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Back to School with Everything Dinosaur

Fantastic Dinosaur Themed Back to School Items from Everything Dinosaur

No sooner do the schools break up then our thoughts are turning to the Autumn Term.  The teaching team at Everything Dinosaur are already booked up quite a lot for both next term and into the Spring but there are still some dates available for our dinosaur workshops in school.  However, just as teachers commence preparations for their scheme of work to be delivered next term, so parents too are planning ahead.  Mums and dads, grandparents and guardians will be turning their thoughts to kitting out their charges ready for when the children go back to school.  For budding young palaeontologists Everything Dinosaur has a huge range of prehistoric animal themed school items, from pencils through to lunchboxes and backpacks, Everything Dinosaur has getting ready for school covered.

Some of the Dinosaur Themed Back to School Items Available from Everything Dinosaur

Back to school items available from Everything Dinosaur

Back to school stationery available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Whether you are looking for notepads with a dinosaur motif, or pens and pencils so that young dinosaur fans can jot down their discoveries, Everything Dinosaur is the place to go to find back to school prehistoric animal themed school sets and stationery.

Back to School stock in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Back to School

There are school kits, dinosaur stationery sets, soft and cuddly back packs, pencil cases, notebooks, notepads and a whole range of other items, a list as long as a the neck of a Tanystropheus – there is plenty of choice, enough to make even the most reluctant school child roar in approval like an angry Tyrannosaurus rex.

Back to School with Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur pens available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Notes for Teachers

As for our popular dinosaur and fossil themed workshops in schools, our team members are booked up well into the Spring term.  However, there are some dates still available and for further information about Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools, simply visit the link below for further information.

Contact Everything Dinosaur to enquire about dinosaur themed workshops in school: Contact Everything Dinosaur, request a quotation

Still Time to Enter “Edge of Extinction” Competition

Win “Edge of Extinction” –  A Dinosaur Adventure Book

There is still time to win the fabulous “Edge of Extinction” penned by the talented American author Laura Martin, thanks to Everything Dinosaur.  However, time is running out as the competition to win a copy of this new dinosaur adventure story ends on July 31st.

Ideal Reading for Young Dinosaur Fans

Edge of Extinction by Laura Martin

An exciting young person’s read. Dinosaurs meets Lara Croft!

Picture Credit: Harper Collins Children’s Books

“It’s Them or Us”

Mankind has made the mistake of cloning dinosaurs.  The fearsome prehistoric animals are bad enough, but their resurrection brought about a global pandemic that wiped out most of the human race.  Can twelve-year old Sky Mundy find her father and solve a mystery.

To celebrate the publishing of Laura’s first novel, Everything Dinosaur is having a special competition on the company’s Facebook page to win a copy of this exciting new dinosaur themed book.

Book Competition – Win with Everything Dinosaur

Simply “Like” Everything Dinosaur’s FACEBOOK page, then give a name for the big, meat-eating dinosaur that features on the front cover of this thrilling paperback!  It’s that easy to enter the competition, but remember the closing date of Sunday July 31st is fast approaching.

Everything Dinosaur on FACEBOOK: “LIKE” our Facebook page and enter the competition!

A random draw will take place to decide the lucky winner and the prehistoric animal name caption competition closes on Sunday 31st July.  “Bon chance” to all our entrants, just come up with a name for the big front cover dinosaur and “like” our Facebook page for an opportunity to win.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s fantastic range of dinosaur themed toys, models and games: Everything Dinosaur

You can find “Edge of Extinction”  by Laura Martin here: Search Here for “Edge of Extinction”

We believe customer service is the key to getting "likes".

“Like” our Facebook page to enter the competition.

A Great Summer Read for Teenagers and for Dinosaur Fans from Nine Years and Upwards

Described as a blend of “Jurassic Park” meets “Indiana Jones”, this debut novel by Laura has received many favourable reviews from young readers.  It makes ideal reading for the holidays.  Time to hit the beach with a dinosaur book to read.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“Competitions like this are a bit of fun, however, this is a great book to enthuse young readers and it is great to see a story all about dinosaurs written specifically for the children’s book market.”

