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9 08, 2017

Everything Dinosaur Newsletter Rebor and More!

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Everything Dinosaur Newsletter Rebor and More!

Subscribers to the Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter were treated to some privileged information last week when they got notice of the arrival of the new Rebor 1:18 scale Velociraptor replicas “Spring-heeled Jack” and “Alex Delarge”.  Many customers had already taken advantage of the company’s no hassle, no obligation product reservation service and they knew that these dinosaur models had been set aside for them.  Once the newsletter had been received, the orders for these two beautiful Velociraptor replicas started to come in.

The Pair of Rebor Leaping Velociraptors Feature in the Latest Everything Dinosaur Customer Newsletter

Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter.

Rebor Velociraptor models feature in the latest Everything Dinosaur newsletter.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the full range of Rebor replicas available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Replicas and Models

Our next newsletter is due out shortly, there is just so much going on at the moment, it really is quite difficult for our team members to keep up with the exciting developments.

If blog readers would like to subscribe, then all you have to do is to drop us an email: Contact Everything Dinosaur

Rebor “Spring-heeled Jack” and the Rebor Velociraptor “Alex Delarge”

Rebor "Spring-heeled Jack" and "Alex Delarge" Velociraptor replicas.

Rebor “Spring-heeled Jack” and “Alex Delarge” Velociraptor models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The stunning Rebor 1:18 scale Velociraptor models are sold as a pair and they are also available separately.  Each model has an articulated lower jaw and the arms can be placed in various positions.  The dinosaurs measure around twenty centimetres in length and when put on the larger of the two metal rods that come with these figures, the model stands some twenty-five centimetres in the air.

Carnotaurus and Cards

The Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter also permits us to update subscribers when new stocks of existing models arrive as well as letting people know about new products.  The early August newsletter confirmed that fresh supplies of the popular Rebor “Crimson King” – Carnotaurus sastrei had arrived.  The company’s initial stock having sold out very quickly, however, with a new batch of abelisaurs safely put into the warehouse, fans of Rebor could acquire this Theropod replica.  In addition, this newsletter allowed us to highlight a new range of dinosaur themed gift and greetings cards that had just arrived in stock.

The Rebor Carnotaurus Replica “Crimson King” and Dinosaur Cards

Everything Dinosaur Newsletter (August 2017).

Everything Dinosaur’s newsletter features a variety of dinosaur themed products.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The dinosaur themed greetings cards feature three very famous dinosaurs, these dinosaurs are Diplodocus, Tyrannosaurus rex and as shown in the snippet from our customer newsletter (above), a very colourful Stegosaurus.  Each card is blank inside so that you can write your own message and there is a surprise inside each card too – a pop-up prehistoric animal, that we are sure will delight the recipient.  Dinosaur themed greetings and gift cards can be found in the huge party section of Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur Party Items.

Everything Dinosaur plans to publish more newsletters over the next few weeks and months, helping to keep our ever-growing customer base informed about the company and its product range.

8 08, 2017

Customised CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon

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Customised CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon

At Everything Dinosaur, it is always a pleasure to hear from our customers.  We get sent lots of photographs of customised models, collectors having taken a model and given it a unique paint job.  Sometimes subtle changes are made to the body plan as well.  Take for example, Elizabeth who is a long-time collector of prehistoric animal replicas.  When CollectA introduced a large replica of the flying reptile Dimorphodon, Elizabeth jumped at the chance of acquiring it and then commissioned talented model maker Martin Garratt to re-paint the Pterosaur, providing her with a marvellous centrepiece for her model collection.

The Repainted CollectA 1:40 Scale Dimorphodon Model

CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon repainted.

A repainted CollectA deluxe Dimorphodon replica.

Picture Credit: Marilyn (UMF models)

Exquisite Dimorphodon Figure

Dimorphodon is known from the Early Jurassic of England (fossils found at Lyme Regis by Mary Anning) and a second species has been described from Mexico.  It was a member of the Rhamphorhynchoid “Ram-for-rink-oid” Pterosaurs, a sub-order of the Pterosauria characterised by their long tails, with most genera having teeth but lacking a bony crest.  The term Rhamphorhynchoid helps to distinguish early Pterosaurs from later forms (Pterodactyloidea), although the term is beginning to fall out of favour with palaeontologists due to the difficulties of defining newly described Jurassic species using this grouping.

