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New from CollectA for 2016 (Part 2)

Beishanlong, Lythronax, Struthiomimus New for 2016

You wait ages for an Ornithomimosauria clade model to come along and then, thanks to CollectA, two arrive!  These models are part of the exciting 2016 introductions, along with a replica of the “King of Gore” Lythronax (L. argestes), a ferocious tyrannosaurid, fossils of which come from Utah.

1:4o Scale Deluxe Beishanlong (B. grandis)

Available from Everything Dinosaur in 2016.

Available from Everything Dinosaur in 2016.

Picture Credit: CollectA

Fossils of this giant, member of the “bird mimic” clade come from Gansu Province (China), it was a contemporary of the feathered tyrannosaur Xiongguanlong, (X. baimoensis), a replica of which was introduced by CollectA earlier this year.  Beishanlong was one of the largest of the Ornithomimosauria known, although the best preserved specimen represents an immature animal, the fragmentary fossilised bones when compared to more complete specimens suggest that this dinosaur grew to a length in excess of eight metres.  Skull material is absent from the fossil record, so CollectA have based their replica on more complete ornithomimids.  It certainly is a most impressive figure.

Anthony Beeson, the designer behind the CollectA range of prehistoric animal models explained:

“Beishanlong, was an “ostrich mimic” and a Chinese dinosaur.  It was amongst the largest of the ostrich mimics and is important as being an earlier relative of Deinocheirus.  The CollectA model is based on a skeleton that I admired at Hong Kong’s Science Museum during my last visit.”

Beishanlong is going to be one of the new additions to the Deluxe scale model range made by CollectA.  It will be available from Everything Dinosaur in the spring of 2016, or thereabouts.  As it stands an impressive 23 centimetres tall it is going to tower over the smaller CollectA Xiongguanlong replica.   This is quite apt, as Beishanlong would have towered over Xiongguanlong when they shared the same Asian habitat some 120 million years ago.

To read an article published in 2009 but the discovery of Xiongguanlong and Beishanlong: Giant Ornithomimid and New Tyrannosaur from Gansu Province

Lythronax – “The King of Gore”

Available from Everything Dinosaur around the middle of 2016.

Available from Everything Dinosaur around the middle of 2016.

Picture Credit: CollectA

Approximately, the size of Beishanlong but much heavier and decidedly more dangerous, Lythronax was a top predator of the Middle Campanian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous.  The genus name translates as “the King of Gore”.  With its wide but short snout and robust jaws, this dinosaur would have been very formidable.  Many palaeontologists believe that this Theropod was a direct ancestor of the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex.  CollectA are beginning to assemble quite a collection of Tyrannosaurs – Eotyrannus, Tarbosaurus, the feathered T. rex, Xiongguanlong and another close relative of Lythronax, Bistahieversor that roamed what was to become New Mexico around four million years or so after “the King of Gore” became extinct.

To read about the discovery of Lythronax: “The King of Gore” – New Tyrannosaur from Utah

Anthony commented:

“The early Tyrannosaur Lythronax from Utah was chosen really because of its importance in the evolutionary chain of that genus and also because I love the name!  One can never have too much gore in play as most boys know.  Like Tyrannosaurus , Lythronax had eyes pointing to the front giving it binocular vision and the ability to gauge depth.”

Some nice detail is shown in the photograph of the model, the shaggy, feathered coat, tufts of feathers on the top of the head and evidence of almost pennaceous feathers on the forelimbs.

The CollectA Lythronax replica measures around 18 centimetres long, the head height is a fraction over 8.5 centimetres.  It will be available from Everything Dinosaur around the middle of 2016.

The last of the latest batch of dinosaur model pictures to be released by CollectA is another feathered dinosaur.  Once upon a time, feathered dinosaur models were the exception, now thanks to the work of the likes of CollectA more and more feathered dinosaur replicas are being produced.

New for 2016 The CollectA Struthiomimus Model

New for 2016 a Struthiomimus dinosaur model.

New for 2016 a Struthiomimus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: CollectA

Named almost one hundred years ago (1917), this is the dinosaur that gave rise to the term “ostrich mimic”, as this is what the genus name Struthiomimus means.  It is great to see a replica of this fast-running Late Cretaceous resident of North America.  Once again, CollectA have to be applauded, as they have given their model, long pennaceous feathers on the forearm, this suggests that they have been keeping up to date with the latest ornithomimid studies, in particular some recently published papers on remarkably well-preserved Ornithomimus specimens.