The Long-Necked and Mighty Thalassomedon

Long-necked Thalassomedon

Not long for collectors to wait now, the last batch of CollectA prehistoric animal models are on the water and they should be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in a few days.  Amongst the models due to arrive shortly, is a replica of the giant elasmosaurid Thalassomedon.  At twelve metres long, this huge Plesiosaur was one of the largest of the early elasmosaurids.  Thalassomedon was named in 1943, from fossil material discovered in Colorado (United States), in 1939, the genus name means “Sea Lord” and it is pronounced “fal-lass-so-me-don”, CollectA already have a number of marine reptiles in their portfolio including Liopleurodon, Temnodontosaurus as well as the plesiosaurids Hydrotherosaurus and Attenborosaurus.

Everything Dinosaur’s Scale Drawing of Thalassomedon

A drawing of the Plesiosaur Thalassomedon.

A mighty Thalassomedon sea monster.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Thalassomedon swam in the Western Interior Seaway, an inland sea that divided North America in two, during the Cretaceous.  Fossils of Thalassomedon are associated with the Cenomanian faunal stage, the first stage of the Late Cretaceous.  It is very likely that this giant fed on fish and squid.

Links with Greek Mythology

The choice of Thalassomedon as a model for CollectA’s Deluxe range has been influenced by of all things, Greek mythology.  The writer, historian and soldier Xenophon, led ten thousand mercenaries stranded in Persia back to Greece via the Black Sea.  After a perilous journey through enemy territory, when the troops reached the sea they shouted with joy as reaching the coast meant rescue.

Anthony Beeson, the designer of the prehistoric animal models at CollectA, in an exclusive interview with Everything Dinosaur explained:

“The marine reptile Thalassomedon (sea lord) is another favourite of mine, and not only for the animal itself.  As a somewhat singular and quirky aside, I have to admit that its name is special to me as I have always loved that Greek word Thalassa since, as a child, reading about the March of the Ten Thousand and of Xenophon’s army crying out joyously “Thalassa! Thalassa!”  The sea!  The sea!  Sighting the Black Sea at the end of their perilous march.”

The animal’s remarkable neck comprised about half of its length.   It contained sixty-two vertebrae.  The CollectA model is, we believe, the first replica to show the tail fluke that at least some species of Plesiosaur were endowed with to aid steering.

To view the current range of CollectA Deluxe prehistoric animal scale models available from Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Deluxe Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

We look forward to receiving stocks of this new marine reptile model, perhaps when it arrives at our warehouse we will cry “Thalassa!  Thalassa!”

Everything Dinosaur Ready for Daresbury Open Day

All Ready for Daresbury Open Day

Everything Dinosaur team members are all ready for the Daresbury Open Day taking place tomorrow (Saturday 9th July).  After working with the Science and Technology Facilities Council earlier in the week, supporting the outreach work with schools at the Daresbury Laboratory site (Warrington, Cheshire), our attention has turned to final preparations for the public open day.  Everything Dinosaur will be working in the “Dino Zone” encouraging visitors to dig for fossils and if you find a fossil you can keep it!

Everything Dinosaur’s Demonstration Space at the Daresbury Open Day

Daresbury Open Day with Everything Dinosaur

Ready for all the excited dinosaur and fossil fans.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Staff from Manchester Museum will be on hand to bring visitors up to date with amazing new fossil research and they have brought some super casts and fossil replicas for people to see, including a replica of the horn from a huge Triceratops (T. horridus we think).  There will be an Ichthyosaur cast to examine, plus we promise to bring some coprolites for brave people to hold and there might even be a few fossils of Woolly Mammoth on  hand, we promise to bring some fossil teeth.

It should be a fun filled and action packed day tomorrow, we might even spot a Tyrannosaurus rex on walkabout.  Dinosaur fans of all ages will be roaring with excitement.

Win with Everything Dinosaur – Book Competition

Win The “Edge of Extinction” Book Competition

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to sort out  a child’s reading matter for the summer holiday.  Everything Dinosaur is giving away a copy of “Edge of Extinction”, the brand new, dinosaur adventure paperback by talented children’s author Laura Martin.  Aimed at young readers from nine years and upwards, follow the thrilling story of Sky, a twelve year-old girl, living in a world dominated by dinosaurs, who sets out on a mission to find her scientist father.

