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Win, Win, Win with Everything Dinosaur – Win a Set of CollectA Models

Win a Set of New for 2015 CollectA Models with Everything Dinosaur

WIN! WIN! WIN! with Everything Dinosaur! 

We have got another super, prehistoric animal and dinosaur giveaway.  CollectA, those clever model and figure manufacturers will be bringing out some amazing new prehistoric animal figures in 2015 and we are giving one lucky dinosaur model fan the chance to get their hands on a set of these new models before anyone else.

Win a Super Set of New for 2015 CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models
Win a set of CollectA models with Everything Dinosaur!

Win a set of CollectA models with Everything Dinosaur!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur 

Our prize giveaway includes the mighty 1:40 scale Pliosaur, the pair of horned dinosaurs Nasutoceratops and Medusaceratops, the fearsome Xiongguanlong, Daxiatitan, the Temnodontosaurus and the magnificent prehistoric mammal models Daeodon and Moropus (both 1:20 scale).  Eight superb collector’s items, the first to come off the production run and to win this prize all you have to do is to come up with a collective noun for a collection of CollectA!

To enter Everything Dinosaur’s competition, all you have to do is “Like” Everything Dinosaur’s FACEBOOK page, then comment on the picture (either here or on Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page)  including a suggestion for the collective noun for a set of CollectA prehistoric animal replicas.

Everything Dinosaur on FACEBOOK: “LIKE” Our Facebook Page and Enter Competition

For example, if the collective noun for a group of lions is a “pride” and we have a “pack” of dogs, a “swarm” of bees, a “gaggle” of geese, then what term can you come up with for a collection of CollectA prehistoric animals?

We will draw the lucky winner at random and the name caption competition closes on Tuesday, March 24th.  Good luck!

Just visit Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page, give our page a “like” and then leave a comment on the picture showing the set of eight prehistoric animal models. What collective noun can you come up with?

“Like” Everything Dinosaur’s Page on Facebook

Like our Page (please).

Like our Page (please).


Super CollectA Models to Win Thanks to Everything Dinosaur
Win a fantastic set of 8 prehistoric animal models.

Win a fantastic set of 8 prehistoric animal models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of CollectA prehistoric animals: CollectA Dinosaurs and Other Replicas

To see the full range of CollectA scale prehistoric animal replicas: CollectA Scale Prehistoric Animals

Terms and Conditions of the Everything Dinosaur Collective Noun Competition

Automated entries are not permitted and will be excluded from the draw.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Only one entry per person.

The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered.

The Everything Dinosaur collective noun caption competition runs until March 24th 2015.

Winner will be notified by private message on Facebook.

Prize includes postage and packing.

For full terms and conditions contact: Contact Everything Dinosaur

A Video Review of the Schleich Anhanguera Model

Schleich Anhanguera Pterosaur – Video Review

With all the new models and replicas due out this year, Everything Dinosaur team members are having a job finding the time to review them all.  However, after several requests, we have got round to shooting a quick video review of the new for 2015 Schleich Anhanguera replica.  What a beautiful model of a flying reptile this is!  The detail around the eyes is simply amazing and although the wing shape and stance of this replica is not quite how we imagined, this does nothing to detract from what is a very colourful and well made Pterosaur model.

Everything Dinosaur Reviews the new for 2015 Schleich Anhanguera Pterosaur Replica

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Over the last three years or so Schleich have revamped their prehistoric animal model range, opting to change the sizes of their models and introducing a number of very colourful and bright prehistoric animals.  The sky blue tones of the Anhanguera replica certainly make this flying reptile model stand out from the crowd.

To view the range of Schleich prehistoric animals available from Everything Dinosaur: Schleich World of History Dinosaurs

In this video, which is six minutes and thirty-five seconds long, we talk about where in the world Anhanguera fossils have been found and then we describe the model in detail.  Schleich has made a model of Anhanguera before, a smaller replica once formed part of the company’s not-to-scale “dinosaurs” range.

