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Everything Dinosaur – Battat Terra Dinosaurs

Battat Terra Dinosaurs Added to the Range

Everything Dinosaur is delighted to announce that the Battat Terra dinosaurs model range is being added to the UK-based company’s inventory.  All twelve of the prehistoric animal models, including the discontinued therizinosaurid, Nanshiungosaurus (pronounced Nan-she-ung-oh-sore-us) are going to be stocked by Everything Dinosaur.  The models are due to arrive early next week and we expect them to be on line and available for sale in about 72 hours.

If you would like to reserve one of these excellent models, of if you would like more information, drop us a line: Email Everything Dinosaur

Battat Terra Dinosaurs – Added to the Everything Dinosaur Model Range

Available on line from Everything Dinosaur in early May 2016.

Available on line from Everything Dinosaur in early May 2016.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Honours Dan LoRusso

The figures sculpted by Dan LoRusso for the Terra product line are re-painted versions of replicas originally designed for the Museum of Science (Boston).  Everything Dinosaur is proud to add the Battat Terra dinosaurs to its, already extensive model range, a fitting tribute to highly respected Dan LoRusso, who sadly passed away last year.

The Battat Terra Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

The Battat Terra Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

The Battat Terra Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the splendid Carnotaurus (C. sastrei) replica, which is one of six Theropod dinosaurs to feature in this twelve model series.  Everything Dinosaur will offer all twelve models for sale plus, for a limited time, the complete set of all twelve replicas will be available to buy in a single purchase and at a very special introductory price.

Commenting on the addition of the Battat Terra dinosaurs to Everything Dinosaur’s extensive portfolio of prehistoric animal figures, a spokesperson for the UK company stated:

“It is great to see all twelve of the first wave of the Battat Terra dinosaurs added to our model range.  The shipment is due to arrive in the next couple of days and then they will be available on the company website.  These models are ideal for collectors and dinosaur fans and we are delighted to announce that a number of the Battat Terra replicas will be exclusive to Everything Dinosaur.”

Battat Terra Dinosaurs – A Wonderful Model Range

The Battat Terra series features a mix of different types of dinosaur.  Very well-known dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus and Parasaurolophus are included along with some of the more unusual members of the Dinosauria such as the armoured dinosaur Euoplocephalus, Dacentrurus, Cryolophosaurus and Amargasaurus.  Naturally, as with all the named prehistoric animal figures sold by Everything Dinosaur, each replica will be supplied with its own fact sheet which will tell customers about the dinosaur, when it lived, what it ate and so forth.

Battat Terra Dinosaur Models Available from Everything Dinosaur

The excellent Battat Terra dinosaur models.

The excellent Battat Terra dinosaur models.

Picture Credit: Battat

The picture above features a Battat Terra Pachyrhinosaurus, with a Dacentrurus model in the middle and the beautiful therizinosaurid Nanshiungosaurus on the left.  Lurking in the background is one of the meat-eaters in this model series – Cryolophosaurus.

No need to pre-order but if you would like to reserve one of these excellent models, of if you would like more information, simply: Email Everything Dinosaur

JurassicCollectables Wild Safari Models Unboxing

Wild Safari Carcharodontosaurus, Masiakasaurus, Iguanodon and Shunosaurus Unboxing

The latest video from JurassicCollectables features a number of Wild Safari Prehistoric World animal models, mainly dinosaurs but the excellent Doedicurus replica, a re-issue of the glyptodont model that was retired by Safari Ltd a few years ago now, does make a brief appearance.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur carefully packed up the new for 2016 models and this video is an “unboxing video” with the narrator giving the viewer the opportunity to see the models as they come out of the packaging.

The Safari Ltd Models Unboxing Video by JurassicCollectables

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

The video is around seven and a half minutes in duration and it does provide a wonderful opportunity to view Safari Ltd models close up.  There is also a fleeting appearance of the 1:40 CollectA feathered Tyrannosaurus rex model that we sent JurassicCollectables.  This particular Theropod replica was reviewed a few weeks ago, if you haven’t had chance to see this video, we do recommend it and you can catch it here: CollectA 1:40 Scale T. rex Dinosaur Models and a JurassicCollectables Video Review.