There are not many models of the Ornithomimidae around, this is a very welcome addition.

Commenting on this, the second of the ornithomimids to be introduced next year, Anthony Beeson said:

“I have wanted to do a Struthiomimus model for a long time and also to produce more ornithomimids or ostrich mimics .  In the 1950’s Struthiomimus was well known to dinosaur enthusiasts, but since Jurassic Park, Gallimimus has eclipsed it in popular culture.  John Sibbick, the palaeoartist once bemoaned its passing to me.  It has not previously featured greatly in the toy record.  It was a very common ornithomimid dinosaur that was found in Late Cretaceous North America.”

The model is scheduled to come out at about the same time as the Lythronax replica (mid 2016), it measures 11 centimetres long, and that head stands some 6.5 centimetres off the ground.

So that’s the very latest information on new CollectA prehistoric animals for you, in summary, one Tyrannosaur, two members of the Ornithomimosauria clade, three feathered Theropods and top notch replicas they are too.

To view the current CollectA range of Deluxe models available at Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Deluxe Models

To view the remainder of the CollectA Prehistoric Life range: CollectA Prehistoric Life Not to Scale Models


This article has been amended to ensure more accurate terms related to taxa and classification are used.

TetZooCon 2015 and Everything Dinosaur

TetZooCon 2015 and Everything Dinosaur

It’s full steam ahead with just a few days to go to the second annual TetZooCon, a convention dedicated to Tetrapod Zoology and what an amazing day it’s going to be.  The London Wetland Centre is the venue and on Saturday 14th November, the great and the good in the TetZoo-verse will descend on Barnes, London SW13 to enjoy a variety of speakers covering subjects as diverse as Pterosaurs to Pygmy Elephants?  Keeping to the all things beginning with “P” theme, renowned palaeoartists Mark Witton, Bob Nicholls (he of the famous Nigersaurus eye-lashes illustration, ask him about this whilst you are there) and John Conway will be holding a special palaeoart workshop.  If you have ever wondered how artists are able to create such stunning illustrations of long, extinct creatures now’s your chance to find out.

Countdown to TetZooCon 2015

Click on the logo to visit the Paypal booking service.

Click on the logo for more information!

Image Credit: Darren Naish

Organised by Darren Naish, vertebrate palaeontologist, acclaimed science writer and all round good guy, and the super talented John Conway, Saturday’s event provides an amazing opportunity to meet top academics and to learn all about the comings and goings in terms of some of the latest thinking regarding the astonishing creatures that share our planet, plus of course, lots of information on those animals that have dropped out of the gene pool.  Animals such as the Ichthyosaurs which will be covered in a talk given by the University of Southampton’s Jessica Lawrence-Wujek.  So if “fish lizards” are your thing, head down to the London Wetland Centre on the 14th.

For further information and to book: TetZooCon 2015

The event starts at 9am and Everything Dinosaur are proud to be associated with this wonderful day out.  Look out for some super prehistoric animal models that we have donated for the quiz that will round off the fun filled and very informative day.

Look out for our Logo at TetZooCon 2015

Proud to sponsor Tetzoocon 2015.

Proud to sponsor TetZooCon 2015.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tea and coffee are provided, and lunch can be purchased at the nearby Water’s Edge Cafe.  TetZooCon promises to be the best thing to hit this part of London since the Ice Age!

Commenting on the event, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained:

“Events like TetZooCon provide those with a general interest in science with a marvellous opportunity to converse with leading scientists, artists and science writers.  Sadly, these opportunities, are few and far between and it is great to see such a convention taking place.  We wish the organisers and everyone attending the very best and we look forward to hearing more about this exciting event.”

Everything Dinosaur Slides Between Speakers at the Conference

All ready for the 14th November.

All ready for the 14th November.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We note that the day is to be concluded with a visit to a local hostelry, a trip to the Red Lion Pub!  Fantastic planning Darren et al, choosing an inn with a Tetrapod connection.   Sounds like it is going to be a great day!

First Pictures of New CollectA 2016 Models

Mercuriceratops, T. rex Prey, Hunting T. rex and Metriacanthosaurus

The first pictures of some of the new for 2016 models made by our chums at CollectA have been released.  Everything Dinosaur has been given an exclusive first look, so without further ado, here are the first four.

