editions, has no serial number.

Geologists are aware that the very first maps produced were not numbered.  Another clue as to just when this map was made can be seen in how the geology of the Isle of Wight is depicted.  Over the production period of Smith’s map, the way in which the geology of the Isle of Wight was shown changed several times.  This map shows a very early effort to map the geology of the island.  All this suggests that this particular example of cartography might be amongst the first dozen or so ever produced.

A Clue to the Age of the Map – The Strata of the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight illustrations suggests an early print.

The Isle of Wight illustrations suggests an early print.

Picture Credit: The Geological Society (London)

The Geological Society has had the map fully restored and digitised.  As from today, it will be available to view on line on the Geological Society’s website.  This copy of the map itself will be stored back in the archives, this time properly catalogued.  A paper copy of the “Smith map” will be put on display in Burlington House, (London) the home of the Geological Society.

The Beautifully Illustrated Geological Map of the Cotswolds (William Smith)

Beautifully illustrated geological map.

Beautifully illustrated geological map.

Picture Credit: The Geological Society (London)

To see the map and other important geological images on line: The Picture Library of the Geological Society

Now, we at Everything Dinosaur don’t want to be cynical but today, March 23rd, is the anniversary of the birth of William Smith.  He was born on this day in 1769 in the county of Oxfordshire.  We think the timing of this announcement regarding the re-discovery has a lot to do with publicising an event taking place later on today, when Sir David Attenborough will be unveiling a plaque in tribute to the “Father of English Geology” at his former London residence – 15 Buckingham Street.  During his life, as William Smith strived to forge a reputation amongst academics, his lowly beginnings as the son of a blacksmith meant that his views and findings were often disregarded by those who perceived themselves to be of a higher class.  Class distinctions blighted the lives of many pioneers in geology and palaeontology during the Georgian and Victorian times.  However, William Smith and his contribution to our understanding of the world is now recognised and his map of England, Wales and parts of Scotland remains one of the most significant maps ever produced.

Why was the Map So Important?

The map certainly helped landowners and that part of Georgian society that owned mines.  It helped stoke (literally) the Industrial Revolution but it did something else, as William Smith traversed the British Isles making his map, he noticed that certain types of sedimentary rock, although far apart contained the same types of fossils.  We shall let John Henry explain just how significant this realisation was:

“The concept which enabled him to do the mapping and that drove him along almost obsessively was this realisation that specific fossils were unique to a specific stratum, and that you knew where you were in a sequence if you could see what the fossils were.  That was the breakthrough.  People had been collecting them for a long time and naming them in the Linnaean way, but without any real idea that they were in a sequence.  But Smith knew it.”

Smith explored the deep excavations taking place as canals and other major works were being constructed and found that he could correlate apparently dissimilar and geographically dispersed strata based on the fact that they contained similar fossils.  Going up through the strata, William Smith observed a succession of different fossils and proposed that each stage of this succession represented a specific period in the history of the Earth.  This is termed the “principle of faunal succession”.  In this way, the relative age of rocks could be determined and the types of fossils that characterise strata led to the concept of biostratigraphy.  Smith developed and built on the idea of a Law of Superposition, postulated by the great scientist Nicolas (sometimes spelled as Nicolaus), Steno in the 17th Century.

To read more about the work of Nicolas Steno: Google Doodle Commemorates Nicolas Steno

The 1815 Geological Map of England, Wales and Parts of Scotland

Can you see the geology in your part of the world?

Can you see the geology in your part of the world?

Picture Credit: The Geological Society (London)

Originally produced as a map in fifteen sheet sections, the geological map of the British Isles (most of it) measures approximately 180 cm by 250 cm.  We at Everything Dinosaur, don’t know why northern Scotland was not mapped by Smith, we suspect it was much more difficult to travel the highlands and islands of northern Scotland and during the early 19th Century, there was simply not the demand for detailed geological maps of that part of the British Isles.

Still Time to Enter Everything Dinosaur’s Prehistoric Animal Model Competition

Still Time to Enter Everything Dinosaur’s Model Competition

WIN! WIN! WIN! with Everything Dinosaur!  Closing date for competition Tuesday March 24th.  PLEASE NOTE THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED

There is still time to enter Everything Dinosaur’s win a set of the new for 2015 CollectA prehistoric animal models competition, but you can’t afford to hang about as the closing date is less than a week away.

