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Why we Do What we Do

Everything Dinosaur Helps to Inform and Educate

It seems like a long time ago now, but when our happy band got together we set about creating a mission statement, a sort of who we are, what we do and why do we do it.  Other organisations had such things and we thought we ought to have one too.  As a teaching team, we wanted to help inform and educate and our mission statement for our work in schools reflects this.

Teaching Mission Statement

 ”Everything Dinosaur’s aim is to help motivate young people to learn more about Earth sciences by participating in hands-on, dinosaur themed teaching activities and dinosaur workshops.  Our mission is to engage and inspire the next generation of young scientists by having dinosaurs and fossils in school.”

Every day we receive letters, drawings, photographs, pictures all sorts of things from school children.  It is always a pleasure to see them.  We encourage creative writing as part of our work in schools and as a result we get lots of thank you letters, stories and fact sheets sent in.

 A Typical Letter Sent in by a Dinosaur Fan

Helping to encourage sentence construction and creative writing.

Helping to encourage sentence construction and creative writing.

Picture Credit Phoebe (Year 1)

We do our best to reply to all the questions we get asked and we try to make sure that everyone’s efforts are acknowledged.  We have young dinosaur fans all over the world, we get correspondence from Scandinavia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Australia, just about every country you can think of.

Drawing of a Triceratops (M. V. Eashwar from India)

Super drawing of a Triceratops from M. V. Eashwar.

Super drawing of a Triceratops from M. V. Eashwar.

Picture Credit: M. V. Eashwar

In two weeks time the new school year starts and we can’t wait to meet all the enthusiastic palaeontologists during our many scheduled classroom visits to conduct dinosaur workshops.

Exclusive Dinosaur Themed T-shirts

Everything Dinosaur’s Exclusive Dinosaur Themed T-shirts

The first of Everything Dinosaur’s exclusive dinosaur themed T-shirts are now in stock and team members are running around the office roaring with excitement.  Three brand new designs have been added to our T-shirt range, just part of a number of new additions to the clothing section of our website.

Colourful, Dinosaur Themed T-shirts from Everything Dinosaur

The first of the dinosaur themed T-shirts from Everything Dinosaur.

The first of the dinosaur themed T-shirts from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The T-shirts are all great quality and hard wearing (185 gsm) and with help from our customers, we have set about creating the exclusive designs that have been produced as direct to garment prints.  The pink and the sky blue dinosaur themed T-shirts are available in sizes from 3-14 years (chest size 66cm to 90cm), or in imperial measurements if you prefer, chest sizes 26 inches to 35¼ inches.

The red “Apprentice Palaeontologist” T-shirt is available in age ranges 3-11 years (chest size 66cm to 84cm), or once again in imperial measurements 26 inches to 33¼ inches.

Three Bright and Colourful Exclusive Dinosaur Themed T-shirts

Exclusive to Everything Dinosaur

Exclusive to Everything Dinosaur

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To see Everything Dinosaur’s range of  dinosaur themed tees for children: Dinosaur Themed T-shirts for Children

Our team members are especially proud of the pink (sorbet) T-shirt, which has been designed with budding Mary Annings in mind.  The caption reads: “Palaeontologists think that T. rex girls were bigger and fiercer than T. rex boys – SO WATCH OUT!”

The females of many species of bird, the Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) for example, are much larger than the males.  This trend is seen in a number of Theropod dinosaurs too, including Tyrannosaurus rex.  This is an example of Cretaceous girl power and since we at Everything Dinosaur are keen to encourage girls as well as boys to take up a career in the sciences, we thought it a good idea to create a sassy, dinosaur themed t-shirt with a girl power motif.

A special mention to those hard working guys at Shirt Monkey who helped us with the designs and produce the T-shirts for us.  Is this an example of monkeys and dinosaurs working together?   Whatever next!

To visit Shirt Monkeys: Visit Shirt Monkey

We hope you like our range of dinosaur themed T-shirts, a special thank you for all the customers and Facebook fans who provided us with feedback and advice (we have made these T-shirts available in larger sizes as promised).