Metriacanthosaurus – M. parkeri

"Parker's moderately spined lizard"

“Parker’s moderately spined lizard”

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

First up, Metriacanthosaurus, an eight metre long monster that once roamed southern England.  Known from fragmentary fossils, excavated from an exposed Upper Jurassic horizon near the town of Weymouth (Dorset, England), this dinosaur may have been the apex predator of that part of the world around 156-157 million years ago.  Where Metriacanthosaurus is placed in the Theropoda remains hotly debated.  Once classified as a Megalosaur, more recent research has placed this formidable hunter in the Sinoraptoridae.  It is a beautiful model and it’s great to see another “English” Theropod added to the impressive CollectA “Prehistoric Life” model range.  Metriacanthosaurus measures an imposing 17 cm in length.

T. rex the Hunter!

A hunting T. rex.

A hunting T. rex.

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

You wait ages for a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex model and then two* turn up within a few months.  The second new for 2016 model is a depiction of a hunting T. rex and what a skilfully created replica it is.  The hunting T. rex measures 24 cm long and Anthony Beeson, the clever designer behind this range explained:

“Tyrannosaurus rex hunting is designed with a less evolved plumage when compared to the 2015 CollectA Deluxe Feathered T. rex model so that it may be interpreted by the collector as either an immature male or as a female.  The latter in order to show sexual dimorphism.”

Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the creation of this, the very latest depiction of the “Tyrant Lizard King”.

Tyrannosaurus Prey – T. rex Corpse

T. rex Corpse

T. rex Corpse

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

Not every hunt was successful, even for Tyrannosaurus rex.  Like Metriacanthosaurus that lived some ninety million years earlier, T. rex may have been an apex predator, but sometimes it did not get everything its own way.  At 31 cm long, this is an impressively sized model which shows lots of detail, the gory demise of a Tyrannosaur possibly as a result of an encounter with a bigger member of its own species or maybe after a battle with a pack of the recently described giant, Hell Creek Formation dromaeosaurid Dakotaraptor (D. steini).

Explaining how he decided on the pathology for his model, designer Anthony Beeson stated:

“I designed Tyrannosaurus as prey in order to show that however fearsome a carnivore may appear, it is likely to end up in the food chain eventually.  It also shows that Tyrannosaurus faced death at the hands of its own species especially during mating and the body shows damage caused by another Tyrannosaurus based on bite marks identified in the same areas on other fossils.” 

It is fantastic to see a T. rex corpse introduced by CollectA, Everything Dinosaur are “dead” certain that this will prove to be a very popular model!

* There are now three feathered Tyrannosaurus rex replicas thanks to CollectA.

The Chasmosaurine Mercuriceratops

Wonderful horned dinosaur replica.

Wonderful horned dinosaur replica.

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

Continuing the trend (or should that now be called a tradition), for producing excellent horned dinosaur models, is a replica of the Chasmosaurine Mercuriceratops and it’s another beauty.  This carefully painted Ceratopsian measures an impressive 16.5 cm long and it is a beautiful rendition of a distant relative to Triceratops and Torosaurus.  CollectA have by far and away the most extensive line up of horned dinosaur models, this new for 2016 addition is going to prove to be a big hit with fans of horned dinosaurs.

More news about CollectA will be posted up by Everything Dinosaur in the near future.  All these models will be available from Everything Dinosaur in the Spring of 2016.  Looks like it is going to be a great year for CollectA!

To view the existing range of CollectA prehistoric animals: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models

To view the Deluxe CollectA range: CollectA Deluxe Scale Models

*Oops four feathered T. rex models from CollectA we forgot about the juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex replica.

New 2016 Prehistoric Animal Models from Safari Ltd

New Prehistoric Animal Models (Safari Ltd) 2016

With the news that Safari Ltd had ended its twenty-eight year partnership with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which broke in the spring, model collectors and dinosaur fans alike have been eagerly awaiting developments.  What prehistoric animal replicas would come out in 2016?  Everything Dinosaur can now reveal that information, the wait is over and enthusiasts of all things Dinosauria et al are not going to be disappointed.

Here are the new prehistoric animals:

  • Plesiosuchus
  • Iguanodon
  • Masiakasaurus
  • Shunosaurus
  • Carcharodontosaurus
  • Plus re-issues of previous Safari Ltd models, the baby Woolly Mammoth, the Megatherium (giant ground sloth), Amebelodon and the glyptodont Doedicurus.

Everything Dinosaur intends to stock all these items, we will do all we can to keep our customers and fellow prehistoric animal fans informed about deliveries into our warehouse.

