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23 04, 2009

Review of the Spring Edition of Prehistoric Times (Edition 89)

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Review of Prehistoric Times Spring Edition (Spring 2009)

Spring is in the air, we don’t have to worry about frosts in the morning any more and we have the chance when we get a moment to read our spring edition of Prehistoric Times, the excellent magazine for dinosaur fans and model collectors.

In this edition, prehistoric lions are featured with lots and lots of Panthera inspired artwork as well as fascinating facts and analysis of fossil finds.  Great to see part of the magazine dedicated to that star of the short-frilled Ceratopsids – Styracosaurus.  We agree with Mike Fredericks (editor), Styracosaurus is probably one of our favourite dinosaurs too.

Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (Spring Edition)

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

Intriguing to read Mark Berry’s article regarding “Primeval” the science fiction TV series now into a third series on ITV1.  There are rumours that negotiations have started in the USA for the production of an American TV spin off and there has been talk of a film based on the TV series.  One minor point, in the magazine, Primeval is referred to as a BBC TV programme but we don’t think this is the case as it is a production from Impossible Pictures and we don’t think the BBC are involved.  However, one small quibble in what is another excellent edition of Prehistoric Times.

Wonderful to read an article on Zdenek Burian, a very well known artist of landscapes and prehistoric animals, whose work was featured in many dinosaur books some of which we can remember reading in our youth (millions of years ago).

To visit the website of Prehistoric Times: Prehistoric Times Magazine

21 10, 2008

Review of the Autumn Edition of Prehistoric Times #87

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Prehistoric Times Autumn 2008

It’s that time of year again when the latest edition of Prehistoric Times, the must have magazine for dinosaur and prehistoric animal model enthusiasts lands on the office door mat.

In this edition of the quarterly magazine edited by Mike Fredericks, there are features on the “boneheads” of the Mesozoic the Pachycephalosaurs, plus an examination of some of the best preserved mummified dinosaur remains and information on what these extraordinary finds can tell palaeontologists.

With all the news on research and the latest discoveries, this edition is packed full of useful information and informative articles – we particularly liked the articles on Iguanodonts and those fearsome, but often overlooked beasts Entelodonts.

Top artists and illustrators are once again featured, with one of our favourite Palaeo artists John Sibbeck and his latest exhibition reported upon.  The Douglas Henderson interview provides an insight into the life and work of this incredibly dedicated and passionate illustrator.

The Autumn Edition of Prehistoric Times

Autumn 2008 issue

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

This magazine is in its fifteenth year of publication and continues to impress and inform.  If you want to keep up with the latest developments in palaeontology as well as learn all about the latest models and the market for dinosaur memorabilia, then Prehistoric Times is definitely the magazine for you.

Click on the picture of the 2008 magazine cover to visit the Prehistoric Times website.

21 07, 2008

Review of Summer Edition of Prehistoric Times (Edition 86)

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Review of Summer Edition of Prehistoric Times (Edition 86)

Another fact filled edition of Prehistoric Times is just out, this is the Summer edition of the quarterly magazine for Dinosaur enthusiasts and model collectors.  As always the standard of editing and article writing is high with lots of information about new models and the latest developments in palaeontology crammed into the magazine’s 60 colour pages.

The front cover features a Carcharodontosaurus “shark-toothed lizard”, an Allosaurid Theropod from mid-Cretaceous North Africa.  A representative of a family of dinosaurs that may well turn out to be the largest meat-eating dinosaurs of all.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (ed. 86)

Issue 86

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

There is an extensive article that brings together the latest research on these particular carnivores, informing the reader about the first discoveries of Carcharodontosaurids as well us providing updates on the latest interpretations of recently found meat-eaters which may also be classified a members of this dinosaur family.

In addition, there is a super and very practical article written by William Stout on how to become a paleoartist plus amongst all the other product reviews and news stories there is the first part of a feature by Tracy Ford on swimming dinosaurs.

Pleasing to see those early pioneers of the Sabre-Tooth look the Gorgonopsids are included in this edition.  There are lots of drawings of this fierce animal which have been sent in by readers and the article provides readers with further details on some of the 40 different species of family Gorgonopsidae.  Gorgonopsids had their profile raised when one of their kind, Gorgonops was featured in the BBC TV series “Walking with Monsters” and the first series of ITV’s action adventure series “Primeval”.