With a wingspan of around 1.4 metres and weighing approximately 1.5 kilogrammes, this Pterosaur was no giant and many early illustrations of this flying reptile placed it in a coastal environment, however, a number of scientists including the eminent Pterosaur expert Dr Mark Witton, have suggested that this strong-legged, big-headed fellow was probably more at home in forests away from sea.

A Closer View of the Wonderful Paintwork by Martin Garratt

CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon repainted.

A closer view of the beautifully painted snout.

Picture Credit: Marilyn (UMF Models)

The CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon Replica

CollectA Dimorphodon pterosaur model.

The CollectA Dimorphodon model with a movable lower jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon Replica

Measuring a fraction under thirty-eight centimetres in length the CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon (part of the CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Collection), is a strong candidate for customisation.  The model even has an articulated lower jaw, making access to the inside of the mouth easier for painting.  The sands and browns of the original paint scheme have been replaced by much more dynamic and vibrant palate in Martin’s interpretation.  The “leopard spots” have been replaced by “tiger stripes” and the finished repainted model is superb.

Commenting on her commission, CollectA model fan Elizabeth stated:

“I have always been a great admirer of John Sibbick’s work (and several of his original paintings hang on my walls).  I have a soft spot for John’s painting of Dimorphodon that adorns pages 70-71 of Wellnhofer’s book “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs” (1991) and I asked Martin if he would do something along those lines.”

We at Everything Dinosaur are also great fans of John Sibbick’s amazing artwork.  Team members were asked to write the press releases that accompanied the Royal Mail British prehistoric animal stamps that John was commissioned to paint.  The Dimorphodon illustration has been reproduced on numerous occasions, to illustrate both Dimorphodon macronyx and the sub-order of Pterosaurs as a whole.  For example, the Dimorphodon painting that inspired the colour scheme on the CollectA Dimorphodon can be found on page 172 of “The Concise Dinosaur Encyclopedia” published in 2004 by Kingfisher.

The Illustration by John Sibbick that Inspired the CollectA Dimorphodon Repaint

Dimorphodon illustration (John Sibbick).

Dimorphodon male and female by John Sibbick.

Picture Credit: John Sibbick

The picture above shows the John Sibbick artwork, the Dimorphodon on the right of the image is probably a male, the repainted CollectA model has been inspired by such illustrations and the resulting figure after Martin Garratt’s makeover is a truly unique and stunning model.

The Repainted CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon

A repainted CollectA Dimorphodon model.

The repainted CollectA Dimorphodon replica.

Picture Credit: Marilyn (UMF Models)

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

” We always enjoy seeing how the models and replicas that we supply are customised by their owners.  We have known Martin and Marilyn at UMF Models for a number of years and we do get asked by our customers to send purchases direct to them for modification and personalisation.  Elizabeth’s Dimorphodon figure is fantastic and it just goes to show what can be achieved when a good, anatomically accurate production figure is repainted by a top-quality model maker and artist.”

See more of UMF Models on their Facebook page: Martin Garratt/UMF Models on Facebook

To view the CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon and the other figures in the CollectA Deluxe range: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Model Range

30 07, 2017

Dinosaur Gift Cards

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New Range of Dinosaur Themed Gift Cards

Everything Dinosaur has added a new range of dinosaur themed greetings cards to the company’s ever-growing prehistoric animal portfolio.  The dinosaur cards feature a pop-up dinosaur inside and there are three exciting designs to choose from.  Firstly, we have a delightful Diplodocus, then there is the spiky Stegosaurus and for fans of meat-eating dinosaurs, naturally, the range also includes a terrific Tyrannosaurus rex greetings card.

A Dinosaur Greetings Card with a Diplodocus Theme

Diplodocus dinosaur card.

Diplodocus features on this dinosaur card.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Ideal for Dinosaur Birthday Cards

Lots of children love dinosaurs and ask for dinosaurs for birthday presents.  Fortunately, for mums, dads, grandparents and other relatives of eager, young palaeontologists, Everything Dinosaur has a range of prehistoric animal themed greetings cards to help make birthdays complete.  Each of these new cards features a pop-up dinosaur inside.

