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Preview of Prehistoric Times (Spring 2016)

Prehistoric Times Magazine Previewed

Team members at Everything Dinosaur are looking forward to receiving the next edition of the quarterly magazine ” Prehistoric Times”.  Issue 117 (spring 2016), is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks or so and what an exciting edition this promises to be.  The two featured prehistoric creatures Carnotaurus and the enigmatic “Bear Dogs” are amongst our favourite prehistoric animals preserved in the fossil record, we expect it to be jam-packed with lots of amazing reader submitted artwork showcasing “meat-eating bull” and all things Amphicyonidae – the correct term for the “Bear Dog” taxonomic family.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times – Spring 2016

The front cover of the next edition of "Prehistoric Times" magazine.

The front cover of the next edition of “Prehistoric Times” magazine.

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks (Prehistoric Times)

For further information on Prehistoric Times and to subscribe to this magazine: Visit Prehistoric Times Website

Inside, readers will find updates on dinosaur and other fossil discoveries, reviews of the latest dinosaur books, plus an interview with American freelance researcher, author and illustrator Greg Paul.   On the subject of great artists, issue 117 will conclude the special two-part feature on Zdeněk Burian, a man regarded by many as one of the pioneers of modern palaeoart.  Don’t forget to check out Tracy L. Ford’s amazing article on feathered members of the Dinosauria, it’s bound to be compulsive reading.

Also a Digital Magazine

Prehistoric Times is also available as a digital download for your favourite mobile device.  Handy dinosaurs downloaded to your phone, laptop, tablet etc.

Amongst the book reviews, new prehistoric animal models and model making tips there will be a special feature on the the Philadelphia Museum of Natural Science, so much is crammed into the sixty or so pages it’s like looking at an over stuffed vertebrate collections draw at the Natural History Museum.

The spring edition of Prehistoric Times magazine should be with us in a few days, we can’t wait, bags I get first read!

Prehistoric Times Magazine Reviewed (Issue 112)

Winter 2015 Prehistoric Times Magazine Reviewed

Having had the chance to read the latest edition of the dinosaur model collectors magazine “Prehistoric Times”, it is time to write a quick review of issue 112 (winter 2015).  Once again the magazine is jam-packed with articles, information and features that is going to make dinosaur fans forget about waiting for new “Jurassic World” trailers, well, for a while at least anyway.  Ukrainian artist Sergey Krasovskiy is interviewed by Mike Fredericks and the article showcases some of Sergey’s amazing illustrations.  We learn that at the moment Sergey is currently working on a number of “English language projects” and given the problems in his home country at the moment we wish him well with his endeavours.

Prehistoric Times (Winter 2015)

A pair of battling Tyrannotitans are featured on the front cover.

A pair of battling Tyrannotitans are featured on the front cover.

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

The front cover of the latest edition of Prehistoric Times features a pair of squabbling Tyrannotitans.  This watercolour was painted by Sergey Krasovskiy who is featured in an interview inside.  The face biting behaviour as depicted in the picture is supported by pathology found on the skulls and jaws of several Theropod genera.

One of the featured prehistoric animals in this edition is Apatosaurus.  Such was the influx of artwork submitted by readers that more images will be included in the 2015 summer issue.  Phil Hore provides a commentary about how our perceptions of this iconic Sauropod have changed over the years and the talented Tracey Lee Ford adds to the debate by presenting his thoughts on the Aptatosaurus versus Brontosaurus debate in his excellent “How to Draw Dinosaurs” feature.  Phil also guides us through in his own words a “quick history” of Liopleurodon.  Once again, this well written piece contains lots of reader submitted artwork, including an illustration by Mr Krasovskiy which shows a Liopleurodon grubbing about on the seabed in search of stones to be swallowed as ballast/gastroliths for this nektonic predator.

Allen A. Debus takes us back down memory lane as he recalls the many life-size models made in the 1960’s.  Steve Brusatte, (University of Edinburgh), does well to shoe-horn a review of major palaeontology news stories of last year into three pages, yes we know the word “palaeontology” is spelt in the American fashion, but Steve is an American after all and “PT” as fans call it is an American magazine.  Everything Dinosaur has covered the stories in a little more depth on this blog, but Steve’s contribution to this issue provides an excellent summary of major discoveries and research findings.  Amongst the news stories, product updates and book reviews, the editor Mike Fredericks has dedicated a double page spread to miscellaneous artwork sent in.  This really does show the breadth and depth of talent out there with stunning images from the likes of Davide Bonadonna, John Sibbick and Nathan E. Rogers.