The First Anhanguera Model made by Schleich

This model was retired a number of years ago.

This model was retired a number of years ago.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

This is not the only Pterosaur figure introduced by Schleich this year.  In the popular, mini dinosaurs range, a flying reptile replica was included, this time a model of a giant Pterosaur, distantly related to Anhanguera, the Late Cretaceous behemoth known as Quetzalcoatlus.  It too is a very colourful replica.

The Mini Dinosaurs Quetzalcoatlus Model

A colourful mini Quetzalcoatlus Pterosaur figure.

A colourful mini Quetzalcoatlus Pterosaur figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To see the full range of Schleich mini prehistoric animal figures: Schleich mini dinosaurs (Quetzalcoatlus too)

The Schleich Anhanguera has an articulated lower jaw and we discuss the “fish grabbing device” that this Pterosaur had in our video review.

Exporting to the United Arab Emirates

Dinosaurs Fly out to the UAE as Everything Dinosaur Helps Support Washing Powder Promotion

For Sue Judd, Finance Director at Everything Dinosaur each day seems to bring new and remarkable challenges.  Working in such a niche market, after all, there are not many businesses that sells dinosaurs, Sue never knows what the next incoming call or email might lead to.

A  leading sports and entertainment company based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), got in touch and asked could we supply them with assorted dinosaur model kits, prehistoric animal skeleton models and Triceratops themed arts and crafts to help support a big promotion for one of the Persian Gulf’s leading washing powder brands.  No worries, it’s all in day’s work and reassured by the fact that Everything Dinosaur have the advice and support of the International Trade team at South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, before you could say “Tyrannosaurus rex” it was all sorted out and the prehistoric animals were on their way to the UAE.

Sue Helps to Load Up the “Dino Van” with the Export Order

Off to the airport, Everything Dinosaur exports to the UAE.

Off to the airport, Everything Dinosaur exports to the UAE.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Commenting on this latest export success for the dinosaur toys and models company, Sue stated:

“We seem to be building a reputation as the “go to” company when it comes to sourcing various items for use in dinosaur themed promotions.   As a retailer, we are used to sending out parcels to customers all over the world, but it helps to know when we are dealing with exports that we have the Chamber of Commerce on board to help us out”.

It seems that dinosaur toys and games really do have world-wide appeal.

Schleich Anhanguera in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Anhanguera Replica Available from Everything Dinosaur

The second of four new World of History prehistoric animal models scheduled to be introduced this year, the Schleich Anhanguera, is now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  A few years ago, Schleich added an Anhanguera replica to their smaller “dinosaurs” model range, now the German based manufacturer have added a replica of this South American Pterosaur to their much larger World of History model range.  Anhanguera was named and described thirty years ago (1985) and this new Schleich replica shows some marvellous details.

The Schleich Anhanguera Pterosaur Model

Schleich replicas are flying high.

Schleich replicas are flying high.

Picture Credit: Schleich

Anhanguera was a member of the Ornithocheiridae family of Pterosaurs.  It had a large skull, a long neck, and a relatively small body.  Its vertebrae are fused together, as are its ribs and sternum, (breast-bone).  This anatomy forms a kind of box-like frame, which supported large flight muscles.  Modern birds have a deep keel on their sternum, an area of attachment for their flight muscles, however, Pterosaurs did not possess such an anatomical feature, as a result, it had been thought that the Pterosauria would have been poor fliers.  More recent studies, undertaken over the last thirty years or so, indicate that far from being poor aeronauts the Pterosaurs were strong fliers, capable of complex aerial manoeuvres.  The discovery of Anhanguera fossils and other flying reptiles from the now famous Santana Formation of Brazil, has helped palaeontologists to gain a much better understanding of the aerial abilities of these vertebrates, the first group of back-boned animals to develop powered flight.