CollectA, those clever model and figure manufacturers have introduced some amazingly detailed, new prehistoric animal figures this year  and we are giving one lucky dinosaur model fan the chance to get their hands on a set of these models.

CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models to Win
Win a set of CollectA models with Everything Dinosaur!

Win a set of CollectA models with Everything Dinosaur!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur 

Included in our super prehistoric animal giveaway is the mighty 1:40 scale Pliosaur, two horned dinosaurs Nasutoceratops and Medusaceratops, the ferocious Xiongguanlong, Daxiatitan, a huge, plant-eating dinosaur from China, the Temnodontosaurus and a pair of magnificent prehistoric mammal models Daeodon and Moropus (both 1:20 scale).  Eight fantastic collector’s items, the very first to come off the production line and to win this prize all you have to do is to come up with a collective noun for a collection of CollectA!  It really is as easy as that.

To take part in Everything Dinosaur’s competition, all you have to do is “Like” Everything Dinosaur’s FACEBOOK page, then comment on the picture (either here or on Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page)  including a suggestion for the collective noun for a set of CollectA prehistoric animal replicas.

Everything Dinosaur on FACEBOOK: “LIKE” Our Facebook Page and Enter Competition

For example, if the collective noun for a group of lions is a “pride” and we have a “pack” of dogs, a “swarm” of bees, a “gaggle” of geese, then what term can you come up with for a collection of CollectA prehistoric animals?

We will draw the lucky winner at random and the name caption competition closes on Tuesday, March 24th.  Good luck!

Just visit Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page, give our page a “like” and then leave a comment on the picture showing the set of eight prehistoric animal models. What collective noun can you come up with?

“Like” Everything Dinosaur’s Page on Facebook

Like our Page (please).

Like our Page (please).


Super CollectA Models to Win Thanks to Everything Dinosaur
Win a fantastic set of 8 prehistoric animal models.

Win a fantastic set of eight CollectA models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur


To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of CollectA prehistoric animals: CollectA Dinosaurs and Other Replicas

To see the full range of CollectA scale prehistoric animal replicas: CollectA Scale Prehistoric Animals

Terms and Conditions of the Everything Dinosaur Collective Noun Competition

Automated entries are not permitted and will be excluded from the draw.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Only one entry per person.

The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered.

The Everything Dinosaur collective noun caption competition runs until March 24th 2015.

Winner will be notified by private message on Facebook.

Prize includes postage and packing.

For full terms and conditions contact: Contact Everything Dinosaur

We have Frog Spawn in our Office Pond

Frog Spawn Spotted in the Office Pond

This morning we have discovered the first frog spawn in the office pond for 2015.  Team members had seen a couple of frogs over the last few days, it was thought that these were males.  However, around dawn this morning the first frog spawn was produced.  The office pond is quite choked with weed and we had considered cleaning it out, but fearful of disturbing any frogs and other wildlife we decided the best course of action was to leave well alone.

Frog Spawn in the Office Pond (March 12th 2015)

Frog spawn spotted in the office pond.

Frog spawn spotted in the office pond.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our thanks to everyone who advised us leaving comments on the Everything Dinosaur Twitter feed and on our Facebook page.  Apparently, the weeds have not put the frogs off and the first spawn has been produced.  In the UK, all native species of amphibian (and reptile for that matter), are protected.  The frogs in our pond are Common Frogs (Rana temporaria), the name is a bit of a misnomer as these amphibians have become increasingly rare over the last few decades.  We shall take care not to disturb any other frogs that might be ready to breed but observe the number of spawnings that occur.

Interestingly, this is very early for us to have frog spawn, looking back at our records we can see that the first frog spawn does not normally occur into the third week of March, usually between the 18th and the 20th.  The mild day temperatures, coupled with a period of rain may have stimulated the frogs to start breeding a little earlier than usual.  We shall observe and see what happens next.