To subscribe to Prehistoric Times: Prehistoric Times Magazine

24 04, 2008

Review of Prehistoric Times (edition 85 – Spring)

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Review of Prehistoric Times (Spring 2008)

Spring is definitely on the way when our Spring edition of Prehistoric Times arrives at the office.  Prehistoric Times is the magazine for dinosaur merchandise and model collectors.  This latest edition marks 15 years of publication for the title.  Starting out as a black and white newsletter, the magazine has grown into a glossy compendium of information packed full of information about the latest discoveries in palaeontology as well as features and articles on the latest prehistoric animal models.

The Spring edition features a front cover depicting a Thylacoleo, the vicious marsupial lion that was the top predator in Australia for much of the Neogene.  The cover painting was created by the famous palaeoartist Mark Hallett, an article on these bizarre marsupial carnivores can be found inside along with features on the Hadrosaur Edmontosaurus and the second part of the article on the history of Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Spring Edition of Prehistoric Times

Prehistoric Times Magazine.

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

As usual there are contributions from a number of notable writers such as Joe DeMarco, Tracy Ford and Sean Kotz.

The magazine also reviews the palaeontology year with updates on the latest research and information on recent finds.

To visit the Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times Home Page

22 01, 2008

Review of Prehistoric Times – Issue 84 (Winter 2008)

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Review of Prehistoric Times – Issue 84

Mike Fredericks, his colleagues and contributors kick start 2008 with another very informative and packed edition of Prehistoric Times – the magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and prehistoric animal merchandise collectors.

The front cover features a Nothosaur – a Triassic marine reptile.  The picture has been specially commissioned for Prehistoric Times and was created by John Sibbick perhaps the most eminent dinosaur illustrator around today.  The front cover links to an article on the Nothosaurid group providing a history of fossil finds and giving palaeoartists the opportunity to depict these animals in their watery environment.

Keeping to the theme of prehistoric animals beginning with the letter “N” there is a special section on Nodosaurs, part of the armoured dinosaur family the Thyreophorans, similar to Ankylosaurs but lacking the tail club.  Putting aside the opening paragraphs depicting a battle between a male Edmontonia and a bull Triceratops, the article sets out to “right some of the wrongs” concerning Nodosaurs and give this group a little of the limelight so often hogged by the Stegosaurs and Ankylosaurs.

As well as the usual features about new products, fossil finds and the latest theories, issue 84 features a section on dinosaurs of Brazil.  The article is written by Augustin Martinelli and Ezequiel Vera, palaeontologists from Argentina and the article is well written and most informative.

The new developments at the famous Cleveland-Lloyd dinosaur quarry in the middle of the Morrison formation are discussed with cool pictures showing the new facilities and some of the latest fossil finds and last by not least T. rex gets a look in with the second part of an article tracing the history of Tyrannosaurus illustration.

All in all, an excellent read.

Prehistoric Times website: Visit Prehistoric Times

25 10, 2007

Prehistoric Times – Autumn 2007 Edition

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Review of Prehistoric Times Autumn Edition (Issue 83)

Prehistoric Times is a magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and collectors of related prehistoric animal merchandise.  Four issues are produced each year, edited by Mike Fredericks, the magazine is printed in America and has a strong bias towards the United States, but can be published on a subscription basis and sent all over the world.

Each full colour magazine includes reviews of the latest model kits, plus interviews with artists and scientists.  Plus news and information about prehistoric life and the latest scientific discoveries.

The autumn edtion features an interview with the creator of Dinotopia James Gurney, on the eve of publication of his new Dinotopia novel “Journey to Chandara”.  The article provides an insight into this new novel in the Dinotopia saga, with lots of illustrations taken from the Dinotopia series.

Prehistoric Times – Front Cover

New Issue of PT

Picture courtesy of Prehistoric Times

The magazine also features articles on ratites (Terror Birds) and raptors illustrated by a number of well-known palaeo-artists, plus a review of the latest models and kits.

To subscribe to this magazine:  Prehistoric Times

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