Scientists now know that the Pterosaurs, had the largest neural system for processing balance information ever seen in an animal with a spine.  Flying reptiles like Anhanguera, would have been accomplished fliers, able to effortlessly skim over the waves and plunge down into the surf to snatch fish from the water, it is very likely that Anhanguera was a piscivore.  The fossils of Anhanguera santanae have proved that Pterosaurs had an exceptionally well developed part of their brain that managed spatial awareness (the flocculus).  It is the flocculus region of the brain that interprets balance information from various parts of the body and relays this information to the eyes.  In specimens of Anhanguera that were studied, nearly 8% of the entire body mass was represented by the flocculus.  In contrast, with modern Aves (birds), the flocculus organ accounts for only one to two percent of body weight.

The Schleich World of History Anhanguera

Moveable lower jaw on figure.

Moveable lower jaw on figure.

Picture Credit: Schleich

To view the range of Schleich prehistoric animal models currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Schleich World of History Models

It is interesting to consider that as the Atlantic became wider, Pterosaurs like Anhanguera would have ranged over this embryonic ocean.  Palaeontologists have also noted that the large wingspans of Pterosaurs such as Anhanguera santanae at over four metres would have necessitated a large flocculus as there would have been a lot of sensory information from the wings which would have had to have been interpreted by the brain.  It is likely that Ornithocheiridae Pterosaurs like Anhanguera were very accomplished fliers indeed.

Flying reptile expert Mark Witton, in his excellent book “Pterosaurs”, depicted a graceful Anhanguera flying over a turbulent Cretaceous sea.  The Pterosaur was flying over an area of the world that would eventually become southern Britain.  Anhanguera and other Pterosaurs like it, very probably flew in what is now United Kingdom airspace.

To read a review of “Pterosaurs” by Mark Witton: Pterosaurs – A Book Review

Schleich Mini Dinosaurs in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The Very Collectible Schleich Mini Dinos Range

The Schleich mini dinosaur model range is now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  New for 2015, Schleich have introduced a range which consists of eight highly collectible prehistoric animal figures.  The models range in size from 5.5cm to around 7.5cm in length and the set features seven dinosaurs and one member of the Pterosauria (flying reptile).

The Schleich Mini Dinosaurs Model Series

Can you name the all?

Can you name them all?

Picture Credit: Schleich /Everything Dinosaur

To view the Schleich Mini Dinosaurs on Everything Dinosaur’s website: Schleich Mini Dinosaurs New for 2015

Each one of these miniature replicas has been hand-painted and we love the different colour schemes that have been chosen.  These are certainly busy times for the design team at the German manufacturer.

Highly Collectible Schleich Mini Dinosaurs

Schleich mini dinosaurs (plus one member of the Pterosauria)

Schleich mini dinosaurs (plus one member of the Pterosauria)

Picture Credit: Schleich/Everything Dinosaur

The models are: Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Saichania (an armoured dinosaur from Mongolia), Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Pentaceratops (both members of the Ceratopsidae), Spinosaurus and a Pterosaur – Quetzalcoatlus.

One of the New Mini “Dinosaurs” from Schleich

The Pterosaur figure in the model series.

The Pterosaur figure in the model series.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

These new, inexpensive replicas are highly collectible as well as being ideal for creative, imaginative play.

Schleich World of History Kentrosaurus in Stock

Schleich Kentrosaurus in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The Schleich Kentrosaurus dinosaur model has arrived and what a wonderful model of a Stegosaur this replica is.  This new, spiky dinosaur is an addition to the Schleich World of History prehistoric animal model range and it is the first of a number of exciting replicas to be added to this range in 2015.  Known, only from eastern Africa, “pointed lizard” was a typical member of the Stegosauridae.  Two species of Kentrosaurus are now recognised and the largest specimens are estimated to have reached lengths of around 4.5 to 5 metres.  For the record, females may have been larger and more robust than the males, a trait now recognised in a number of Dinosauria genera.