There are a total of five new replicas, this is the same total as last year, the 1:10 scale Carnegie Collectibles Velociraptor, plus four not to scale models under the Wild Safari brand that has now become the flagship brand for prehistoric animal replicas the Florida-based company makes.

Let’s take a look at the new models in turn, firstly the Plesiosuchus model (marine crocodile).  This Late Jurassic carnivore was one of the super predators of the shallow seas that covered much of Europe.  It is estimated to have been around seven metres in length, approximately the size of the largest Saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) found today.  Plesiosuchus means “near crocodile” and is pronounced Plee-see-oh-sook-us.  It was a member of the Metriorhynchoidea (pronounced Met-ri-oh-rink-oi-deer [A super family of the Crocodylomorpha]).  It is great to see a model of a metriorhynchid from Safari Ltd.

New for 2016 the Wild Safari Dinos Plesiosuchus

Available soon from Everything Dinosaur.

Available soon from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

The Plesiosuchus replica measures a fraction over seventeen centimetres and is around four and half centimetres tall (it’s the tail).

Now the Iguanodon model comes into focus.  It is great to see another Ornithopod in the Safari Ltd Prehistoric Life model collection.

New for 2016 the Wild Safari Dinos Iguanodon

Some very striking colours on this new replica.

Some very striking colours on this new replica.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

Over the years, there have been a number of iguanodont models made, with the retirement of the Carnegie Collectibles Iguanodon replica, it is great to see this introduction.  Iguanodon is brought bang up to date, the bipedal pose of the earlier model, launched in 2007 and effectively a re-paint of an even earlier Carnegie replica, has been replaced by a walking on all four limbs approach.  The body proportions seem much more accurate and we love the thickened base of the tail.  These Ornithopods were powerful animals and indeed the base of the tail and pelvis were very robust.  The model has been given a striped colour scheme and we adore the flashes of purple, not a colour associated very often with dinosaur models.  It is a nice touch.  The model measures 18.5 cm by 7 cm.

New for 2016 – Shunosaurus

Available soon from Everything Dinosaur - Shunosaurus.

Available soon from Everything Dinosaur – Shunosaurus.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

The “Sauropod crossed with a Llama”, as an Everything Dinosaur member of staff termed this replica when trying to decipher the double page advert that showed a glimpse of this figure, turns out to be a Shunosaurus.  The colourful figure measures 16.5 cm in length and that detailed head stands around 7 cm high.  One of the best known of all the Chinese Dinosauria, certainly the best known Sauropod, thanks to the huge fossil assemblage excavated from the Dashanpu Quarry site (Sichuan Province).  This looks like an excellent interpretation of the extensive fossil material.  Well done Safari Ltd for bringing out such an interesting replica.

“Vicious Lizard” – Masiakasaurus

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

A new fact sheet will be required for the fourth new prehistoric animal figure we are featuring here – Masiakasaurus, (the name means vicious lizard).  An agile Theropod that lived on the island of Madagascar in the Late Cretaceous.  The forward pointing teeth have been very well depicted in this new for 2016 replica.  We suspect that this is the first dinosaur model made by Safari Ltd, whose scientific name was inspired by a band member of Dire Straits.  The formal, binomial name for this two metre long terror is Masiakasaurus knopfleri.  It was the music of Dire Straits’s front man Mark Knopfler that inspired the field team behind this particular dinosaur fossil discovery.

The design team at Safari Ltd have taken into careful consideration details of this dinosaur’s known skeleton (about two-thirds of all the bones in the skeleton have been described to date).  Note the position of the hands and digits, although an abelisaurid, Masiakasaurus had proportionately much longer front limbs than other members of this Theropod dinosaur family.  It is an attractively painted model, the stripes and green markings are a good choice, it is likely that this dinosaur, required camouflage to help it avoid being spotted by larger meat-eaters that shared its floodplain environment.

The new Safari Ltd Masiakasaurus is around 18.5 cm in length and stands an impressive 8.25 cm tall.

New for 2016 – Carcharodontosaurus

Say hello to "shark-toothed lizard".

Say hello to “shark-toothed lizard”.