Long-time dinosaur model collector (and geologist), Mike Howgate delivers an interesting article that delves into the advent of promotional prehistoric animal models.  Entitled “Mesozoic Musings”, we look forward to hearing more from this talented individual who spends his time between dinosaur model collecting and his other extensive interests which include giving guiding walking tours of the City of London.

To learn more about the magazine “Prehistoric Times” and to subscribe: Prehistoric Times

From digital dinosaurs to dinosaur displays and drawings, the latest issue of “Prehistoric Times”, just like the Tyrannotitans on the front cover,  has a great deal to get your teeth into!

Prehistoric Times Magazine Issue 109 Reviewed

A Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Spring 2014)

Another bursting at the seams edition of Prehistoric Times with its front cover of a Chasmosaurus (model by Shane Foulkes) highlighting the fact that “Chasm Lizard” is one of the prehistoric animals featured in issue 109.  Phil Hore does an excellent job on summarising the rather convoluted history of this genus and his article has some super Chasmosaurus inspired artwork sent in by readers.  Not to be undone, Tracy Lee Ford chips in with a detailed explanation of the various species assigned to Chasmosaurus and does a splendid job in sorting out which of the former members of the Chasmosaurus genus have been reassigned elsewhere and why.  In addition, he even manages to insert a little bit of the work of Charles Dickens and we though Dicken’s only wrote about Megalosaurs (Bleak House).

Prehistoric Times (Issue 109)

Beautiful Chasmosaurus on the front cover.

Beautiful Chasmosaurus on the front cover.

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times/Everything Dinosaur

In the news section, there is information on Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, whose fossils were find well inside the Arctic Circle.  It’s name means “polar bear lizard” which is very appropriate.  News stories featured include Anzu wyliei from North Dakota and possibly the largest Theropod dinosaur known from our side of the Atlantic, Torvosaurus gurneyi.  T. gurneyi fossils have been found in Portugal, this is a specimen that we at Everything Dinosaur know quite well, what with the amount of new discoveries being reported to us by our friends on the Iberian peninsula.

To read more about Torvosaurus gurneyi: Meet “Savage Lizard” – Europe’s Largest Meat-Eating Dinosaur Described to Date?

Allen Debus takes us back to the 1930’s a time when Chicago was host to the Worlds Fair which featured an exhibition of life-size prehistoric animals.  Part two of this highly informative article will be in the next edition.

To read more about Prehistoric Times/subscribe: Prehistoric Times Magazine

Lots of model news and reviews, plus a super section dedicated to giant prehistoric birds, with a focus on the Ratites.  Once again, the article is accompanied by some excellent reader artwork and imagery.  Sculptor and artist John Gurche is interviewed and there is a special feature on how John was tasked with creating fifteen hominin sculptures for the Smithsonian Institute and its “Hall of Human Origins”.  Some of the models he has produced are simply breathtaking, the Smithsonian will shortly become the  museum for all other palaeoanthropologists to look up to.  John’s book “Shaping Humanity: How Science, Art and Imagination Help Us to Understand Our Origins” is reviewed in the excellent Mesozoic Media section and the book is already on our Christmas shopping list along with ironically, another book reviewed, “At the Top of the Grand Staircase”, which documents the fauna and flora from the Upper Cretaceous deposits to be found in this part of southern Utah.

All in all, an excellent magazine jam packed with lots and lots to keep dinosaur fans entertained and informed.

Prehistoric Times Issue 107 Reviewed

Everything Dinosaur Reviews the Autumn Issue of Prehistoric Times Magazine

Issue 107 of Prehistoric Times, the magazine for dinosaur fans and serious model collectors has arrived in the office and fans of the artwork of John Sibbick are going to be delighted with the front cover.  The illustration of  two Allosaurs fighting over the carcase of a Camptosaurus was painted by John, a man who has been much in demand recently, as he was responsible for the prehistoric animal paintings that now adorn the new Royal Mail First Class stamps that came into circulation last week.  Inside the magazine, its sixty-two pages are jam packed with lots of features, articles and illustrations.  There is a profile and interview of  commercial illustrator Jerry LoFaro and in the light of the news that Jurassic Park IV (Jurassic World) is likely to be in cinemas by the summer of 2015, dinosaur expert Gregory S. Paul gives his view on the “JP” franchise.

Prehistoric Times Autumn 2013 

The autumn (fall) edition of Prehistoric Times magazine.

The autumn (fall) edition of Prehistoric Times magazine.