New for 2016 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models Examined

The video provides a detailed view of each of the new for 2016 dinosaur models, the eagerly anticipated Carcharodontosaurus,  the snaggle-toothed Masiakasaurus, a stunning Iguanodon and Shunosaurus, one of the most remarkable members of the Early Jurassic Sauropoda.  Safari Ltd are to be congratulated for adding such a diverse set of models to their award winning model range.  The excellent lighting and clear narration provides the viewer with a comprehensive overview of each model.

To see the complete Wild Safari Prehistoric World range available from Everything Dinosaur: Wild Safari Prehistoric World and Rare Carnegie Collection Replicas

With the retirement of the “Carnegie Dinosaurs”, a range or prehistoric animal models that were approved by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Safari Ltd have been able to concentrate on extending their not to scale collection and we can expect a number of new additions to this diverse model range over the next few years.  We at Everything Dinosaur, predict exciting times ahead for the Florida based manufacturer.

Some of the Dinosaur Models Featured in the Unboxing Video

New dinosaur models for 2016.

New dinosaur models for 2016.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The JurassicCollectables YouTube channel is packed with lots of well made and very informative dinosaur and prehistoric animal videos, if you have not already checked out this most impressive YouTube site we urge you to take a look and to subscribe: Check out the JurassicCollectables YouTube Channel

The Papo Baryonyx “The Marmite Model”

The New Papo Baryonyx Divides Opinions

The new for 2016 Papo Baryonyx dinosaur model has been in stock at Everything Dinosaur for about a month now and team members have been monitoring the feedback and model reviews that we have received.  The figure measures an impressive thirty-three centimetres long and that head is approaching seventeen centimetres high, however, some dinosaur model collectors have found it difficult to come to terms with the very distinctive look that Papo have chosen to give this Theropod.

The Papo Baryonyx Dinosaur Model Divides Opinions

Available from Everything Dinosaur in a few weeks.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A “Marmite Model”

This replica is one of the largest models that Papo intend to release in 2016, it certainly is a very striking figure with its row of spikes running down its back from the long neck to the tip of the tail.  Some collectors have suggested that the chosen colour scheme with half the model painted with brown stripes overlying battleship grey and the orange top line, is just a little too showy and elaborate, some have even termed the paint scheme as “positively garish”.  One thing is for sure, the Papo Baryonyx certainly stands out from the crowd, particularly when the more toned down greens and browns of the Papo tyrannosaurids and the Papo Spinosaurus are considered.

Those clever people at JurassicCollectables provided a very insightful guide to this dinosaur model in their recent video review.  Everything Dinosaur featured this video in an earlier blog post, to see the video and the accompanying article click the link: JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Baryonyx

The “Wet Look” Dinosaur

The finish applied to the top half of the Baryonyx gives the model a sheen, an almost “wet look”.  This has been commented upon by many collectors, it may not be to everyone’s taste but it is very likely that Baryonyx made its home in low-lying flood plains with extensive rivers and many lakes in the vicinity and as a piscivore (fish-eater), it would have been very much at home in or near water.

Baryonyx May Have Specialised in Eating Fish

Papo Baryonyx dinosaur model - available from Everything Dinosaur.

Papo Baryonyx dinosaur model – available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Correct Anatomical Features

The tripodal stance might annoy some, but there is a lot to admire in terms of the way in which the known anatomy of this Early Cretaceous dinosaur is reflected in the model.  For example, the nostrils are in the approximate correct place and the first digit has a large and strongly recurved claw (the thumb claw).  In addition, the jaw is elongated and care has been taken to give the upper jaw that distinctive notch.   The paintwork on the skull and in the very large mouth is quite exquisite, although we remain uncertain as to how wide this dinosaur could gape.  The folds of skin under the jaw give the impression that this dinosaur may have had a throat pouch, something that a number of palaeontologists have speculated upon.