The Magnificent Schleich Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Model

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Schleich

This beautifully crafted World of History replica shows some amazing details, the sculpting on the plates and the skin texture are particularly noteworthy.  It is also intriguing to see such bold colours on a Kentrosaurus dinosaur model.  Previous Kentrosaur replicas have tended to be predominantly green in colour.

The Schleich World of History Kentrosaurus and other Schleich models can be seen here: Schleich World of History Prehistoric Animals

It is fitting for a Kentrosaurus replica to be added to Schleich’s model range this year, as 2015 marks the centenary of the naming and describing of this Late Jurassic dinosaur.  Following expeditions to the Tendaguru Beds in Tanzania by German scientists, this dinosaur was formally named and described in 1915.

Preparing for Nasutoceratops

Scale Drawing of Nasutoceratops

With both CollectA and Safari Ltd producing replicas of the basal Centrosaurine dinosaur known as Nasutoceratops (N. titusi) in 2015, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy preparing a fact sheet all about this horned dinosaur.  The discovery of the fossils of this large, herbivorous dinosaur has thrown the world of Centrosaurine phylogeny into confusion.  The large brow horns, bigger in both absolute and relative terms than the brow horns of any other known Centrosaurine dinosaur along with a number of other anatomical traits seen in Nasutoceratops, has led many palaeontologists to question the division of the Ceratopsidae into two distinct clades.  Is the sub-division of the Ceraptosidae into Chasmosaurinae and Centrosaurinae clades too simplistic?

The debate is likely to continue and it will be further complicated by new fossil discoveries from North America.  Perhaps, a revision similar to the changes seen in the Theropoda with the virtual abandonment of terms such as Carnosaur which was originally applied to meat-eating dinosaurs of a certain size.  However, this point has been set aside as we focus on creating a fact sheet for these new dinosaur models.  Every named prehistoric animal model that Everything Dinosaur supplies is sent out with its own fact sheet.  As part of our research, we commission a scale drawing so that our customers can see the approximate size of the animal represented by the fossil material.

The Scale Drawing of Nasutoceratops

A scale drawing of the Late Campanian horned dinosaur called Nasutoceratops.

A scale drawing of the Late Campanian horned dinosaur called Nasutoceratops.

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks/Everything Dinosaur

We are looking forward to the arrival of the two models of Nasutceratops, we wonder which one will prove to be the most popular amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors?

Quick Preview Video – Schleich Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus

World of History Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus (new for 2015)

Here is a quick preview of the new World of History dinosaur models that are coming out from Schleich in July 2015.    Joining the World of History series will be a Giganotosaurus dinosaur and a Spinosaurus.  We are looking forward to stocking these new, meat-eating dinosaur models, both of which have articulated jaws.

Quick Video Preview of the Schleich World of History Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view our current range of Schleich World of History prehistoric animal models: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models

Schleich World of History Prehistoric Animals (2015)

Schleich World of History Models (2015)

This year sees a change in strategy for the German based model and figure manufacturer.  Across their range, the company is introducing a number of play sets and accessories helping to encourage imaginative, creative play.  Everything Dinosaur team members have been fortunate to have had the chance to see the new items to be included in the 2015 “World of History” prehistoric animal range.  A number of prehistoric animal species are included as part of a new cave “dino set”.  The Carnotaurus and Schleich Quetzalcoatlus figures that come with this dinosaur themed play set might be familiar to model collectors, but in addition, the set features a colourful Archaeopteryx, a baby Pterosaur (young Quetzalcoatlus) and an agile Microraptor.  The dinosaur set with cave measures 25cm x 16cm x 31cm and includes model plants, eggs and one or two handy hiding places should a hungry Theropod go by.

Schleich World of History Range Extended

A new strategy which involves the provision of play sets and accessories.

A new strategy which involves the provision of play sets and accessories.