All we have to do now is get the photography sorted and of course start work on some new designs…

750,000 Views on YouTube

750,000 Video Views on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube Channel

A very big thank you to everyone who has viewed our various video offerings on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel.  Earlier this week we passed an amazing 750,000 video views.  We certainly don’t regard ourselves as Steven Spielberg, or for older readers a Cecil B. DeMille, but we wanted to post an article to say thank you to all those people who have taken the time to view our model reviews and other videos that we have posted.

Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube Channel Passes 750,000 Video Views

Thank you!

Thank you!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our most popular video is the review we posted up of the Prehistoric Sharks Toob, a set of beautifully made prehistoric shark models manufactured by Safari Ltd.  This video has had something like 95,000 video reviews, which we are so chuffed about.

Everything Dinosaur’s Most Popular Video (So Far)

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To see our comments on the prehistoric shark models when they were first introduced: Prehistoric Sharks Swim into View

We are all genuinely humbled by all the comments we have received, we do try and respond to each and every one of them and to answer any questions that get raised by viewers.  In total, we have eighty-nine videos uploaded with our ninetieth due to go up today (a review of the 1:40 Deluxe Collecta Therzinosaurus dinosaur model).  Thank you for all the “likes” and feedback and a special mention to those customers of Everything Dinosaur who put up reviews of the models and other items that they have purchased from us.  It is always a pleasure to see such videos and we really enjoy watching them.

Our Safari Ltd Megalodon (C. megalodon) video review is also popular along with a number of our video reviews on various Tyrannosaurus rex models.

We shall continue to make and post up model reviews, aiming to have over one hundred posted by the end of the year, a special thanks to all our subscribers.

To visit Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube

Young Palaeontologists Design Dinosaur T-shirts

Competition Winners Receive Their Dinosaur T-Shirts

A very big thank you to the many clever, creative fans of all things Cretaceous who entered Everything Dinosaur’s design your own dinosaur themed T-shirt competition.  We had no idea how powerful social media could be and thanks to all our friends on Facebook, Twitter followers and such like we were inundated with entries.

Our idea was simple, if Everything Dinosaur team members having put down their geological hammers and magnifying glasses, were working on some ideas for a range of children’s tees with a prehistoric animal theme, why not, just for a bit of fun, give budding young palaeontologists a go too.  So we posted up on our Facebook page, Blog, Twitter etc. information about the competition and offered as a prize the winning design being made up into a T-shirt – a sort of “dinosaur designer label” that would be unique to our contest winner.

We had freakish flying reptiles, cute baby dinosaurs, marauding marine monsters, Triassic terrors – all sorts of amazing drawings and pictures sent into us from all over the world.  Fortunately, those clever primates from Shirt Monkey, the direct to garment T-shirt design specialists with whom Everything Dinosaur has been working with on this project, were able to help out and after much deliberation a winning design was chosen.

One of the Many Dinosaur Themed T-Shirt Designs Received

Great  volcano design - thanks Mariread

Great volcano design – thanks Mairead (age 10)

Picture Credit: Mairead (thanks Carol [mum])

The competition was won by 12 year-old Holly who lives in France.  The winning design showed a huge dinosaur foot crushing a tea cup with the caption “T (tea) Wrecks”.  Holly’s mum contacted Everything Dinosaur and asked whether two “unique” tees could be made up as Harri, Holly’s younger sister, wanted one as well.

Holly and Harri Show Off their Winning T-Shirts

"Tea wrecks T-shirts"

“Tea wrecks T-shirts”

Sue Judd from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is the first time that we have involved our social media following in a new product range launch such as this.  We had competition entries from all over the world and in addition, we got some amazing feedback as we posted up some of our own T-shirt designs and ideas.  It’s been a real consultation process and we are grateful for all the advice and feedback received.”

Holly’s Winning T-Shirt Design Coming off the Production Line

The winning design comes off the production line.

The winning design comes off the production line.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Shirt Monkey

Holly wants to be a palaeontologist when she is older, with a new dinosaur species being named every 20-30 days or so there are going to be a lot of new dinosaurs for Holly to study.

The Completed T-Shirt “Tea Wrecks” Ready for Shipping

A giant T. rex foot about to wreck an enormous tea cup.