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks/Everything Dinosaur

Utahraptor and Uintatherium are the prehistoric animals showcased in this edition.  There are lots of pictures and drawings submitted by readers and Phil Hore provides a highly informative text, focusing on the largest of the Dromaeosaurs and on the mighty Eocene, herbivorous mammal with the strange and bumpy appearance.  Surprisingly, Utahraptor features in a Star Trek novel, the things you learn about when reading Prehistoric Times.  Tracy Lee Ford gets in on the act and provides a master-class in Dromaeosaurid illustration, including some interpretations of the very latest scientific data.  He also edits the Paleonews page, covering topics as diverse as Ichthyosaur evolution, Chelonia and giant Pterosaurs.

On the subject of the Pterosauria, for all those who haven’t quite got their fill of flying reptiles after reading the wonderful “Pterosaurs” by Mark Witton, there is a super article all about the attempts to replicate Pterosaur flight, in particular that of the likes of the Azhdarchid Quetzalcoatlus.  Amongst the reviews and product updates, the magazine’s editor, Mike Fredericks sheds some light on some amazing dinosaur themed items from the past in collector’s corner, look out for the “deliberate” mistakes on Mike’s “What’s New in Review” page, whoops!

Issue 107 even features an article on prehistoric themed roadside attractions in the United States, there is something for everybody in the autumn edition, the Prehistoric Times team must have some sort of space-aged print compactor that enables them to squeeze it all into one magazine.  Another triumph, one to read by the fireside as the nights draw in.

To subscribe to Prehistoric Times: Prehistoric Times Magazine

Prehistoric Times Issue 106 Reviewed

A Review of the Summer 2013 Edition of Prehistoric Times Magazine

The first prolonged period of hot, summer weather in the UK for quite a while has been made all the more enjoyable with the arrival of the latest edition of Prehistoric Times, the magazine for dinosaur model fans and prehistoric animal enthusiasts.  It is ideal reading material for sitting outside the office and soaking up some sunshine, if only the other Everything Dinosaur team members would let go of the magazine for long enough.

This issue (number 106), marks the first copy to be produced after the twentieth anniversary issue and it sets the standard for the next two decades with some excellent articles and features.  The two prehistoric animals given most prominence are Tyrannosaurus rex and the “T. rex” of its day the fearsome Triassic predator Postosuchus.  We expect that Mike Fredericks, the editor would have been swamped with artwork and indeed, lots of reader’s illustrations are featured, especially of T. rex.  There are some wonderful depictions, even feathered versions of T. rex.

Tracy Lee Ford’s excellent series, “How to Draw Dinosaurs” focuses on this apex predator.  He compares the arm bones of Tyrannosaurus rex with those of other Tyrannosaurids and sets about building up a picture of a powerful predator with exceptionally strong hind legs, a deeper body and a more massive tail.  He concludes that such a dinosaur was not a particularly fast runner, but still an immensely capable and powerful opportunistic hunter.

Amongst all the collector news and model releases, there is a special tribute to Ray Harryhausen, whose stop motion special effects amazed us all in such fantastic films as  “Jason and the Argonauts”, “The Valley of the Gwangi” and “Clash of the Titans”.  Ray sadly passed away on May 7th, William Stout has produced a super article with artwork in tribute to Ray and there is a model diorama of the monster from the 1953 film “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms”, it looks like lighthouses were not monster proof!

The front cover artwork (featuring T. rex), was created by up and coming Ukrainian artist Sergey Krasovskiy.  Sergey has chosen to depict this fearsome Late Cretaceous carnivore with a conspicuous red head ala theories from Bob Bakker et al.  Sergey also contributes to the feature on Postosuchus with some great drawings of Prestosuchus chiniquensis, Ornithosuchus longidens and Postosuchus kirkpatricki.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times – Summer 2013

Marking the 20th anniversary of the magazine.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the magazine.

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times/Everything Dinosaur

There are also articles on the life-sized prehistoric animal models sculpted by Josef Pallenberg, updates on dinosaur discoveries and a special interview with artist Ricardo Delgado, part of a series the commemorates twenty years since the first Jurassic Park movie.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur even spotted some prehistoric animal drawings that we know very well in this edition and it was particularly interesting to see how clever Steven B. DeMarco “made over” three dinosaur model kits which were manufactured by Pyro many moons ago.

Once again, a great magazine and a great read.

To view the Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times

Cover Artwork for Prehistoric Times (Issue 106)

20th Anniversary of Prehistoric Times Magazine

Twenty years in geological time is merely the blink of an eye but today team members at Everything Dinosaur are looking forward to receiving the next edition of Prehistoric Times, the magazine for dinosaur model collectors and fans.  The next issue will mark the 20th anniversary of this quarterly publication – my how time flies.