Win “The Edge of Extinction” by Laura Martin

Edge of Extinction by Laura Martin

An exciting young person’s read. Dinosaurs meets Indiana Jones!

Picture Credit: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Win a Super Dinosaur Book in our Competition

All you have to do is “Like” Everything Dinosaur’s FACEBOOK page, then suggest a name for the big, meat-eating dinosaur on the front cover of this exciting new paperback!

Everything Dinosaur on FACEBOOK: “LIKE” our Facebook page and enter the competition!

We will draw the lucky winner at random and the name caption competition closes on Sunday 31st July.  Good luck, just think of a name for the fearsome, front cover dinosaur and “like” our Facebook page to enter!

To view Everything Dinosaur’s fantastic range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed goodies: Everything Dinosaur

You can find Laura Martin’s “Edge of Extinction” here: Search Here for “Edge of Extinction”

We believe customer service is the key to getting "likes".

“Like” our Facebook page to enter the competition.

Terms and Conditions of  the “Edge of Extinction” Name the Front Cover Dinosaur Competition

Automated entries are not permitted and will be excluded from the draw

Only one entry per person

The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered

The Everything Dinosaur name a front cover dinosaur competition runs until Sunday 31st July 2016.

Winner will be notified by private message on Facebook.

Prize includes postage and packing

For full terms and conditions contact: Contact Everything Dinosaur

New Scout Series Models by Rebor

Rebor “Breeze” and Rebor “Stan”

Newly arrived at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse are “Breeze” and “Stan”, two new dinosaur replicas in the Rebor Scout model series.  In one delivery we have doubled the Scout series range as there are now four baby dinosaur models to collect.

Available from Everything Dinosaur – The Rebor Utahraptor “Breeze”

The Rebor baby Utahraptor "Breeze"

The Rebor “Breeze” dinosaur model in the Scout series.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In the United Kingdom, we have the saying “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.  This phrase was brought to mind when we photographed “Breeze” the baby Utahraptor perched in the hand of one of our team members.  This beautifully painted, museum quality, 1:35 scale replica comes complete with a little rock for this baby dinosaur to sit on.  The Rebor baby Utahraptor might look quite cute but it will grow up to be a six and half metre long super-predator that might have weighed as much as a tonne!

The Rebor Baby Utahraptor – “Breeze”

The Rebor baby Utahraptor replica shows typical anatomical traits of a baby.  The relatively large head, the big eye and the long limbs.  The grasping three-fingered hands are well presented and that killing claw, the sickle-like claw on the second toe, is clearly visible.  Baby Utahraptors were probably quite independent from their parents once they had hatched (precocial), they were probably quite mobile and capable of catching their own food, which would have consisted of small lizards, insects and other small animals.

The Rebor Utahraptor “Breeze”

Rebor "Breeze" Utahraptor baby.

REBOR 1:35 baby Utahraptor museum class replica nicknamed “Breeze”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Stan” the Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

Joining “Breeze” is another “raptor” replica, this time a model of a Velociraptor.  Rebor have added “Stan” a model of a baby Velociraptor to their Scout series range.

The Rebor “Stan” Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

"Stan" the baby Velociraptor dinosaur model by Rebor.

The Rebor “Stan” baby Velociraptor dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the baby Velociraptor “Stan” perched in a team member’s hand.  Note the black claws on the toes, in contrast to the greyish white claws of the baby Utahraptor – a nice touch from Rebor.  The baby Velociraptor certainly looks quite cute, with its large head and oversized limbs (indicating a concept called distal growth).  It might look cute, but when fully grown and part of a pack, this dinosaur would have been one best avoided.  The cute head will have a jaw lined with some eighty very sharp teeth and if this dinosaur did hunt in packs it would have been a very formidable hunter.

To view the full range of Rebor replicas available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

Natural History Museum Diplodocus and Kentrosaurus

Dinosaur Collection Diplodocus and Kentrosaurus

An old friend of Everything Dinosaur is back in stock, the Natural History Museum dinosaur collection set featuring Diplodocus and the armoured dinosaur Kentrosaurus.  It is great to see this dinosaur model set that features two Late Jurassic herbivores back on the shelves of the warehouse.