To purchase the Papo Baryonyx and other prehistoric animal models in the Papo range: Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

Manipulation of the Feet to Improve the Stance

Some models, with a little bit of care and persuasion can stand and support themselves without the tip of the tail resting on the ground.  We have heard of dinosaur model fans using hair dryers or hot water treatment to make the lower legs more pliable and then have them manipulated so that they can provide more support.  We note the pads on the bottom of the feet are somewhat splayed out, this will help with stability as well as giving the impression that this heavy biped was well adapted to walking on soft mud.

The new for 2016 Papo Baryonyx model has got people talking, that in itself is not a bad thing.  We have nicknamed this dinosaur the “marmite model” as some people love it some people dislike it.

We would love to hear what you think about it.

New for 2016 CollectA Models

New for 2016 CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models

The next set of 2016 CollectA prehistoric animal models are due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur this week.  We thought we would post up some pictures of the new models, using some prototypes and samples we were sent a few weeks ago.  Coming into stock will be the beautiful horned dinosaur Mercuriceratops, the Tyrannosaurus rex corpse and the hunting T. rex.  In addition, dinosaur model fans will be able to purchase the new 1:40 scale Torvosaurus dinosaur model and the fantastic Deluxe (1:40 scale) Beishanlong.

New for 2016 Dinosaur Models from CollectA

New models in the Deluxe and "Prehistoric Life" series.

New models in the Deluxe and “Prehistoric Life” series.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The above picture shows the five new models that are due in at our warehouse in the next few days.  At the front there is the very detailed (and rather gory), Tyrannosaurus rex cadaver.  The bite mark on the thigh and the exposed ribs are a lovely touch and we are sure this figure will prove to be extremely popular with model makers and fans of dioramas.  Behind the T. rex body is our particular favourite, the beautiful Mercuriceratops (horned dinosaur) model.  In the centre, the splendid, grey and black Beishanlong (B. grandis), a member of the Ornithomimosauria (bird-mimic clade), can be seen.  This model has been painted in a colour scheme inspired by the Secretary Bird of Africa (Sagittarius serpentarius).  To the rear the 1:40 scale Deluxe Torvosaurus dinosaur model lurks and then to the left of the photograph the hunting T. rex can be seen.  They certainly are a very impressive collection.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of CollectA models currently available: CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models

The CollectA “Prehistoric Life” Series

The CollectA “Prehistoric Life” model range consists of over 130 models.  It is one of the most diverse of all the main stream model ranges available with all sorts of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals included within the series.  CollectA have built up a very strong reputation for the quality and finish of their model replicas.

The Two New Feathered T. rex Dinosaur Models

CollectA hunting T. rex and T. rex corpse.

CollectA hunting T. rex and T. rex corpse.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

These are not the last of the 2016 models to be introduced by CollectA.  Later on in the year, Everything Dinosaur will be expecting delivery of four more replicas, two dinosaurs (one of which is another tyrannosaurid), one marine reptile and a model of an animal that is believed to have become extinct shortly before WWII.   These new models are:

  • Lythronax (the new tyrannosaurid)
  • Struthiomimus (great to see a another ornithomimid dinosaur added to this model range)
  • Thalassomedon – a giant plesiosaur
  • Thylacine – also known as a Tasmanian Tiger, a carnivorous marsupial that, according to some cryptozoologists (and some zoologists for that matter), may not actually be extinct

The team members at Everything Dinosaur are really looking forward to welcoming all the new CollectA models into the fold.  Expect the Torvosaurus, Beishanlong, the two T. rex models and the Mercuriceratops to be available in just a few days time.