The Cover Artwork on Prehistoric Times (Summer 2013)

Marking the 20th anniversary of the magazine.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the magazine.

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times

Mike Fredericks, the highly talented editor of Prehistoric Times and his contributors have compiled a super summer edition, jam-packed full of the latest news in the world of vertebrate palaeontology, new model releases, top interviews, product reviews and artwork.  There is a special feature on Tyrannosaurus rex, the number one when it comes to Everything Dinosaur’s annual survey to find out which is the favourite prehistoric animal of all our readers, fans and customers.

To read more about Prehistoric Times magazine: Prehistoric Times Magazine

The life of the great stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen is commemorated with a special tribute, Ray the amazingly gifted and talented creator of many of the monsters seen in such classic films as Clash of the Titans (1981), the Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1973), One Million Years B.C. (1966) and Jason and the Argonauts (1963) sadly passed away in May.

Team members, can’t wait for their next issue of Prehistoric Times to arrive.

A Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Winter 2013)

Prehistoric Times Issue 104 Reviewed

The winter edition of Prehistoric Times is certainly a treat for prehistoric animal model collectors and general enthusiasts for all things prehistoric. On the front cover there is a fantastic illustration of Leviathan melvillei, a huge, prehistoric whale which was an apex predator of Miocene seas, preying on other smaller cetaceans.  This was the “whale that ate other whales”  and the artwork that adorns the front cover shows this sea monster attacking a baleen whale.  As the genus name Leviathan has already been assigned to another type of animal (Mastodon), the name Leviathan melvillei has been changed to Livyatan melvillei, the original hebrew spelling of the word.

Issue 104 of Prehistoric Times (Winter 2013)

Meet a “Leviathan”!

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks/Everything Dinosaur

Inside the magazine there is a very detailed article by Phil Hore on prehistoric whales, their evolution from land living mammals and their radiation into the many types of large, extant cetacean seen today.  The second prehistoric animal to be featured in this publication is Troodon, the Dromaeosaur dinosaur which is regarded by many palaeontologists as being one of the most intelligent of all the known members of the Dinosauria.  Readers are asked to send in their artwork and other illustrations of the prehistoric creatures featured in the magazine.  The editor remarks in his editorial column that much to his surprise a lot more artwork featuring prehistoric whales was sent in than for the Troodontids.  This might be because this is the first time in all one hundred plus editions of the magazine that prehistoric whales have been featured.  The pictures sent in, both of the Troodontids and the prehistoric whales are really good and some noteworthy illustrations include those by Simon Zoppe (Dorudon) and Wade Carmen (Janjucetus), plus a superb Troodon, full colour print by Raul Martin.

To subscribe to Prehistoric Times Magazine: Prehistoric Times Magazine

Tracy Lee Ford contributes with the second part of his excellent piece on how to draw dinosaurs with a focus on pathology found in Ceratopsian dinosaurs.  In this article, the author discusses the work of Happ et al (published 2008) who describe a Triceratops skull that is  missing about thirty percent of its left brow horn.  There are deep gouges on the skull in the area surrounding the horn and on the remaining horn core material.  It has been suggested that the horn was bitten off by an attacking Tyrannosaurus rex.  To find out more about what such injuries can reveal about the behaviour of dinosaurs, the rest of Tracy’s excellent article is well worth reading.

Allen A. Debus provides a fascinating article on the early illustrations of Megalosaurus, the very first genus of dinosaur to be scientifically named and described.  This feature evidently took a lot of researching as some of the illustrations shown date from more than 120 years ago.  There is also a section on what new prehistoric animal models are due to be launched this  year plus a review of the big news stories in palaeontology over the last few months or so.

Model maker Steve DeMarco lets us into a few secrets about how to create paint effects like a professional when painting dinosaur models and there is a review of a European dinosaur theme park, plus book reviews and an in depth interview with the highly talented artist Terry McKee.

All in all a highly informative and educational publication which caters for the discerning prehistoric animal model collector.

Prehistoric Times Issue 103 Reviewed

A Review of Prehistoric Times (Fall 2012)

The autumn 2012 edition of Prehistoric Times, the magazine for dinosaur fans and model collectors has arrived and as always there is a scramble amongst as to who gets to read it first.  Inside this quarterly magazine there is an exclusive interview with the grandson of the famous Czechoslovakian artist Znedek Burian, a brilliant illustrator of prehistoric animals and a man whose paintings have graced countless books about dinosaurs.