The Natural History Museum Dinosaur Collection Diplodocus and Kentrosaurus

The Kentrosaurus and Diplodocus dinosaur models.

The Diplodocus and Kentrosaurus dinosaur models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view this model set and the rest of dinosaur replicas in this range available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Replicas – The Natural History Museum

The Diplodocus model measures around forty centimetres in length whilst the Kentrosaurus, (which was a much smaller dinosaur), measures a fraction under ten centimetres long.

Late Jurassic Dinosaurs

Although these dinosaurs lived at the same time, palaeontologists are quietly confident that they never co-existed.  Fossils of Diplodocus are associated with Upper Jurassic deposits of the western United States, whilst Kentrosaurus fossils have been found in Tanzania.  Diplodocus is one of the most famous of all the long-necked dinosaurs.  It is so well known, in part, because a cast of a Diplodocus was donated to the London Natural History Museum by the Scottish-American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.  This 87 foot long replica greeted visitors to the museum as it was located in the centre of the Museum’s Hintze Hall, close to the main entrance.  However, in 2015 a decision was made to relocate “Dippy” as the specimen had become affectionately known as and replace it with the skeleton of a Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus).

Kentrosaurus is a member of the Stegosaur family, it was formally named in described 101 years ago by the German palaeontologist Edwin Hennig (in 1915).  These dinosaur models are superficially similar, both have spikes running down the back to the tail.  Many palaeontologists now believe that Diplodocus may have had narrow, pointed spikes lining the hips and located down the long tail.  Although this view is not universally accepted as Everything Dinosaur’s latest illustration of “double beam” shows:

An Illustration of Diplodocus from the Everything Dinosaur Database

A Diplodocus drawing.

A drawing of Diplodocus “double beam”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is always a pleasure to see this model set on the shelves in our warehouse and the Natural History Museum dinosaur collection remains a very popular model range amongst collectors and dinosaur fans alike.  Diplodocus and Kentrosaurus may have never encountered each other, but they seem very happy together in this well crafted model set.”

Best Prehistoric Animal Models of 2015

The Dinosaur Toy Forum – Votes on Prehistoric Animal Models

Those discerning model collectors and prehistoric animal enthusiasts at The Dinosaur Toy Forum have voted on their top ten replicas that were introduced in 2015.  This eclectic group of knowledgeable collectors have weighed up the merits of the 2015 releases and after much debate and discussion a definitive top ten has been produced.  To be included in the survey, a figure had to have been released in 2015 and we at Everything Dinosaur were informed of the results and kindly sent a short video by The Forum administrators which showcases those models that made the list.

The Top Ten Prehistoric Animal Models of 2015

Video Credit: The Dinosaur Toy Forum

The Poll Winners Ten to the Runner Up Position

A poll for the best prehistoric animal models of 2015.

Voted the best models of 2015 by Dino Toy Forum members.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur


10. The Schleich World of History Kentrosaurus

9. The Rebor 1:35 scale Acrocanthosaurus replica (Hercules)

8. The Wild Safari Dinos Nasutoceratops model (Safari Ltd)

7.  The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Spinosaurus

6. The Wild Safari Dinos Yutyrannus model (Safari Ltd)

5. The CollectA 1:40 scale feathered T. rex replica

4.  The Papo baby Apatosaurus

3.  The Battat Terra T. rex replica

2.  The CollectA Supreme Guidraco 1.5 scale model

And the Winner is – The Wild Safari Dinos Sauropelta Dinosaur Model

Sauropelta wins the favourite prehistoric animal model of 2015 award.

Voted the favourite prehistoric animal model of 2015.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

All the top ten models, including the Battat Terra Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur figure are available from Everything Dinosaur, we stock one of the widest ranges of prehistoric animal models in the world.