Wild Safari Prehistoric Mammals

Welcoming Back Old Friends (Prehistoric Mammal Models)

Those clever people at Safari Ltd have re-introduced a number of prehistoric mammal models into their Wild Safari Prehistoric World model range.  The models, had previously been retired but with the demise of the Carnegie Collectibles collection and the stopping of production of these scale models, Safari Ltd have decided to make available once again four mammals, namely: Amebelodon, the Giant Ground Sloth (Megatherium), the baby Woolly Mammoth and Doedicurus (a Glyptodont).

Welcoming Back Old Friends – Prehistoric Mammal Models 

Wild Safari Prehistoric World mammals.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World mammals.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The hand-painted Glyptodont arrived in stock at Everything Dinosaur around Christmas time, the Doedicurus model has now been joined in our warehouse by the other three re-introduced prehistoric mammal models.  Although the sculpts are the same, the paint work on the models is slightly different.  This is most notable on the Doedicurus and the Amebelodon figures.  The Doedicurus has a little more silver paint on the toes and dermal armour (osteoderms and scutes), than the earlier version of this South American giant which has been identified as an extinct member of the armadillo family.

To read a recent article from Everything Dinosaur that explains the research into Glyptodont ancestry: Doedicurus DNA Solves Puzzle Over Glyptodont Ancestry

Updating the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Amebelodon

The new version of the Amebelodon is quite a lot different from the original Wild Safari Prehistoric World Amebelodon replica.

Everything Dinosaur customer and keen prehistoric animal model collector Mr R. Chan, explained:

“There are two versions, the retired version and the 2016 version.  The retired one has painted toes and tail hair, a grey paint job and some weathering on the tusks.  The newer version, has a more brownish colouration and has no paint on the toes or tail hair.”

Our thanks to Mr Chan for providing such a helpful explanation.

The New for 2016 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Amebelodon Model

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Amebelodon (2016)

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Amebelodon (2016)

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Wild Safari Prehistoric World models and the remaining stocks of the Carnegie Collectibles range of scale prehistoric animal models, click this link: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models and Carnegie Collectibles

New Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models in Stock

Dimetrodon, Dilophosaurus and Schleich Landscape Jigsaws

The first of the new for 2016 Schleich prehistoric animal models have arrived at Everything Dinosaur.  Marketed by Schleich as “The first giants of the dinosaur world”, a model of the Early Jurassic carnivore Dilophosaurus and the Permian Pelycosaur Dimetrodon have been added to the range.

Both models have articulated lower jaws and come with an information booklet.

Both models have articulated lower jaws and come with an information booklet.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Schleich Dimetrodon Model

Schleich state:

“The great dinosaurs series has been expanded to include less well-known dinosaurs!  Learning by playing.  More can be found out about the first giants of the dinosaur world in the accompanying booklet.”

As any young budding palaeontologist who knows dinosaurs will tell you, Dimetrodon was not a dinosaur, it lived well before the very first dinosaurs evolved.  The accompanying booklet that comes with the model does at least indicate that this dinosaur lived during the Permian geological period, but the text does refer to Dimetrodon as being “one of the first giants of the dinosaur world”.

Having made this point, the Schleich Dimetrodon model (which has an articulated lower jaw), is very well painted with some lovely detail and the replica does have the correct number of digits (five).

The Schleich Dilophosaurus

The Dilophosaurus replica is attractively painted with the bright blue body contrasting nicely with the greyish undersides.  Those famous crests are a muted red with flashes of red along the lower jaw and tipping the tops of the prominent spines that run down the animal’s back.  It too, just like the Dimetrodon has an articulated lower jaw.

To see these models and to view the rest of the Schleich prehistoric animal model range: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Figures

As with all our named prehistoric animal models, Everything Dinosaur will include a fact sheet about the prehistoric animal with every Schleich model we sell.

“Watch Out!  The Schleich Mini Dinosaurs are on the Loose Again

Also new for 2016, Schleich have introduced mini Schleich figure sets in combination with prehistoric landscape puzzles.  There are four in the series and the first of these sets – lava field, discovery and the waterhole have arrived at our warehouse.