Picture Credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

One of the largest Theropods known, Carcharodontosaurus is a firm favourite amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors alike.  It is great to see this interpretation by Safari Ltd.  We had thought that the large, meat-eating dinosaur was going to be a Megalosaur, we got wrong but we are delighted to see this North African monster join the Safari Ltd “Prehistoric Life” fold.  At an impressive 22.75 cm long and standing 10.25 cm tall this is the biggest model dinosaur that Safari Ltd are bringing out next year.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s existing range of prehistoric animals from Safari Ltd: Safari Ltd Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

Look out for announcements on Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page, Twitter feed and on this blog site.  More information including when they will be in stock will be posted up soon.

Check out Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page for pics of the prehistoric mammal models that are being re-introduced by Safari Ltd.

Find Everything Dinosaur on Facebook: Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

Volunteers Needed to Explore the Triassic

Volunteers Needed to Explore the Triassic

Yesterday, may have been “Back to the Future Day”, but here at Everything Dinosaur the emphasis is very much on the past, approximately 220 million years in the past, the Norian faunal stage of the Triassic to be precise.  We have been contacted by a student at Huddersfield University (England), who has asked for volunteers to help test a prehistoric virtual environment set at this pivotal time in vertebrate evolution.

Please Note – the request for volunteers has ended – no further volunteers required.

An Opportunity to Explore “Triassic World”

Which part of Pangea would you like to explore?

Which part of Pangaea would you like to explore?

Picture Credit: Daniel Carter

Time Travellers Needed

Student, Daniel Carter has been building a computer simulation that enables players to explore a series of Triassic environments set during the Norian faunal stage of the first geological period of the Mesozoic. Daniel has already benefited from the advice of Everything Dinosaur’s experts as he seeks to perfect the various habitats and make the flora and fauna as accurate as possible.  The objective of this educational game is for players to discover and learn about prehistoric animals and plants from this critical point in our planet’s history.

Players Can Explore a Variety of Triassic Ecosystems

The prehistoric environments are based on Late Triassic Lagerstätten.

The prehistoric environments are based on the Late Triassic .

Picture Credit: Daniel Carter

Daniel has carefully constructed three environments, all based on famous Lagerstätten. If you have ever felt the urge to get up close to the fauna represented by the famous Ghost Ranch sediments of New Mexico, now’s your chance.

The focus is very much on education.  When an explorer encounters a creature they can interact with it and discover more about it by accessing data files.  So if you come across a Coelophysis you can learn all about this Late Triassic dinosaur.  An inventory will be available to let players know what species they are looking for and gamers will be given clues which could lead to the location of the specific creatures.   You might even get the chance to encounter an ancestor of modern mammals.   Could you track them down?

Explorers Can Learn About the Animals and Plants They Encounter

Educational fact files are incorporated into the play.

Educational fact files are incorporated into the play.

Picture Credit: Daniel Carter

Part of a Masters Degree Project

Daniel, the creator of this virtual Triassic world disclosed that his intention is to inform and help educate and he needs dinosaur and fossil enthusiasts to help him perfect his prehistoric project.

Daniel explained:

“The game will feature an encyclopaedia which will list all the plants and animals in the game with a brief description, as well as some extra entries.  Each area will be fairly large in size and will include a number of different things for players to discover and explore.”

Fancy a Stroll Through a Triassic Forest?

Gamers will be able to explore a number of terrestrial environments.

Gamers will be able to explore a number of terrestrial environments.

Picture Credit: Daniel Carter

How You Can Help

Daniel needs volunteers to test the game for bugs and glitches.  He would welcome feedback and advice on the overall gaming experience.  Can you suggest additional plants and animals that should be included?

To help, email Everything Dinosaur and we will pass this information on to Daniel: Contact Everything Dinosaur – put the words Triassic World at the front of your email.

In order to help Daniel, we have suggested that interested parties should get in touch with Daniel by the 12th November 2015 (that’s three weeks).

To see one of the early fly through videos, showcasing Daniel’s creative talent: Triassic Oasis Fly Through

Meet the Inhabitants of Triassic World

Encounter giant amphibians in the Triassic landscape.

Encounter giant amphibians in the Triassic landscape.

Picture Credit: Daniel Carter

Please Note – the request for volunteers has ended – no further volunteers required.

The game has been created using the Unreal 4 game engine and Daniel would like to see his game used in schools and museums to help teach children about prehistoric life.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The Norian Age represents a real melting pot of vertebrate evolution.  The dinosaurs were diversifying and becoming more abundant but they shared the single landmass of Pangaea with a whole range of strange creatures.  Pterosaurs chased insects in the air, crocodile-like Phytosaurs hunted in the rivers and giant amphibians, relics from the Palaeozoic, could still be found.”  We congratulate Daniel for his hard work and we look forward to seeing the game once it has been completed.”