A Big, Bold, Pop-up Stegosaurus Inside the Spiky Stegosaurus Greetings Card

Pop-card features Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus pop-up card – ideal for birthdays!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of dinosaur themed greetings cards and dinosaur party items available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Party Gifts and Greetings Cards Everything Dinosaur certainly has everything covered when it comes to dinosaur birthday parties and other prehistoric animal themed occasions, all backed up by our super, fast delivery and top-notch customer service.

The Front Cover Picture from the T. rex Greetings Card

T. rex dinosaur card.

Tyrannosaurus rex features on this dinosaur card.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Pop-up Cards

At Everything Dinosaur, barely a day goes by without some new product being approved by our testing team and getting put up on-line at Everything Dinosaur the pop-up dinosaur cards are blank inside so that you can add your own personal message.   They are already proving to be very popular amongst parents of dinosaur fans.  With so many dinosaur models and toys being sold, it was only a matter of time before we had to extend our dinosaur greetings card range to keep up with the demand.

The Stegosaurus on the Dinosaur Greetings Card

Stegosaurus dinosaur card.

Stegosaurus on the front cover of this dinosaur card.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

These dinosaur cards are going to make every dinosaur mad child’s birthday or special occasion even more special, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We like the design of these dinosaur greetings cards, they are very colourful and the pop-up dinosaur inside is very well crafted.  We particularly like the little extra details, such as the Pterosaurs flying over the Stegosaurus and the skeleton that is on the inside of the T. rex greetings card.”

Beautifully Drawn Dinosaur Greetings Cards

Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur card.

T. rex pop-up card, complete with dinosaur skeleton.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

These distinctive dinosaur themed greetings cards are even supplied with their own envelope so sending birthday wishes or marking some other event in the lives of young palaeontologists is made even easier.  Everything Dinosaur receives hundreds of letters, emails, dinosaur drawings and pictures of dinosaur models, more dinosaur themed cards have been requested and we are happy to help out.  We know that dinosaur fans will be roaring with excitement when they receive a special prehistoric animal themed greetings card, such as these dinosaur pop-up cards.  Trouble is, we can’t make up our minds as to which is our favourite!

27 07, 2017

Everything Dinosaur Newsletter July 2017

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Everything Dinosaur Newsletter July 2017

A great way to keep up to date with all the developments at Everything Dinosaur is to subscribe to the company’s newsletter.  The July issue introduced new CollectA models as well as the latest Schleich “Conquering the Earth” dinosaurs.  The new CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Uintatherium is one of the most eagerly anticipated, new for 2017 replicas and stocks of this Eocene mammal replica are now in Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse, but thanks to our company newsletter, supplies are already beginning to run low, such has been the demand for this model.

The Everything Dinosaur July 2017 Newsletter Features the CollectA Uintatherium

CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Uintatherium model.

CollectA Deluxe Uintatherium.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon

Hot on the hooves of the Uintatherium, comes the CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon model.  This is bound to prove to be popular amongst fans of flying reptiles and this huge model will make a terrific centrepiece to any model collection.

New Pterosaur Replica in the July Newsletter

CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon model.

CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

There are opportunities to subscribe to the Everything Dinosaur newsletter when placing an order with us, but guests and other visitors to the Everything Dinosaur website can subscribe by travelling down the home page and filling in the simple form on the bottom right of the screen.

Scroll Down the Everything Dinosaur Homepage to Find the E-News Subscription Form

Subscribe to the Everything Dinosaur newsletter.

Scroll down the Everything Dinosaur home page to find the subscription area.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website here: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Conquering the Earth Dinosaurs

Our latest newsletter also featured a number of new Schleich dinosaurs including the Carnotaurus, Velociraptor, Acrocanthosaurus and T. rex.  All these new Schleich models have articulated lower jaws and they are ideal for robust, creative play.

Schleich Conquering the Earth Dinosaurs in the July Newsletter

Conquering the Earth Schleich dinosaurs.

New for 2017 Schleich dinosaurs.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fans of herbivorous dinosaurs were not neglected, we made sure to include some further information and links about the new Schleich Kentrosaurus model (seen above, pictured on the left).

To view all the Schleich dinosaurs and prehistoric animal models currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaurs

CollectA Basilosaurus and the CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Set

Also, newly arrived are the CollectA Basilosaurus model and the set of mini prehistoric marine animals.   Fans of prehistoric whales finally have a Basilosaurus within the CollectA range.