The Schleich Mini Dinos Puzzles Each Puzzle has Four Prehistoric Animal Models

Schleich prehistoric animal figures with puzzles.

Schleich prehistoric animal figures with puzzles.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each of the twenty-four piece puzzles comes with a set of four mini-prehistoric animal figures, some of these figures are new for 2016, animals such as the Ichthyosaurus.  Other models are colour variants of prehistoric animals that were featured in the highly successful “mini dinosaurs” model series introduced by Schleich last year.  A fourth set, entitled “Marshland” is likely to be available in the summer.  This set will also include four prehistoric animals.

Schleich Mini Dinosaur Landscape Puzzles and the Models they Contain

  • Set 1 (Lava Field) contains:  Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and the armoured dinosaur Saichania.
  • Set 2 (Discovery) contains: Pentaceratops, Quetzalcoatlus, Stegosaurus and Velociraptor.
  • Set 3 (Waterhole) contains: Ichthyosaurus and Mosasaurus (both new for 2016), plus a Spinosaurus colour variant (green) and a Quetzalcoatlus colour variant brown/grey).
  • Set 4 (Marshland) available summer 2016 contains: Kentrosaurus and Suchomimus (both new for 2016), plus a colour variant Triceratops (blue markings) and a colour variant Velociraptor (red).

To view the Schleich mini dinosaurs and the range of landscape puzzles: Schleich Mini Dinosaurs

These new jigsaw puzzles are certainly great for creative, imaginative play and some of the models they contain, the Mosasaurus and the Ichthyosaurus for example, are not available to purchase as individual items at the moment, they are only available in these sets.  When all our Schleich landscape jigsaws are available they can be combined to make a ninety-six piece puzzle measuring approximately fifty centimetres by thirty-six centimetres wide.

Congratulations to Safari Ltd and CollectA

Spinosaurus and Sauropelta Model Dinosaurs Win Accolade

Readers of Prehistoric Times Magazine have voted the recently introduced new versions of Spinosaurus made by CollectA and the Wild Safari Dinos Sauropelta armoured dinosaur replica from Safari Ltd as joint winners in the best toy dinosaur model of 2015 category.  Everything Dinosaur team members would like to extend their congratulations to both CollectA and Safari Ltd for winning this award.

The CollectA Spinosaurus Models Are Winners

CollectA Spinosaurus available from Everything Dinosaur.

CollectA Spinosaurus available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the not to scale Walking Spinosaurus (on the left) and the Swimming Spinosaurus (on the right), these dinosaur models are based on the September 2014 reassessment of the fossil material associated with Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.  When the scientific paper was first published it attracted a great deal of debate amongst palaeontologists.  The absence of more substantive fossil material prevents the debate over the posture and stance of Spinosaurus from being resolved.

The CollectA 1:40 Spinosaurus Deluxe

Leading the way in interpreting dinosaur fossils.

Leading the way in interpreting dinosaur fossils.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The photograph above shows the Deluxe Spinosaurus as a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur said when the models were first introduced:

“CollectA have become a very innovative model manufacturer and their efforts in these new reinterpretations of Spinosaurus are to be applauded.”

To view the CollectA 1:40 Deluxe Spinosaurus and other scale models of prehistoric animals made by CollectA: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Animals

To view the CollectA not to scale prehistoric animals: CollectA Dinosaurs

Sharing the award with the three Spinosaurus models is the excellent Wild Safari Dinos Sauropelta.  The armoured Sauropelta is a wonderful model, we are delighted to see that the work in sculpting “shield lizard” has been recognised.

A Very Well Deserved Award

Available from Everything Dinosaur in early 2015

Available from Everything Dinosaur

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To purchase the Sauropelta model and other prehistoric animal replicas from Safari Ltd at Everything Dinosaur: Wild Safari Dinos and Carnegie Collectibles

Given the amazing new prehistoric animals due out this year, it looks like the competition to win this prestigious accolade is going to be even tougher in 2016.