A giant T. rex foot about to wreck an enormous tea cup.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Shirt Monkey

The first three dinosaur themed T-shirts from Everything Dinosaur are going into production next week, and should be up on line at Dinosaur Themed Clothing very shortly.

A Trio of Dinosaur Themed Tees

The first of the dinosaur themed T-shirts from Everything Dinosaur.

The first of the dinosaur themed T-shirts from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Shirt Monkey

The 100% cotton T-shirts will be available in size ranges from 3-4 years up to age 9 to 11 and at each stage of the design process Everything Dinosaur consulted with its Facebook fans and social media followers to seek advice and approval for the work being done.  The use of social media has provided the company with yet more channels to build up two-way communication with its customers and fans.

To visit those clever T-shirt specialists at Shirt Monkey: Direct to Garment Specialists Shirt Monkey

Flags out for Collecta

New Collecta Models – Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Mammals

Fact sheets have been prepared, scale drawings commissioned and checked and its full speed ahead at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse as team members eagerly await the arrival of the latest batch of 2014 Collecta models. Staff have had prototypes of the new models for some time and indeed, Everything Dinosaur was one of the first organisations to get stocks of the Quetzalcoatlus with prey, the Ichthyovenator and the delightful Xenoceratops, soon we will be able to add a lot more including a replica of a palm tree.

New Collecta Models for 2014

New Collecta prehistoric animal models

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The full list of models due into stock goes something like this: Deluxe 1:20 scale Arsinoitherium, Deluxe 1:40 scale Therizinosaurus, more stock of the extremely popular Deluxe Carcharodontosaurus, the Coconut Palm Tree replica, Bistahieversor, Saurophaganax, Gastonia, the juvenile T. rex, and the mighty Mosasaurus.  Almost too many for us to remember.

New Collecta Models due to Arrive Shortly

Is there room in our warehouse for all of these?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Collecta models: Collecta Prehistoric Animals

For fans of prehistoric scenery, Everything Dinosaur will be adding the Collecta Coconut Palm model to its stock.  This model of a stand of palm trees is ideal for helping to create prehistoric scenes.  Palm trees are a relatively ancient group of flowering plants (angiosperms), with palm tree fossils associated with Upper Cretaceous and Early Palaeogene strata.

New for 2014 The Collecta Palm Tree Replica

Tropical Plants from Collecta

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

So its full steam ahead for Collecta.

Everything Dinosaur Says Sorry

Our Apologies

A number of Everything Dinosaur customers and blog fans have been experiencing either slow download speeds or a loss of the Everything Dinosaur websites and blog completely.  We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused.  Everything Dinosaur’s  on line presence was undergoing essential maintenance as well as a number of upgrades, all designed to improve our customer service.

“Stego” and “rex”,  Everything Dinosaur’s two, plush IT engineers have been helping with the project and they have created a banner which was put up on the company website, Everything Dinosaur that reassured visitors to our website that everything was running OK.

“Stego” and “rex” Make a Contribution to the Site Upgrades

This banner appeared on the website during maintenance

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Note to the rest of the Everything Dinosaur team.  Is it a good idea to have “Stego” and “rex” helping out our IT operations?  After all, Stegosaurus is famous for having a brain the size of a walnut and Tyrannosaurus rex is famous for having very short arms and only two fingers on each hand.

Never mind, essential maintenance done and it’s upwards and onwards from here for the company renowned for its ability to supply dinosaur toys and games.

Microwarmer Soft Toy Dinosaurs from Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Soft Toys – Microwarmer Dinosaurs

Just in stock at Everything Dinosaur and timed nicely it seems with the return of cold and showery weather for most of the UK, are these super microwarmer soft toy dinosaurs.  There are three in the series, a cuddly T. rex (if you can imagine such a thing), a friendly Stegosaurus and a cute Triceratops.  These soft toys have a special pocket in their tummies, inside you will find a cloth sachet that contains linseed.  Put this sachet into the microwave to warm up and then pop it back into the dinosaur to create a super, warm and cosy soft toy dinosaur.

The Microwarmer Tyrannnosaurus rex Dinosaur Soft Toy

A soft toy that also acts as a hot water bottle.