If you want to help build a Triassic exploration game, here’s that email again: Contact Everything Dinosaur  don’t forget to put the words Triassic World at the front of your email.

Don’t forget the 12th November deadline.

Have fun exploring!

Please Note – the request for volunteers has ended – no further volunteers required.


After a very successful testing programme, Daniel wrote to Everything Dinosaur saying:

“I would just like to say thanks for going out of your way to help me with my project.  The blog post got my game quite a bit of attention, and the testers I had were very helpful.  Thanks to this my game has changed for the better, working upon the feedback and suggestions provided by the testers.”

Black Friday – Retail Madness

Retail Madness – Black Friday 27th November 2015

Christmas orders at Everything Dinosaur are ticking along nicely.  To be honest (and our customers know how honest we are), we have been receiving orders for Christmas gifts since the end of August, this is slightly later than the trend we saw in 2014.  However, the media is beginning to carry stories about the approach of “Black Friday”, a day when record retail sales are being predicted.  The phenomenon of Black Friday comes from the United States.  Traditionally, the day after the Bank Holiday of Thanksgiving in America is the day that retailers have enticed shoppers to spend with one-day sales.  These have been aimed at kick-starting the Christmas shopping rush.

The Approach of Black Friday – Everything Dinosaur Will Be Ready

Everything Dinosaur will be ready.

Everything Dinosaur will be ready.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

2014 saw this Black Friday concept have a significant impact on UK retail for the first time.  This year, even more Black Friday sales are predicted with something like a £1 billion of retail business being done in the day.  At Everything Dinosaur, we tend to be a bit cynical when it comes to such things.  In this country, sales normally start after Christmas, now the retail landscape is changing and much of what would have been offered post Christmas is going to be on sale at the end of November.  Sales and retail promotions are all very well, but our philosophy remains as simple and straight forward as ever.  At Everything Dinosaur we don’t really do sales, we just offer really competitive prices for dinosaur toys and games all the year round.

Fantastic Customer Service

We are not very good at promoting ourselves, we are too busy responding to enquiries, supporting schools, fossil collecting and of course, packing orders.  We don’t buy in Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers, we have never purchased or procured false testimonies, it is not our way of doing things.  We just work hard and try the best that we can and our thousands of customers and loyal fans seem to like what we are doing.

Take for example, one of the latest on line reviews posted up by one of our customers (based in Thailand), here’s what she had to say after purchasing a now retired Carnegie Collection Diplodocus dinosaur model from us:

“Beautiful majestic figure which goes well with the Papo Brachiosaurus. Thank God that Everything Dinosaur wrapped it securely with bubble wrap and sent it in a thick padded envelop, as the idiotic local delivery person stuffed it into the mail box instead of delivering to my office!  Luckily, it’s safe and well.”

We can’t comment on the shortcomings of the local postal service, however, the comment that was posted up on our website is typical of the ones we receive, it is the support we provide for our customers, doing things right, that has led to Everything Dinosaur growing into a significant global retailer of dinosaur toys, models and games.

The Carnegie Diplodocus Model – Safely Arrived Thanks to Everything Dinosaur

An impressive model for an impressive dinosaur.

A carefully packed and despatched dinosaur model from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Preparations for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Let’s just summarise the support Everything Dinosaur has in place as the Christmas period starts to get busy.

  • We have informed our IT contractors about implications for Black Friday/Cyber Monday (November 27th and 30th respectively) in terms of server demands etc.
  • Face to face meetings with suppliers, contractors and support teams will once again be suspended from November 1st onwards.  This enables us to dedicate more time to supporting our customers over the Christmas period.
  • Packing of parcels to become full-time, seven days a week once more to cover the run up to Christmas.  The time available for managing emails, dealing with enquiries and so forth has also been increased.
  • Saturday collections plan to be implemented, making parcel despatch even quicker than usual (our record time from receipt of order to out of the door on a collection is around thirty-five minutes).
  • We have been in contact with our mail service companies (Royal Mail, couriers), to ensure that they were aware of our needs in plenty of time and that we have enough materials available such as mail bags, labels, postage sacks and such like to cope with the likely higher volumes.
  • More dedicated office time to help handle the increased number of phone calls that occur, after all, not everybody likes shopping on line and we do appreciate sometimes it’s nice to talk to a person.