All at Sea with the CollectA Basilosaurus and the CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals

CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals and Basilosaurus.

CollectA Basilosaurus and mini prehistoric marine animals set.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The nautical theme continues with the introduction of the CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals, a set of twelve replicas representing some of the amazing marine fauna that once existed in the seas and oceans of our planet.  What fantastic news for model makers and fans of prehistoric dioramas.  For example, a trilobite can be added to a marine model scene that features Dunkleosteus, or Mosasaurus can be chasing ammonites in a Cretaceous model diorama!

The CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Set

CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.

The CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set, the Basilosaurus and the rest of the not to scale CollectA range: CollectA Prehistoric Life Collection

For the CollectA Deluxe/Supreme range including the CollectA Deluxe Uintatherium and the fantastic CollectA Dimorphodon: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Animal Models

Everything Dinosaur recently wrote a helpful guide to the animals represented in the CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.  To read this article: A Guide to the CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animal Set

24 07, 2017

New CollectA Models in Stock

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Dimorphodon, Uintatherium, Basilosaurus and Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Arrive

The final batch of new for 2017, CollectA prehistoric animal models has arrived and what a splendid collection they are!  CollectA had introduced their new dinosaurs earlier in the year, so this final set of 2017 models does not contain any “terrible lizards”, just a group of well-crafted models that are going to delight collectors.

In Stock at Everything Dinosaur the Latest CollectA 2017 Prehistoric Animal Models

Marine prehistoric animals, Basilosaurus, Uintatherium and the CollectA Dimorphodon model.

The latest CollectA models (2017).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Dimorphodon with Movable Jaw

It is great to see CollectA introducing another replica of a large Pterosaur into their “Deluxe” range.  The Dimorphodon will sit proudly next to the Guidraco figure, a model that was introduced back in 2015, to much acclaim.  Everything Dinosaur team members have been in discussion with leading expert on the Pterosauria Mark Witton recently, like Mark, we think that this Early Jurassic flying reptile may well have lived in an arboreal environment and not on the coast as depicted in many illustrations.  The team at CollectA, think this was the case also, as they chose to illustrate their new CollectA Dimorphodon in a terrestrial setting.

Dimorphodon Probably Lived Inland in Forests

CollectA catalogue 2017.

The CollectA 2017 catalogue features the Dimorphodon model on the front.

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur fans and model collectors can request a free CollectA catalogue from Everything Dinosaur.  To view the extensive range of CollectA prehistoric animal models and figures and to request a free catalogue: CollectA Prehistoric Life Model Range

The CollectA Deluxe Uintatherium

The CollectA Deluxe Uintatherium model is one of our favourite replicas to be released this year.  We have followed the development of this prehistoric mammal figure very closely.  Although, Uintatherium was one of the largest land animals of the Eocene Epoch and is well represented in the fossil record of North America, very few replicas of Uintatheres have been produced.  Measuring a fraction under nineteen centimetres long, this is an excellent 1:20 scale model of “Uintah Beast”.

The New for 2017 CollectA Deluxe Uintatherium

Uintatherium model by CollectA.

CollectA Uintatherium model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Basilosaurus

Fans of the “Walking with Beasts” television series have waited a long time for a model of the giant, toothed whale Basilosaurus and CollectA have certainly delivered with this thirty-six-centimetre long model, complete with colonies of barnacles on its skin.

The CollectA Basilosaurus Model

An early whale model - CollectA Basilosaurus

The CollectA Basilosaurus model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Although this model is much bigger than many of the replicas in the CollectA Deluxe scale model series, it is not actually part of that model range.  The size of the model, merely reflecting the actual size of this early whale.  Males may have reached lengths in excess of eighteen metres (females were slightly smaller), based on these measurements, we estimate that the CollectA Basilosaurus is around 1:50 scale.

CollectA Box of Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals

Model makers and diorama builders are in for a real treat with the addition of the set of mini prehistoric marine animals from CollectA.  The set of twelve figures, ranging from a trilobite, ammonites, prehistoric fish and marine reptiles, are ideal for use in prehistoric landscapes, adding variety and colour to any marine diorama.  Our personal favourite is the replica of the Late Cretaceous sea turtle Archelon, but look out also for the Leedsichthys and the Xiphactinus.