To see the huge range of prehistoric animal models available at Everything Dinosaur: Visit The Models Section of Everything Dinosaur

The Sauropelta replica, part of the Wild Safari Dinos model range manufactured by Safari Ltd is a deserved winner, in fact this is the second award that this particular replica has won.  In January 2016, Everything Dinosaur reported on the results of similar poll from the readers of the “Prehistoric Times” magazine.  In that survey, the Wild Safari Dinos Sauropelta came out joint top with the 2015 re-modelled Spinosaurus replicas by CollectA, to read a short article about the magazine’s survey: Congratulations to Safari Ltd and CollectA

Commenting on the results from The Dinosaur Toy Forum poll, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“The Forum members certainly know their prehistoric animal replicas and the top ten from this survey shows the broad range of excellent quality prehistoric animal models that are currently available.  The Guidraco Supreme Pterosaur model is a worthy runner up but there is no disputing the winner, our congratulations to Safari Ltd for their Sauropelta figure.”

If these ten figures as voted for by The Dinosaur Toy Forum members are anything to go by then the prehistoric animal model making industry is in a very healthy state.  We look forward to hearing which of the many dinosaur figures introduced this year will be voted number one by the prestigious Dinosaur Toy Forum.

The Dinosaur Toy Forum can be found here: The Dinosaur Toy Forum

Our thanks to The Dinosaur Toy Forum administration team for sharing this information with Everything Dinosaur.

Rebor Replica News

Rebor Dinosaur Model News – Summer 2016

Email Everything Dinosaur here to reserve your models: Reserve Models Here or checkout the article below for more information.

Exciting news for the fans of the Rebor replica series as there are going to be a number of new additions to the Rebor range coming into stock at Everything Dinosaur within the next two weeks.  Firstly, not one but two Compsognathus model sets.  Compsognathus, was one of the first complete dinosaur skeletons ever found.  It is actually known from two specimens, one discovered in Germany in the late 1850’s and one found in France in 1971.   Hence, Rebor are introducing two Compsognathus sets, in honour of the two specimens.

Available from Everything Dinosaur Mid June – SENTRY!

The Rebor replica Sentry (Compsognathus).

Rebor Compsognathus – Sentry

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Flock of Compsognathus Models

Also launched at the same time is a set of four Compsognathus models entitled “BAD COMPANY”, these too will be available from Everything Dinosaur in mid June.

The Rebor Compsognathus Flock “BAD COMPANY”

Rebor Compsognathus set "Bad Company"

Rebor “Bad Company” Compsognathus model set.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our chums at Rebor tell us that the Compsognathus model in “Sentry” will be the same as one of the models in the “Bad Company” four pack.  However, with the “Sentry” replica, customers will also receive a beautiful model of the ancient Late Jurassic dragon fly Protolindenia.

The Beautiful Rebor Protolindenia Dragonfly Model (Sentry model set) Compared to a Dragonfly Fossil

The Rebor Protolindenia model compared to a fossil dragonfly.

The Rebor Protolindenia model is part of the Rebor “Sentry” Compsognathus set.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To reserve a Rebor “Sentry” Compsognathus or to reserve a Rebor “Bad Company” model set, simply: Email Everything Dinosaur

New Additions to the Rebor “Scout” Series

Say hello to “Breeze” a baby Utahraptor which is the latest addition to the very popular Rebor “Scout” series.  This 1:35 scale replica of a Utahraptor (U. ostrommaysorum) will also be available from Everything Dinosaur around the middle of June.

The Rebor “Scout” Series Baby Utahraptor – “BREEZE”

Rebor "Breeze" Utahraptor baby.

REBOR 1:35 baby Utahraptor museum class replica nicknamed “Breeze”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Continuing the dromaeosaurid theme, as “Stan” the baby Velociraptor model will also be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in a couple of weeks or so.  This model is also from the Rebor “Scout” series and it is a 1:18 scale museum quality model of a Velociraptor youngster.

The Rebor “Scout” Series Baby Velociraptor “STAN”

1:18 Rebor baby Velociraptor replica.