To visit Everything Dinosaur: Visit Everything Dinosaur for Dinosaur Models, Toys and Games

 A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Black Friday and Cyber Monday for that matter will be business as usual for Everything Dinosaur.  We always put in plenty of resources to support customers and the Christmas run up is no different.  There will be no gimmicks or cynical marketing ploys from us, just honest people working hard to provide excellent value and terrific customer service.”

Everything Dinosaur has built up a very loyal customer base, we are happy to help out where we can, every day is “Black Friday” as far as Everything Dinosaur’s customers are concerned.

As other on line retailers prepare for Black Friday, Everything Dinosaur’s customers can be assured that this UK dinosaur company maximises value and customer service every day.

Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas

Christmas Posting Dates 2015 – Information

After the lovely warm weather enjoyed by much of the United Kingdom over the last few days, it may seem surprising but there are only eighty-five days left before Christmas day.  Palaeontologists may have to work in “deep time”, but these next few weeks are going to fly by, so Everything Dinosaur is urging all its customers to start thinking about Christmas and Christmas shopping.  As a mail order company which ships dinosaur toys and games all over the world we try to help our customers by publishing information on the last recommended posting dates to ensure items arrive in time for the big day.

We do try and help everybody as much as we can, the warehouse team will once again be working long hours, seven days a week and we will begin packing and despatching orders on Saturdays to help speed up deliveries.  We will also soon begin packing orders on Sundays to help customers.

Royal Mail has produced a guide about the last safe posting dates for Christmas for parcels and other mail sent around the UK and abroad.  A table reproduced below sums up the recommended posting dates by geographical region.  Our best advice is, as always, to post early.

A Table Illustrating the Last Safe Posting Dates for Christmas (2015)

Recommended last posting dates for Christmas.

Recommended last posting dates for Christmas.

Credit: Everything Dinosaur and Royal Mail

Please note:

The last recommended delivery dates for International Surface Mail to a number of countries have already passed.

Staff at Everything Dinosaur will, once again do all they can to help customers and below is a list of helpful tips and hints about the Christmas post.  It must be noted, the dates given in the table in this article are guidelines only, they represent the last recommended posting dates. Bad weather could lead to delays along with other factors such as increased security concerns, industrial action and so forth, so please, please do post early.  Give us time to help you.

Seven Tips for a Happy Mailing Christmas

1).  Remember to include the house number or house name with the delivery address information.

2).  Check postcode/zip code details carefully.

3).  Check delivery address details on orders to Everything Dinosaur, try checking twice.

4). Remember, with PayPal and our own website’s ordering process, customers can include a message to us in the order message box.  You can write in confirmation of delivery address or any specific, relevant information required to help ensure a speedy delivery.

5).  If you want to specify a different delivery address to your billing address, our website allows you to do this easily and without fuss.

6).  If you want to send an item to your work address, please ensure that you include the company name in the delivery address information.  Make sure that the work reception team are informed and try for a delivery during the working week, especially if  on Saturday/Sunday your premises are shut.

7). Take note of the recommended last posting dates for Christmas, and please, please, please post early.

If you have a query about Christmas deliveries, or indeed any aspect of Everything Dinosaur’s delivery service please feel free to contact us: Email Everything Dinosaur

To view the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur’s Website

CollectA 1:40 Feathered T. rex Dinosaur Model

CollectA Feathered T. rex Dinosaur Model in Stock

The CollectA feathered Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model has arrived and what a beautiful model of a feathered tyrannosaurid it is too.  The model with its clearly defined shaggy coat of proto-feathers stands on a sand effect base.  This perhaps this 1:40 scale T. rex replica to be depicted in a more dynamic pose than other models.  Both hind feet might be on the ground but the model gives the impression of this seven tonne dinosaur making a swift turn, perhaps to try and get round the horns of a Triceratops or some other unfortunate Late Cretaceous victim.

The Beautiful Feathered Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Model (CollectA)

We even supply a roll of cardboard with every model!

We even supply a roll of cardboard with every model!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The paint work and detail is super, as we have come to expect from CollectA, the details of that feathery covering can clearly be seen and we love the plume of red feathers on the skull.  They make this carnivore look particularly fearsome.

To view the range of CollectA scale dinosaur models available from Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Deluxe Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

The face is extremely expressive with its green, brown and black markings and the ear opening can be made out, a nice touch often overlooked in poorer quality replicas.

The 1:40 Scale CollectA Feathered T. rex

The opening for the ear has been skilfully modelled.