The CollectA Box of Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals

CollectA mini prehistoric animal models.

The CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Plans are well advanced for the 2018 models and in the autumn, Everything Dinosaur will publish news about the next set of prehistoric animal models, but for the meantime, let’s enjoy the arrival of this, the last batch of new for 2017 CollectA replicas.

To view the range of CollectA Deluxe prehistoric animals: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life

21 07, 2017

A Guide to the CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Set

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A Guide to the CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Set

With CollectA having introduced another set of miniature figures into their “Prehistoric Life” model series, team members at Everything Dinosaur thought it would prove helpful to model makers if they listed the twelve replicas within the new CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.  This information might be helpful to creators of prehistoric animal dioramas so that they can put the correct model within the context of the geological time period that they are trying to replicate.

The New for 2017 CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Set

The CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals.

The CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Contents and Details

The twelve replicas that make up this set are certainly an eclectic bunch.  The model set consists of six vertebrates and six invertebrates.  We have listed them in alphabetical order and provided some details about the prehistoric animal each replica represents.

  • Archelon – known from Upper Cretaceous deposits (Campanian faunal stage), of the United States.  One of the largest turtles known to science, it lived approximately 80 million years ago in the Western Interior Seaway.  Archelon means “ruling turtle”.
  • Australiceras –  known from Australia (Queensland), fossils of this ammonite have been found in Early Cretaceous rocks (Aptian faunal stage 125 – 112 million years ago).  The name translates as “southern horn”.
  • Baculites – a straight shelled member of the Ammonite Order from the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian faunal stage to the Maastrichtian).   This mollusc had a worldwide distribution, but most of the named species are associated with the Campanian faunal stage of the Western Interior Seaway.  The name translates as “walking stick rock”.
  • Cameroceras –  a giant member of the Orthocones (Cephalopoda – related to squid, cuttlefish, octopi and ammonites). It evolved in the mid Ordovician some 470 million years ago and was widespread. One the largest molluscs to have ever lived, size estimates of around six to nine metres have been stated.  These giants, survived into the Silurian, although the end Ordovician extinction did dramatically reduce the number of genera.  The last Cameroceras died out around 430 million years ago.  The name translates as “chambered horn”.
  • Diplomoceras –  a large Late Cretaceous ammonite with a bizarrely shaped shell.  Diplomoceras had a world-wide distribution and the very biggest individuals had shell lengths (unwound) of more than three metres.  The name translates as “double horn”.
  • Dunkleosteus – a giant Placoderm fish from the Late Devonian (370-360 million years ago).  Fossils are known from North America, Morocco, Belgium and Poland.  Dunkleosteus may have reached lengths of around ten metres.  The name translates as “Dunkles bones”, honouring Dr David Dunkle (Cleveland Museum of Natural History).
  • Leedsichthys – possibly the largest fish that has ever lived, with some scientists estimating the size of Leesdichthys at over 22 metres.  This leviathan lived during the Middle Jurassic and fossils have been found in England, France, Germany and Chile.  The name translates as “Leeds’s fish” and honours the British palaeontologist Alfred Leeds.
  • Parapuzosia – a genus of giant ammonite from the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian to Campanian faunal stages).  Most fossil shells are less than one metre in diameter but a few specimens have been found with shells in excess of three metres wide.  World-wide distribution.  The name translates as “near to Puzosia”, reflecting its taxonomic affinity to the genus Puzosia.
  • Pliosaurus – A genus of Late Jurassic (155 to 147 million years ago), marine reptile.  A hypercarnivore and apex predator growing to more than ten metres in length.  The name translates as “more lizard” and this model makes a great representation of a juvenile.
  • Temnodontosaurus – known from the Early Jurassic (200-189 million years ago), of Europe.  This member of the Ichthyosauria grew to around ten metres long and probably weighed between one and two tonnes.  The name translates as “cutting-tooth lizard”.
  • Trilobite – an extinct group of Arthropods that were entirely marine and lived from the Early Cambrian to the end-Permian extinction event (545 million to 251 million years ago).  Numerous Phyla have been identified and something like 20,000 species have been named and described.  Trilobita were ubiquitous and have a world-wide distribution.  The name translates as “three-lobed” as these invertebrates had three distinctive parts that made up their body plan.  The model represents the genus Olenoides, known from the Cambrian of Canada (Burgess Shale).
  • Xiphactinus –  one of the largest known bony fish, reaching lengths of up to six metres.  Fossils are known from Upper Cretaceous deposits of North America (Western Interior Seaway), but fossils of this predatory fish have also been reported from Australia.  Xiphactinus lived from approximately 88 to 66 million years ago.  The name translates as “sword ray”.

The CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Set

CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.

The CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Last year, when Everything Dinosaur announced that CollectA was introducing this innovative model set, we were able to have a chat to the designer Anthony Beeson.

Anthony told us:

“These are of course, not to scale but can be used in play and dioramas along with our other models as immature animals where we have already produced models of the same species.  The new models include the giant ammonite Parapuzosia and the little trilobite Olenoides serratus and other prehistoric fish and cephalopods that I thought might be enjoyable and educational.  I always particularly liked the elegantly uncurled Australiceras after coming across fossils at Dinosaur Isle museum on the Isle of Wight.”

To view the CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set and the rest of the CollectA “Prehistoric Life” model range: CollectA Prehistoric Life

16 07, 2017

Tupuxuara Illustration

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Flying Reptile Fan Asks for a Tupuxuara Drawing

In our bulging email inbox this week, we received a request from an avid fan of prehistoric animals for some more information about the large Early Cretaceous Pterosaur called Tupuxuara.  We don’t get too many requests related to this, one of the more bizarre members of the Pterosauria, but as ever, our hard-working team members were happy to oblige.  A scale drawing accompanied by a fact sheet on this flying reptile, fossils of which are known from north-eastern Brazil, was promptly sent out.

A Scale Drawing of the Bizarre Crested Tupuxuara (T. leonardii)

A scale drawing of Tupuxuara

Tupuxuara scale drawing.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

How to Pronounce Tupuxuara

This flying reptile was named after a spirit figure in the folklore of the people who live in the area of Brazil where the fossils come from.  Our emailer wanted clarification on how to pronounce the name of this prehistoric animal.  As far as we are aware, this Pterosaur is pronounced “Too-pooh-hwar-ah”.  There are several species assigned to this genus, the second species to be named T. leonardii honours Father Giuseppe Leonardi, who did much to improve our understanding of the fossils associated with the Araripe Basin of Brazil.

Tupuxuara is popular amongst model collectors and we have received some super pictures of the Papo Tupuxuara model being used in various prehistoric animal dioramas.

Tupuxuara in a Prehistoric Scene

Tupuxuara diorama.

Tupuxuara confronts a Carnotaurus.

Picture Credit: Rodriguez

This member of the Thalassodromidae family of Pterosaurs, was quite a sizeable beast.  Some of the largest specimens had wingspans in excess of four metres. As to what this flying reptile ate, this is open to speculation but palaeontologists have suggested various diets including fruit eating (frugivore) or even scavenging the kills of dinosaurs.  The picture above shows a Tupuxuara challenging a large Theropod (Carnotaurus) over the carcass of a Titanosaur.  This is a fascinating model composition and it demonstrates how popular Tupuxuara is with dinosaur fans and model collectors.

Papo have produced a Tupuxuara replica, to see this model as well as the complete range of Papo prehistoric animal figures available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

At Everything Dinosaur, we try our best to help all those people who contact us.  We try to answer all the questions and queries that we receive quickly and in full.  We respond to all those emails, letters and phone calls that require a reply.

14 07, 2017

The New Conquering the Earth Schleich T. rex

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Conquering the Earth Schleich T. rex Dinosaur Model

The three new Schleich models have just arrived.  These dinosaurs, come from the company’s “Conquering the Earth” replica range.  The models are Tyrannosaurus rex, a Carnotaurus and a model of a Velociraptor.  These are all dinosaurs that the Germany-based company has modelled on previous occasions.  For example, several Velociraptor figures are currently available and Schleich’s history of making Carnotaurus and T. rex replicas can be traced all the way back to the early days of the long retired “Saurus” series.

Just in Stock at Everything Dinosaur – Three New Schleich Dinosaurs

Dinosaur models from Schleich.