The End of the Line for the Carnegie Collectibles Range

Safari Ltd and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Part Company

It has been announced that Safari Ltd, the American figure and model manufacturer, has ended its twenty-eight year collaboration with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  This means that the scale model series known as the Carnegie Collectibles will be coming to an end.  First marketed in 1988, the Carnegie Collectibles range has featured a number of iconic dinosaur figures, the 1:10 scale feathered Velociraptor model, which arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s website just a few weeks ago, will be the last of this series to have been introduced.

The Carnegie Collectibles Feathered Velociraptor Model

Available from Everything Dinosaur in 2015.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd

The hand-painted replicas have been a staple for dinosaur fans and model collectors alike.  Each figure was authenticated by palaeontologists at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) and this model series had been described as “the world’s premier line of scale model dinosaur figures.”

Alexandre Pariente (CEO of Safari Ltd) commented:

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Carnegie, so this was a very difficult decision.  We are proud of the value created through this cooperative effort over the years for our Carnegie Dinosaurs line.  We took our time and carefully analysed Safari’s direction and ultimately concluded that Carnegie and Safari have divergent interests and it made sense for us to part ways.  We wish Carnegie will in its future endeavours.”

In contrast to the limited numbers of new models introduced under the Carnegie Collectibles banner, the Wild Safari Dinos range, had four new additions, this year, including the highly acclaimed Yutyrannus replica, which joins an ever growing list of Theropod replicas within this series.  For example, a new interpretation of Suchomimus was added in 2014 along with an award winning Monolophosaurus dinosaur model.

The Feathered Yutyrannus (Y. huali) Part of the Wild Safari Dinos Model Range

Available from Everything Dinosaur in 2015.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd have stated that they are moving forward and exploring new opportunities, including the potential to work with other museums and educational institutions that have significant prospects for growth and the potential to add value to the educational marketplace.

CEO Alexandre Pariente went onto add:

“While Safari Ltd very much appreciates the years of great collaboration with Carnegie in creating the best quality figurines that helped teach children around the globe about dinosaurs we’re not looking back.”

We imagine that there will be even greater emphasis place on the Wild Safari Dinos range and we at Everything Dinosaur are already anticipating a number of new releases in this line in 2016.

Production has ended for the Carnegie Collectibles range, which means that stocks will soon run out.  Collectors and dinosaur fans therefore, only have a short window of opportunity to purchase any models that they have not yet acquired.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“We do understand the reasons for the relationship between these two fine organisations coming to an end.  However, we know how committed Safari Ltd are to the production of fine quality, hand-painted prehistoric animal models and we, as long-term partners of Safari Ltd look forward to working with them even closer over the next few years.”

Everything Dinosaur has stocks of this model range and a further shipment is due in shortly, but once they’re gone, they’re gone!

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Carnegie Collectible prehistoric animal replicas: Safari Ltd Carnegie Collectibles and Wild Safari Dinos

Everything Dinosaur Adds Social Media Share Buttons

Everything Dinosaur Adds Share Buttons to the Blog

Everything Dinosaur has announced today that it has added social media share buttons to its main blog site.  The buttons including Pinterest and Facebook will help readers of the company’s blog articles to share information about dinosaur research, fossil discoveries and new product developments.  Social media share buttons are already present on the Cheshire based company’s main website: Everything Dinosaur and the prehistoric animal model and toy enthusiasts also stated that social media share button facilities will be enhanced on the firm’s dedicated teaching website.

Social Media Share Buttons Added to Everything Dinosaur Blog

It's only fair to share!

It’s only fair to share!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

At the bottom of each of the articles published on this blog,  the share buttons will be shown.  Every single article published on this site since, May 2007 (the start of the blog), will have these buttons – that’s nearly 3,000 separate articles and features.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Readers could copy and paste links in the past, but it is our company philosophy to make things as convenient as we possibly can for our customers and blog readers.  So we have added social media share buttons to assist model collectors, palaeontologists, home educationalists, teachers and general readers.  After all, it’s only fair to share.”

Everything Dinosaur has developed a substantial social media presence with over 5,000 pins on Pinterest, one hundred videos on Youtube as well as very active Twitter and Facebook accounts.  We are delighted to have been able to make our content more convenient for readers.

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