A soft toy that also acts as a hot water bottle.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

With sales of these items supporting the Natural History Museum, mums and dads are going to like them too.  The sachet pops inside the tummy of the dinosaur and it keeps warm for quite a long time.  These microwarmer dinosaurs are so much more practical than a hot water bottle.

The Soft and Cuddly Stegosaurus in the Range

We have taken out the linseed sachet so you can see how big it is.

We have taken out the linseed sachet so you can see how big it is.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Microwaveable dinosaur soft toys make excellent bedtime buddies for young dinosaur fans. We think these are suitable for children from three years and upwards.  A point made by one of our reviewers was that the material was not only very soft but also sensible, it is sponge washable.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of soft toy dinosaurs including microwaveable dinosaurs: Dinosaur Soft Toys

The Microwarmer Triceratops Dinosaur Soft Toy

A friendly, cute Triceratops soft toy.

A friendly, cute Triceratops soft toy.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each of these microwaveable soft toys measures at least twelve inches in length, the Stegosaurus is nearly fifteen inches long and they are bound to prove popular with young dinosaur fans.  Each soft toy comes with easy to follow instructions.

Microwave advice as follows (based on a microwave with a turntable and on full power)

Microwave rating 0 to 800 Watts – maximum heating time sixty seconds

Microwave rating from 801 to 1,000 Watts – maximum heating time forty-five seconds

If for any reason you heat up your linseed pouch for too long, and it becomes too hot, no need to worry, simply carefully pick up the sachet and place it on a heat-proof surface to cool down.

New Soft and Cuddly Dinosaur Backpacks from Everything Dinosaur

Soft and Cuddly Dinosaur Backpacks

The latest editions to Everything Dinosaur’s huge range of prehistoric animal themed merchandise have just been put up on line.  They are soft and cuddly dinosaur themed backpacks, one a Triceratops, the other a colourful Tyrannosaurus rex.

Measuring a generous sixty-three centimetres in length, the Triceratops has been created so that it matches other horned dinosaur soft toys currently available from Everything Dinosaur.

The Soft and Cuddly Triceratops Dinosaur Backpack

A backpack for a young dinosaur fan.

A backpack for a young dinosaur fan.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Lightweight and very soft, this horned dinosaur themed backpack proved very popular on test with both girls and boys.  The sturdy black straps are adjustable and the backpack is comfortable to wear.  It also doubles as a handy pyjama or nightgown case for budding young palaeontologists.  The roomy zipped pouch on the back means that you can carry dinosaurs around or even slip in a snack as you go on fossil finding adventures.  Mums and dads liked the backpack too, although it is not waterproof, it is sponge washable and the cute expression on the face of this Triceratops appealed.

The Soft and Cuddly Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Backpack

Proved very popular with young dinosaur fans on test.

Proved very popular with young dinosaur fans on test.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The T. rex measures a fraction over sixty-three centimetres in length.  The colourful backpack featuring the “Tyrant Lizard King” was described as being “cute” and it represented a “happy dinosaur” according to one young reviewer.

Everything Dinosaur’s range of soft toys, including dinosaur backpacks can be found here: Dinosaur Soft Toys and Backpacks

We had some fun photographing these backpacks, they are so soft and cuddly that our photographer was reluctant to let them go but we managed to get some pictures in the end.  Even Tyrannosaurus rex refused to co-operate at one point.  We wanted to take a picture so that we could show the sturdy adjustable straps on the back, we succeeded, but it looks like our T. rex got camera shy in the photograph.

Sturdy Straps on these Dinosaur Themed Backpacks

Robust and sturdy straps on the dinosaur themed backpack.

Robust and sturdy straps on the dinosaur themed backpack.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Sales of these two products help to support the Natural History Museum – London.

A Review of Everything Dinosaur’s Social Media Performance

An Update on Everything Dinosaur’s Social Media Activities

The first five months of 2014 have whizzed by and Everything Dinosaur team members have been as busy as ever working with schools and museums.  The company’s new school website is progressing well and it should go live shortly, there are lots of new prehistoric animal models coming in the near future and the staff have been kept very busy packing and despatching orders to customers all over the world.

However, we remain committed to keeping up a dialogue with all our chums on various social media,  so with five months gone, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on our social media targets that were set at the turn of the year, time to see how we are progressing.