Everything Dinosaur congratulates both Safari Ltd and CollectA for their excellent work.

Everything Dinosaur’s Top Ten Prehistoric Animals (Part 2)

Top Ten Prehistoric Animals 2015 – The Top Five

Today, we continue our countdown of the top ten prehistoric animals for 2015.  This chart is compiled from various data, such as questions asked by school children during our dinosaur workshops, email requests for fact sheets, product sales, on line comments, blog article views and so forth.  Having crunched the numbers we have listed our top ten.

To see the first part of our list: Top Ten Prehistoric Animals 2015 (10-6)

Now, for that all important top five!

5.) Stegosaurus

Down one place this year, the armoured dinosaur Stegosaurus.  This was a favourite amongst Year 1 and Year 2 children with lots of Stegosaurus themed drawings sent into our offices from young dinosaur fans.  The popularity of this dinosaur was also boosted by the “Sophie Stegosaurus” exhibition which began this year at the London Natural History Museum.  Stegosaurus and “Sophie” also featured in a number of news stories we covered over the last twelve months.

Scientists calculate the weight of Stegosaurus: Sophie the Stegosaurus Weighs in at 1.6 Tonnes

The Ever Popular Dinosaur Known As Stegosaurus

Still lots to learn about this Ornithischian dinosaur.

Still lots to learn about this Ornithischian dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

4). Triceratops

A slight fall this year for Triceratops, although “three horned face” still ends 2015 as our highest ranked Ornithischian.  Ironically, Triceratops benefits from the discovery and scientific description of other ceratopsids.   Each time a new Ceratopsian is named or new fossils found, these fossils, almost inevitably, get compared to the most famous of all the horned dinosaurs.  This year has been another boom year for all things Ceratopsian (actually for the Marginocephalia* clade as a whole) with lots of new horned dinosaur discoveries such as Wendiceratops and Regaliceratops.

To read more about Wendiceratops: Wendiceratops pinhornensis from southern Alberta

To learn more about Regaliceratops:  A Right Royal Rumble – Regaliceratops

* Marginocephalia (fringed heads” includes the Ceratopsia and the Pachycephaliasauria).

3.) Indominus rex

An imaginary dinosaur makes our top five, the first time this has happened since we started compiling this annual list.  Originally referred to as Diabolus rex, this huge meat-eating dinosaur proved to be a big hit especially with young dinosaur fans after it starred in the film “Jurassic World”.  Such was the hyperbole surrounding this genetically engineered dinosaur that last year, even before the film came out it entered our top ten (number nine).  It climbs six places this year to finish in the top three.

Indominus rex – So You Went and Made a New Dinosaur?  Probably Not a Good Idea

The hybrid dinosaur.

The hybrid dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Universal Studios

2). Velociraptor

Retaining the position of runner-up is Velociraptor.  This dromaeosaurid proved popular across a wide range of categories.  It was helped by the Velociraptor pack that featured in “Jurassic World”.  We should give a vote of thanks to Echo, Charlie, Delta and Blue – the names of the “raptors” from the film.  The introduction of the highly collectible set of three hatching Velociraptor chicks from Rebor also boosted this dinosaur’s popularity.  The Rebor hatching Velociraptors figure is a limited edition sculpt, only 1,000 models were made, the Rebor range has certainly proved to be a big hit amongst serious dinosaur model collectors.

Helping to Boost the Popularity of the Velociraptor

Introducing "Lock, Stock, and Barrel".

Introducing “Lock, Stock, and Barrel”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

With the introduction of more Velociraptor models next year, look out for two from Papo for example, we think that Velociraptor is almost certain to remain in the top five.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Rebor replicas: The Rebor Range of Prehistoric Animal Replicas

Just before we reveal our number one, time for some honourable mentions.  Spinosaurus finds itself just outside the top ten this year, quite a fall for Spinosaurus which was a number five in 2014.  Sales of the three new CollectA Spinosaurus models helped but Spinosaurus ends the year just out of our top ten.  Smilodon was a high climber amongst the prehistoric mammals and the top ten list in general, as was the pterosaur Dimorphodon.  This Early Jurassic flying reptile’s popularity was down to its appearance in the film “Jurassic World”.