Three new dinosaur figures from Schleich.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tactile, Creative Play

Over the last few years, Schleich have largely focused on producing very colourful dinosaur models, which are stylistic and aimed at young dinosaur model fans.  An emphasis has been placed on creating models that have textured skins and a distinctive tactile quality.  The models have earned praise from teachers and home educationalists as these dinosaurs are great for kinaesthetic-themed sensory play.  At Everything Dinosaur, our teaching team have recommended a number of these replicas to one-to-one teachers and teaching assistants to help children learn more about the properties of materials through sensory exploration.  The big broad feet provide no stability problems and these models are very useful for helping children to develop their co-ordination and manipulating skills.

To read an article about the merits of a Schleich Brachiosaurus dinosaur model when it comes to sensory play: The Tactile Qualities of the Schleich Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model

A nod is given in the direction of some of the latest research, hence the feathers on the forearms of the latest Velociraptor figure.  All the models are robust and sturdy and they stand up well to even the most enthusiastic play of your typical Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1 young palaeontologist.

The Schleich Conquering the Earth Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Model

Schleich T. rex dinosaur model.

The Schleich Conquering the Earth T. rex dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture below shows a close-up view of the head of the Schleich Conquering the Earth T. rex replica.

Conquering the Earth Schleich Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Model (Summer 2017)

Schleich Conquering the Earth T. rex model.

A close look at the head of the Schleich Conquering the Earth T. rex dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the different textures on the skin of this dinosaur model.  All three of these recently introduced replicas have articulated lower jaws.

To view the range of Schleich prehistoric animal figures available from Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Another View of the Schleich Conquering the Earth Dinosaur Model (T. rex)

Schleich T. rex dinosaur model.

Conquering the Earth Schleich T. rex model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Flashes of Yellow

The model has been painted in a dark green colour.  However, the underside is a pale daffodil yellow and this colour scheme is also reproduced around the articulated lower jaw and on the feet.  There is a subtle line of osteoderms running along the back of this dinosaur and down to the base of the tail.

Coming Right At You!  Schleich Conquering the Earth T. rex Model

The Schleich new for 2017 T. rex dinosaur model.

Conquering the Earth Schleich T. rex.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

29 06, 2017

JurassicCollectables Reviews Mojo Fun Red Hunting T. rex

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Mojo Fun Red Hunting T. rex Reviewed by JurassicCollectables

In a first for the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables, a video review of a Mojo Fun dinosaur model has been posted up.  The figure reviewed is the new for 2017, Mojo Fun red hunting Tyrannosaurus rex and in this brief video (it lasts around four minutes), dinosaur fans are given a guided tour of one of the newest models in the Mojo Fun “Prehistoric & Extinct” range.

The company was founded in 2009 and the range of figures and replicas has grown steadily ever since.  Today, there are over thirty models in the Mojo Fun “Prehistoric & Extinct” series and it is fitting for JurassicCollectables to start their association with this company by producing a video review of one of the hunting T. rex dinosaur models, as these figures are proving to be very popular with Everything Dinosaur’s customer base.

Although, this video review focuses on “red”, a number of Papo dinosaurs feature, helping to provide a useful comparison.  Also, look out for a regular appearance by “off-colour Alan”, he even tries riding on the back of the Mojo Fun model.

The Mojo Fun Hunting T. rex (Red) Video Review by JurassicCollectables

Video Credit: Jurassic Collectables

In the short video, the narrator guides the viewer through the details that can be seen on this carefully sculpted replica.  These videos are a great way for dinosaur model fans to learn about new collections.  JurassicCollectables takes great care to show the figure from numerous angles.  It is really helpful to have a 360-degree view.

JurassicCollectables have a brilliant YouTube channel crammed full of prehistoric animal model reviews and other very informative videos.  They have just achieved 55, 000 subscribers, that’s a fantastic achievement, our congratulations to the team.

Visit the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables here: JurassicCollectables on YouTube , Everything Dinosaur recommends that dinosaur model fans subscribe to the JurassicCollectables channel.

The Mojo Fun “Prehistoric & Extinct” Hunting Tyrannosaurus rex Model

Mojo hunting Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mojo hunting T. rex dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Mojo Fun has produced several Tyrannosaurus rex figures, the range includes a juvenile T. rex plus a 1:40 scale version, along with a green painted, hunting T. rex figure.