Picture Credit: Schleich

To view Everything Dinosaur’s World of History model range: Schleich Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

Things were still being finalised by Schleich when Everything Dinosaur was sent the images, if you look at the bottom left segment of the picture, plants that fit together are illustrated, there are no palisade walls to be seen.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We see Schleich extending its range of products to include accessories and play sets in 2015, although it is also pleasing to see a number of new prehistoric animal figures being introduced too.”

Looks like 2015 is going to be an exciting year for model collectors and dinosaur fans alike.

Everything Dinosaur Stocks Pegasus Hobbies Dinosaur Model Kits

Everything Dinosaur Stocks Pegasus Hobbies Dinosaur Model Kits to Range

Everything Dinosaur is now stocking all three of the superb 1:24 scale dinosaur models made by Pegasus Hobbies.  These kits, are for the avid dinosaur fan or model collector and once assembled and painted can become real show stoppers in a model collectors collection.  The range currently consists of a Tyrannosaurus rex (complete with captured baby Triceratops), an adult Triceratops and a huge Spinosaurus replica kit.  When completed and mounted on its base, the Spinosaurus kit measures an impressive fifty-one centimetres long.

New Additions to the Everything Dinosaur Product Range

Pegasus Hobbies Dinosaur model kits are available from Everything Dinosaur.

Pegasus Hobbies Dinosaur model kits are available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The company specialises in military kits, including planes, ships, armoured vehicles and figures but the PVC vinyl range has recently expanded to include three iconic dinosaur figures.

1:24 Scale Triceratops Dinosaur Figure

Great quality model kit to build and paint.

Great quality model kit to build and paint.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

All three of the PVC vinyl kits were sculpted by the very talented palaeo-sculptor Galileo Hernandez Nunez, who has built up a strong reputation for his work on prehistoric animal models.  The paintwork seen on the boxes is the work of the equally talented Shane Foulkes.  The kits are recommended for people who are fourteen or over and each kit consists of several pieces that have to be assembled and glued together to complete the piece.  Please note, as with many of these types of replica kits, there is no paint or glue provided in the box.

How To Build a Triceratops

Easy to follow guides.

Easy to follow guides.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The kit comes with a display base and in the case of the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Triceratops models, a name plate is provided.

To see the range of Pegasus Hobbies model kits at Everything Dinosaur: Pegasus Hobbies Dinosaur Model Kits

The Superb, Museum Quality T. rex Dinosaur Model

A model kit featuring the "Tyrant Lizard King".

A model kit featuring the “Tyrant Lizard King”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“We have long been admirers of the work of Galileo Hernandez Nunez and Shane Foulkes. in our view, is one of the most talented artists and model makers around.  We are delighted to be able to offer Everything Dinosaur customers the opportunity to acquire and build these marvellous kits.”

The detail on the models is fantastic and as with the T. rex figure, the Spinosaurus is depicted hunting.  However, the Spinosaurus, regarded as a specialist fish hunter, is shown having caught a Xiphactinus.  Spinosaurus may be regarded as the largest land carnivore known to science but it would have done well to have caught such a fish.  Firstly, although Xiphactinus (a voracious predator in its own right), fossil material is known from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, as far as we are aware, no fossils of this giant predatory fish have been found in Africa (the home of the Spinosaurus genus).  In addition, the likes of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus had been extinct for some twenty-five million years before Xiphactinus evolved.

The Pegasus Hobbies 1:24 Scale Spinosaurus Model Kit

Spinosaurus catching a Xiphactinus fish?

Spinosaurus catching a Xiphactinus fish?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Spinosaurus replica is a terrific addition to the model series.  Yes, as our dinosaur experts point out, the Xiphactinus in a lacustrine or riverine environment is extremely unusual, as far as the known fossil record goes, these fish were entirely marine and highly nektonic with no likely need to venture close to shore or into fresh water. Putting this little quibble aside, all three models are terrific and Everything Dinosaur is delighted to able to add them to its range.

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