1). Tyrannosaurus rex

Topping the charts once again is the “tyrant lizard king” – Tyrannosaurus rex.  This dinosaur remains a perennial favourite amongst school children, dinosaur fans and model collectors.   Once again we saw a peak in T. rex popularity over the summer months which we attributed to its role, albeit quite a restricted role in the film “Jurassic World”.  A confident prediction, since it is that time of year when many pundits look ahead, expect Tyrannosaurus rex to have a role in the sequel which is due out in 2018 (June 22nd 2018).  The introduction of a beautiful feathered T. rex model from CollectA also helped to keep this fearsome Theropod firmly at number one.

The Amazing Feathered T. rex Dinosaur Model from CollectA

We even supply a roll of cardboard with every model!

We even supply a roll of cardboard with every model!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To see the full range of the CollectA Deluxe scale models: CollectA Scale Model Prehistoric Animals

With “Jurassic World” having dominated the cinemas, well, at least until a certain film came out a few days ago, it seems fitting that we should end our annual review of the top ten most popular prehistoric animals of 2015 with a picture of Tyrannosaurus rex from the film.

Tyrannosaurus rex Features at the End of Jurassic World

Scarred but still number 1!

Scarred but still number 1!

Picture Credit: Universal Studios

Everything Dinosaur’s Top Ten of Prehistoric Animals 2015 (Part 1)

Top Ten Prehistoric Animals of 2015 (Part 1)

As 2015 draws to a close, staff at Everything Dinosaur have the opportunity to reflect on all the new dinosaur and prehistoric animal discoveries made over the last twelve months.  In addition, we have been busy compiling our top ten prehistoric animals of 2015, an annual survey that takes into account all the fact sheets sent out, drawing materials requested, views on website pages, blog views, comments, emails and product sales.  We have also included data from our dedicated schools website and all this information has been brought together to create our list of the ten most popular prehistoric animals.  Here is the first part of the countdown, from number ten to number six.

10). Pteranodon

Making a welcome return to the top ten is the pterosaur Pteranodon.  It has been a good year for Pterosaurs generally with the likes of Quetzalcoatlus and Dimorphodon doing well.  We suspect this was due in part to the fairly prominent role played by pterosaurs in the summer blockbuster “Jurassic World”.  This is not the first time that record breaking film will be mentioned in this compilation.  However, the popularity of pterosaurs in 2015 can also be explained by a number of new flying reptile discoveries, such as the fearsomely fanged Triassic pterosaur recently described.

To read more about this new pterosaur discovery: Utah’s Fearsome New Pterosaur

The introduction of the beautiful (and quite large) Guidraco pterosaur model also helped to boost the popularity of the Pterosauria.

1:4 Scale Pterosaur Model from CollectA

Model has an articulated jaw.

Model has an articulated jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

9). Woolly Mammoth

Down one place from last year, the only mammal in our top ten, the enigmatic Woolly Mammoth.  The Sabre-tooth cat was listed in our top twenty, once again helped by the introduction of a CollectA model, but the only representative of the Mammalia in our top ten for the second year running is Mammuthus primigenius.

Woolly Mammoth Featured in the Top Ten for 2015

Woolly Mammoth Model without the usual brown coat

Woolly Mammoth Model without the usual brown coat

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Woolly Mammoth’s popularity was maintained in part by news this year that the genome of this iconic Ice Age creature had been sequenced.

To read an article about this: Woolly Mammoth Genome is Sequenced

8). Brachiosaurus

Down two places from last year, Brachiosaurus is at number eight in our countdown.  It is the only Sauropod in the top ten list, although both Diplodocus and Apatosaurus were climbers this year.  Brachiosaurus is the first dinosaur to be listed in our chart.  The top ten remains dominated by the Dinosauria.