To see these Tyrannosaurs and the rest of the Mojo Fun “Prehistoric and Extinct” range at Everything Dinosaur: Mojo Fun Prehistoric and Extinct Animals

In the JurassicCollectables video, the narrator explains the colour scheme on the figure and highlights the fine details of the skin texture.  It certainly is a fearsome looking dinosaur with its huge jaws and vicious teeth.

Our thanks to JurassicCollectables for this super video review and we look forward to viewing more Mojo Fun model reviews in the near future.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s article published earlier this month announcing the arrival of the new Mojo Fun range: Everything Dinosaur Adds Mojo Fun Models

For a recently published article that challenges the idea of a feathered T. rexT. rex Sheds its Feathers

28 06, 2017

Rebor Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

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Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus Model Reviewed

Rebor’s latest addition to their 1:35 scale model range is the “Crimson King”, a replica of Carnotaurus (C. sastrei), a large carnivorous dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Argentina.  The model has an articulated lower jaw and is supplied with its own base, a representation of a lava field.

The Rebor Carnotaurus Figure “Crimson King”

The Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

The Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model “Crimson King”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Abelisaurids versus Tyrannosaurids

Carnotaurus is a member of the dinosaur family called the Abelisauridae.  In fact, it was the discovery of the Carnotaurus holotype material, a partial skeleton of a single individual that led to the reaffirmation of this new dinosaur family.  South American scientists, trying to build up their knowledge about strange Upper Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaurs of Argentina had not discovered anything like Carnotaurus before, so this thin-snouted, lightly built, horned carnivore was assigned to its own unique Theropod family along with Abelisaurus (A. comahuensis).  Since then, a number of abelisaurids have been described from Africa, including Madagascar, elsewhere in South America and also, potentially from Europe (Tarascosaurus).  In general terms, towards the end of the Cretaceous, the tyrannosaurids were the dominant, apex predators in the northern hemisphere, whereas in the southern hemisphere, it seems to have been the Abelisauridae that held sway.

Rebor are to be congratulated for introducing another type of Theropod dinosaur into their scale model range.  The head is quite beautifully painted and there are lots of details to admire.  The jaw can be a little difficult to open, but a quick “dunk” in a cup of hot water should heat up the plastic enough to allow free movement.  Once the jaw is opened that marvellous painted tongue can be seen.  It reminds us of the tongue of a lizard.

A Close View of the Head and Jaws of the Rebor Carnotaurus Model

The Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

The Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus replica.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In the picture above, you can clearly make out the horns over the eye-socket, the anatomical feature that was the inspiration for the Carnotaurus genus name – “meat-eating bull”.  As with Rebor, the skull has some lovely details and we like the skin texture, after all, the original Carnotaurus fossil material had skin impressions associated with it.

To view the entire Rebor model range, including the “Crimson King” dinosaur model: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Replicas

Wonderful Skin Texture on the Rebor Model

A lot of care has gone into the sculpting of this dinosaur model.  The skin impressions found indicate that this dinosaur had a scaly skin, covered in irregular scales, Rebor has taken considerable care to reproduce an appropriate skin tone and texture.

A Close View of the Tail of the Rebor Carnotaurus

The tail of the Rebor Carnotaurus.

The Rebor “Crimson King” tail (right lateral view).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fast Theropod

Research undertaken (Currie and Persons, 2011), suggests that the tail was adapted to permit a larger, more powerful musculature than that found in other equally sized Theropods.  This built on earlier research which looked at the biomechanics of the Carnotaurus hind limbs.  These studies support the idea that this dinosaur was a fast runner, perhaps capable of bursts of speed in excess of fifty kilometres an hour (thirty mph).  The legs of this Rebor replica certainly look powerful and the model is very stable on its well sculpted toes.

A Lean and Powerful Apex Predator (Carnotaurus sastrei)

Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model the "Crimson King".

Rebor Carnotaurus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Rebor “Crimson King” is a very welcome addition to the range of Rebor prehistoric animal replicas.  It is often the little details that impress the team members here at Everything Dinosaur.  For example, on the base there is an illustration of the skeleton of Carnotaurus.   The cervical vertebrae are beautifully drawn.   It is these little touches that endears the Rebor range to dinosaur fans and model collectors alike.

The Base of the Rebor Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model (“Crimson King”)

The base of the Rebor "Crimson King".

The base of the Rebor Carnotaurus replica with a geological ruler to provide scale.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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