The opening for the ear has been skilfully modelled.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

From nose to tail this Tyrannosaurus rex measures a generous thirty-three centimetres long.  In fact the figure is slightly bigger than this as the head and the tip of the tail are curved inwards.  On the base, the model stands fifteen centimetres tall.

We suspect that this new for 2015 dinosaur model, a 1:40 scale replica of a feathered T. rex will be a big hit with dinosaur model fans and collectors alike.  You could say that they might get themselves into a “flap” over this particular Tyrannosaurus rex replica!

New Rebor Replicas Due in Stock

Latest Rebor Replicas Due in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The latest editions to the ever-growing range of Rebor replicas are due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse tomorrow (Friday, 14th August).  We are expecting the new, limited edition hatching Velociraptors replica along with the two dinosaur nest dioramas (Sauropod and Theropod nest).  These items have already cleared European customs and the most up to date information we have is that they have now begun their onward journey with an expected arrival time in the UK later this evening.  If all goes to plan, stock should be in our warehouse sometime on Friday and team members are going to be on standby to make sure that once product has arrived and been checked over it can be on line at Everything Dinosaur within minutes.

The Limited Edition Hatching Velociraptors Replica

Introducing "Lock, Stock, and Barrel".

Introducing “Lock, Stock, and Barrel”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Only 1,000 Velociraptor Hatching replicas are being made, this is the second introduction into the “Rebor Club Selection” range and the sculpting team have decided to give their trio of Theropods a retro feel with scaly skins rather than feathers.  It is certainly a most interesting figure.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s existing range of Rebor replicas: Rebor Replicas

The other two additions to the Rebor range are the Sauropod dinosaur nest diorama and the Theropod dinosaur nest diorama.  These sets contain twelve removable dinosaur eggs and show that different types of dinosaur created different types of nest and laid differently shaped eggs.

Both Rebor Dinosaur Nest Dioramas will be available From Everything Dinosaur

Beautifully crafted figures.

Beautifully crafted figures.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

These dinosaur nest replicas would be great for creating prehistoric scenes or dinosaur themed dioramas.

Get Ready for School with Everything Dinosaur

Get Ready for School with Everything Dinosaur

A little under four weeks and then it will be the start of the new school year for much of the United Kingdom.  Summer holidays will be a thing of the past and school children will be preparing themselves for the rigours of the autumn term.  It does not seem that long ago since team members at Everything Dinosaur were safely and securely packing away all their fossils and other resources after completing their last teaching assignments of the summer term 2015.  Our dinosaur workshops and tactile sessions which involve the exploration of fossils are as popular as ever, but now we can look forward to the new school year.

For mums and dads and other grown-ups looking to inspire and enthuse the next generation of scientists, look no further than Everything Dinosaur’s “Back to School Dinosaur Themed Range”.  We stock a huge range of prehistoric animal and dinosaur themed school kits, pens, pencils and stationery.  Whether it’s a dinosaur lunch box, dinosaur drinks bottle or dinosaur school bag Everything Dinosaur has it covered.

Back to School With Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur stocks an amazing range of dinosaur themed back to school items.

Everything Dinosaur stocks an amazing range of dinosaur themed back to school items.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

See Everything Dinosaur’s back to school range by clicking on the image above.

Everything Dinosaur stocks a wide range of back to school items, all supported by our much admired customer service.  Send your budding young palaeontologists off to school with this brilliant range of dinosaur themed school stationery, lunch boxes, kit bags, pens, pencils and other dinosaur themed school items.  Take a dinosaur to school or out on your own prehistoric adventures with Everything Dinosaur’s inexpensive range of back to school supplies and back to school stationery.

We even have a beautiful dinosaur alarm clock to help you get your little monsters up in the morning.

Dinosaur Themed Alarm Clock

Rise and shine with dinosaurs.

Rise and shine with dinosaurs.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Buy dinosaur themed back to school items on line. Everything Dinosaur stocks a very wide range of back to school items, which are ideal for primary school children.

In the meantime, Everything Dinosaur team members are busy preparing a whole new set of dinosaur workshops and other school activities as our autumn term teaching schedule is being finalised.  Staff are already working on a number of new palaeontology themed teaching assignments, including creating suitable lesson plans for key stages one through to four.

In the meantime, check out Everything Dinosaur’s comprehensive range of back to school items by clicking on the “Back 2 School” image above, or simply visit our website.

Back to School Merchandise from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Themed Back to School Stationery, Backpacks, Pens etc.

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