“Stan” the baby Velociraptor model from Rebor.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To reserve any or all of these models (the  Rebor “Sentry”,  “Bad Company” or the Scout series “Breeze” or the baby Velociraptor “Stan”, simply: Email Everything Dinosaur

To view Everything Dinosaur’s current range of Rebor replicas: Rebor Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Museum Quality Replicas

Everything Dinosaur Prepares for Daresbury Open Day

Everything Dinosaur Starts Preparations for the Daresbury Open Day

What do laser beams, a supercomputer, Tyrannosaurus rex, the Large Hadron Collider and fossil shark teeth have in common?  Answer – these items and so much more are going to part of the fabulous Daresbury Open Day taking place on Saturday, July 9th, at the prestigious, world-renowned science park.  This year, a fantastic Dino-Zone has been added to the mix of family themed science attractions at the Sci-Tech Daresbury and Everything Dinosaur team members have been asked to take part.

Daresbury in Cheshire, is home to one of the UK’s world leading science campuses and some of our planet’s best engineers and scientists.  As a working science facility it is not usually open to the public, however, on the 9th July the campus will be throwing its doors open and providing visitors with an opportunity to explore, learn and take part in some fun science activities.

The Dino-Zone Could be a Hair Raising Experience

Getting involved in science.

Get up close to science with a hands on public day at Daresbury Sci-Tech.

Picture Credit: STFC

Amongst the attractions,  Everything Dinosaur team members will be inviting members of the public to dig for fossils amongst the gravels of our “Jurassic beach”, what you find, if you like, you can keep.  Our fossil experts will be on hand to identify fossil finds and to explain about life in the past.  Over the last few days, we have been sorting through our vast treasure trove of specimens, all collected from various dig sites around the world.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We will be on hand to help identify the fossils found in our own exhibit and no doubt, we will be able to help identify the specimens dug out from the large sandpit in the Dino-Zone as well, although we suspect the range of fossils that we will be offering will be a little more diverse.  For example, we have thousands of fossil shark teeth that we have excavated as part of our fossil sieving work at various locations, these too will be given away”.

Hands on Science Hands on some Prehistoric Shark Teeth!

fossilised shark teeth.

A successful fossil hunt.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

An Interactive Dino-Zone

Come and meet REX, a walking, running, blinking animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex and if you are a fan of “Jurassic World” have a go at controlling a life-size digital dinosaur or learning how amazing synchrotron technology and the energy emitted from electrons is shedding new light on dinosaur research.  For dino-bird enthusiasts, Samantha Sportun, (Collections Care Manager and Senior Conservator, Manchester Museum), will be showing off a wonderful stone replica of one of the best examples of Archaeopteryx yet found.

Examine the Archaeopteryx Specimen

With bird-like features and reptilian features is it a bird or a dinosaur?

With bird-like features and reptilian features is it a bird or a dinosaur?

Picture Credit: Stanford University

Samantha will be explaining about Archaeopteryx research using one of the best preserved of all the Archaeopteryx fossils found to date, the Thermopolis Archaeopteryx!

For more information about this exciting public event: Daresbury Sci-Tech Open Day

There are bound to be lots of fossils on display including a few dinosaur bones for visitors to explore.  There might even be a few pieces of dinosaur bone to be discovered in our fossil gravel beds, one thing for sure, team members at Everything Dinosaur have already begun sorting through the various fossil collections in the company’s warehouse in preparation for this big event.

Sorting Through Hundreds of Different Fossils

Sorting fossils at Everything Dinosaur.

Some of the fossils being sorted by Everything Dinosaur as they prepare for the Daresbury Laboratory public outreach science event.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Spectacular Science

As well as the Dino-Zone, members of the public will be able to explore virtual worlds or star in their own mini feature film using Matrix-style, bullet time special effects or test their nerve and accuracy aiming to shoot balloons with laser beams.  Visitors on the day will be able to explore one of the most advanced particle accelerators dedicated to cancer therapy research, or the world’s most powerful supercomputing facilities dedicated to industry, where new car models are designed.  They will also be able to visit one of the most powerful microscopes in the world that formed part of the Nobel Prize winning graphene research and walk through a life-sized, section of the Large Hadron Collider tunnel.

In total, there will be something like seventy different exhibits and activities on offer for children and grown-ups during the open day.  For further details and booking information: Daresbury Sci-Tech Public Open Day and Events

Examining Lasers at the Daresbury Sci-Tech Public Open Day

Science fun at Daresbury Sci-Tech Open Day.

Science fun at Daresbury Sci-Tech Open Day.

Picture Credit: STFC

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