For fans of Placoderms there is a feature on how a giant Dunkleosteus model was made for use in American museums and Tracy Lee Ford presents a highly informative piece on the pathology found within dinosaur fossil specimens.  The two main prehistoric animals featured in this edition are the Diplodocid Amargasaurus, as we tend to call this animal “the dinosaur that thought it was a dragon” – see the pictures and drawings to get what we mean and the voracious Repenomamus – a mammal that fed on dinosaurs.

The Latest Edition of Prehistoric Times

Prehistoric Times (Autumn 2012) reviewed.

Picture Credit: Prehistoric Times

Gregory S Paul’s and his amazing book “The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs” is updated with the author himself providing information on the books content, its layout and introducing some new ideas and illustrations.  “The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs”, is to be found on our office shelves it is regularly read by our team members and it is super book which we highly recommend.  Note to other Everything Dinosaur team members we must include this volume in our blog series about favourite dinosaur books.

Lots of updates about fossil finds in the Palaeo. news section including information on the new feathered dinosaur discovery Sciurumimus, look out for the Tyrannosaurus rex skull drawing done by Mike Fredericks (magazine editor) on page 48, we recognise this drawing as this is the illustration that Mike provided us when we asked him for a motive to help us with a T-shirt design project we have been working on.

As always, Prehistoric Times is packed full of model reviews and news stories, congratulations to Mike Landry for his superb, fuzzy Amargasaurus illustration, my nieces particular favourite in this edition.

Prehistoric Times, an excellent magazine for the serious dinosaur fan, to visit Prehistoric Times website, simply click the link below:

Visit Prehistoric Times: Prehistoric Times Magazine

A Review of Prehistoric Times (Summer 2012)

Prehistoric Times (Issue 102) Reviewed

It may not feel like Summer in the United Kingdom, we have joked that British Summer Time (BST) should be changed to British Soggy Time after all the bad weather, but the Summer edition of Prehistoric Times has just arrived.

Prehistoric Times is a magazine dedicated to all things to do with dinosaur and prehistoric animal models and collecting. It also contains lots of information and articles related to fossil discoveries as well as tonnes of reader submitted artwork and illustrations.

The Summer edition features Giganotosaurus, perhaps the largest carnivorous dinosaur known to science (although Spinosaurid fans may dispute this).  The magazine’s Phil Hore has provided a highly informative article about this South American giant.  The other type of prehistoric animal featured – the Oreodonts (prehistoric mammals) provide a nice contrast and it is great to see this important group of animals and their thousands of fossils discussed in this magazine.

Tracy Ford’s contribution is a fascinating article on how to illustrate (or not illustrate) the skull fenestrae of Theropod dinosaurs and there are well-written articles on new museum exhibits at the Houston Museum of Natural History (Texas) and the Peabody Museum.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (Summer 2012)

Giganotosaurus Featured on the Front Cover of “PT 102″

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Some of the artwork submitted by readers is truly amazing.  We particularly loved the Giganotosaurus illustrations by Damir Martin and the close up of those fearsome jaws by Robert Nicholls.  The artwork sent in by younger fans (Kretaceous Kids Korner) made us jealous, they are all much better than we could do.

To visit the Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times

Lots of model and replica reviews plus updates on new model introductions as well as information relating to the latest dinosaur and other prehistoric animal discoveries – certainly a jam packed edition of this quarterly magazine.  Prehistoric Times is now available digitally with electronic versions available for various applications – very clever.

New Prehistoric Times (Summer 2012) Out Next Week

Prehistoric Times (issue 102)

The next edition of the quarterly magazine Prehistoric Times is out next week.  Mike Fredericks, the editor of this prestigious magazine for dinosaur fans and dinosaur model collectors sent us a picture of the front cover.   We can’t wait to get our copy, Mike tells us in an email that he will start shipping copies next week.

Summer 2012 Edition of Prehistoric Times

Giganotosaurus on the front cover

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks/Prehistoric Times

It looks like the Giganotosaurus depicted on the front cover has been in a fight.  From the puncture wounds and cuts on the snout and jaws we could surmise that this is a result of face-biting between two of these huge, fearsome creatures.  Pathology on the jaws and snouts of Theropod dinosaurs suggests that such intraspecific combats did occur (competition between two animals of the same species).  These fights could have been between siblings to establish dominance, or within adult animals to establish a hierarchy within a pack, or possible fights over females between males or squabbles over a kill.  With a skull measuring around six feet in length and with jaws liked with re-curved and very sharp teeth  you would not want to get into an argument with a Giganotosaurus.

To visit the Prehistoric Times website and subscribe: Prehistoric Times

Packed full of features, reviews, news about the latest fossil discoveries this magazine is ideal for grown up dinosaur fans and model collectors – we heartily recommend it.

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