As part of our New Year predictions, team members outlined the plans and targets for Everything Dinosaur’s social media activities over the next twelve months or so, these included the following:

Blog – to post up at least 365 articles in 2014.

So far we have posted up an article each day for the whole of the first part of 2014.  This means that an additional 151 articles have been added to the Everything Dinosaur blog.  The Everything Dinosaur web log now has a total of 2,641 published articles, making it one of the largest blogs of this type around.

Ezine – to have 685 articles posted up on this platform by the year end.

Not too bad progress on this one.  To date 575 articles have been published on Ezine.  Each article is different, carefully researched and submitted in its own right.  We have another six months or so to write 110 further articles.  There is a bit of work required to hit our target but if we keep persevering this target is definitely achievable.  In total we are currently at 83% of this rolling target.

YouTube – to have produced another 35 videos and seen viewing figures go over the 800,000 mark in total

So far, another fourteen videos have been added this year.  Everything Dinosaur has nearly nine hundred subscribers and nearly 700,000 video reviews.  With more videos planned in the next fortnight or so, we should achieve around thirty-five videos for the year, taking our video count to well over one hundred.  Video reviews are planned for more Collecta models as well as for further additions to the Papo dinosaur model range.  If our viewing figures continue the way they are we should get over 800,000 video reviews by the end of the year.

Pinterest – to have over 3,000 pins up on the Everything Dinosaur boards by December 31st 2014

Team members have made a special effort in May to pin up more of our dinosaur and prehistoric animal images from our archives.  After a really big push in May, we have not got over 3,000 pins up, which is a terrific effort. This target has been achieved, perhaps 4,000 by the end of 2014?

Facebook – 1,200 likes and to continue to post up pictures, articles, snippets and so forth to encourage lively debate.

Lots of lively debate on Facebook that’s for sure.  We really do appreciate all the contributions from everybody involved and we have clocked up 1,165 likes which is a terrific score.  We are grateful for every “like” that we receive.  Look out for more free downloads, competitions and updates on our Facebook page.

Click the Facebook Logo Below to Visit Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

Click the logo to visit our Facebook page and to give our page a "like".

Click the logo to visit our Facebook page and to give our page a “like”.

We are just thirty-five “likes” off our 2014 target, we will keep working hard, replying to every comment we receive and providing lots of information and advice.  Hopefully, we will get to our target shortly.

Twitter – 2,000 tweets

We have posted something like 1,115 tweets and we have several hundred followers which has made us very “chuffed” to say the least.  We should have 2,000 plus tweets posted by the end of the year.

Team members will continue to monitor our progress on social media, the new school web site has links to our twitter, pinterest and Facebook so this should give our work with schools greater exposure on social media.  This new site should have a positive impact on Everything Dinosaur’s various social media campaigns.  Let’s see how things look at the end of the year.

Questions We Get Asked

Frequently Asked Questions Page Completed

The FAQs (frequently asked questions) section of the new dinosaurs in school website being devised by Everything Dinosaur team members has been completed.  Banners have been prepared and uploaded and the text has now been added.  This is the latest part of the website to be finished and a spokesperson for the company stated that the project was on schedule with the list of typical questions that staff get asked added to the appropriate section of the new site.

One of the FAQs Banners Being Used on the New Website

New website nears completion.

New website nears completion.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur visits schools, museums, after school clubs, and youth groups to delivery innovative and very educational dinosaur and fossil themed workshops.  It seemed appropriate therefore, to feature both fossils and a little boy’s drawing of a dinosaur on the banner used as the featured image on the FAQs section of the new website.  These pages will provide a handy guide to those museum curators, scout group leaders and teaching staff who want to find out more about the teaching and educational services the team at Everything Dinosaur deliver.

The teaching staff always try to dove-tail their teaching work into the aims and objectives of the national curriculum whilst at the same time ensuring that the teaching is delivered in a fun, memorable and entertaining manner. Staff are away today carrying out a number of teaching sessions in Wales, working specifically with Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 students.  Perhaps some examples of the work of these students as they study rocks, fossils and evolution will be included on Everything Dinosaur’s new website dedicated to teaching about prehistoric life.

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