Maintaining a Position in the Top Ten – Brachiosaurus

A Traditional Brachiosaur interpretation?

A traditional Brachiosaur interpretation?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

7). Mosasaurus

The biggest climber this year is Mosasaurus.  It enters our top ten list for the first time.  Marine reptiles only rarely make the top ten, for example, Dolichorhynchops was at number ten when we completed this exercise in 2012.  The reason for the popularity of Mosasaurus, quite simply “Jurassic World”.  One of the best scenes in the whole movie was the Mosasaurus feeding time.  We won’t mention what else happens to Mosasaurus, just in case blog readers have yet to see the film, suffice to say, that Mosasaurus plays quite a role in the unfolding action.

Mosasaurus – One of the Stars of “Jurassic World”

Huge Mosasaur about to tackle "jaws".

Huge Mosasaur about to tackle “jaws”.

Picture Credit: Universal Studios

As a result of “Jurassic World” Everything Dinosaur has experienced a record year for Mosasaur model sales, with several models selling out many times over in the last six months or so.

Mosasaur fossils also made the news in 2015.  Here is an article we wrote recently about a fascinating fossil find from Japan: Big-eyed Mosasaur Monster from Japan

6. Giganotosaurus

Up two places from last year is Giganotosaurus.  This dinosaur, (the name means “Giant Southern Lizard”), proved to be particularly popular amongst school children.  We had lots of requests for fact sheets and drawings of this large carnivore.  This helped boost this South American dinosaur’s popularity.  In addition, new models by Schleich and the inclusion of a Giganotosaurus in one of the new model sets by CollectA kept dinosaur model fans happy.

 New Model Introductions by Schleich Boosted Sales

Well painted model has an articulated lower jaw.

Well painted model has an articulated lower jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of Schleich “World of History” models: Prehistoric Animal Models from Schleich

Giganotosaurus brings to a close the first part of our top ten countdown for 2015.  We will post up in a couple of days that all important top five.

Dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz

Dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz (T. rex and Triceratops)

Two soft toy dinosaurs for the price of one, now that sounds like quite a bargain.  It’s exactly what you get with these very cleverly designed dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz.  Simply turn the T. rex inside out to reveal a Triceratops or should that be turn the Triceratops inside out to make the Tyrannosaurus rex soft toy appear.

If you aren’t quite sure what we mean, the helpful elves at Everything Dinosaur have made a short, forty second video that shows the dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz in action.

How to Turn a Triceratops into a Tyrannosaurus rex and Vice Versa

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We are reliably informed that the Triceratops soft toy is called “Rocky” and the Tyrannosaurus rex is called “Rex” (we should have been able to work that one out ourselves).  Suitable for children form three years plus, these dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz give soft toy dinosaurs a new “twist”.

To see the Switch-A-Rooz dinosaurs at Everything Dinosaur and the huge range of dinosaur soft toys available: Dinosaur Soft Toys

“Rex” and “Rocky” Together They Make a Very Cute and Cuddly Pair of Dinosaurs

Switch-A-Rooz Dinosaur Soft Toys

Do you turn T. rex into Triceratops or Triceratops into a T. rex? Can you decide?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The soft toys stand just a fraction under twenty centimetres high and they are made from super-soft material which can be sponge cleaned if required.  These reversible stuffed Late Cretaceous dinosaurs will really help to inspire creative play amongst young palaeontologists.  We couldn’t decide which one was our favourite.

They certainly make a perfect pair, two soft toy dinosaurs for the price of one.  Give Triceratops a twist and watch him transform into a Tyrannosaurus rex called Rex.  Switch-A-Rooz dinosaurs, a dinosaur double-act which provides a pair of prehistoric plush.

Cute and Very Cuddly Switch-A-Rooz Dinosaur Soft Toys

Two soft toy dinosaurs for the price of one.

Two soft toy dinosaurs for the price of one.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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