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31 01, 2012

Deposits Magazine (Issue 29) Reviewed

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Deposits Magazine (Winter Edition) in Review

Finally, managed to persuade my colleagues in the office to let me have the latest copy of Deposits magazine for a review.  It arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s offices about ten days ago, but since then the team members have been avidly reading it and up until now I have not been able to get my hands on it.

As always the latest edition, is jam packed full of interesting articles covering geology, palaeontology and of course mineralogy.  Must not forget the mineralogists, sometimes we overlook their contribution, pleasing to see the front cover is adorned with some artwork created from slices of colourful polished agate from around the world.

Front Cover of Deposits Magazine

Colourful agates adorn the front cover

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

One of the good things about this magazine is that it does not limit itself to UK locations, in this issue readers are transported to far flung places such as Morocco, Kenya as well as Poland and our own Dorset coast.  Amongst the usual updates on fossil finds, book reviews, (great to see a review of the excellent publication “English Wealden Fossils”, edited by David Batten), directories of societies and so on, there is a fascinating article on one of our favourite prehistoric animals, the enigmatic Leedsichthys.  The article, written by Dr. Jeff Liston documents some of the difficulties in excavating the delicate fossils associated with this huge Pachycormid.  As always, the article is well illustrated with lots of photographs and some stunning artwork created by our chum Bob Nicholls of

We looked on enviously at the pictures of recent finds from readers as well as the feature on the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, located at Dashanpu, at the heart of China’s Sichuan Province.  We regard this part of China as the “unofficial dinosaur capital of the world”, due to the amazing amount of dinosaur fossil material discovered in this area over recent years.

As guest editor, Dick Mol of he Natural History Museum (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) states:

“Deposits is an extremely attractive publication, – large sized magazine with an eye-catching layout.”

Check out issue 29, it is well worth reading.

16 01, 2012

A Review of Deposits Magazine (issue 28)

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Deposits Magazine- the International Rock and Fossil Magazine

As subscribers to this magazine we thought it high time that we wrote a brief review on this quarterly bulletin which concerns itself with all things related to geology, palaeontology and fossil collecting.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been readers for some time but as yet we have not put anything down in print with regards to this particular publication.  However, with the threat to the foreshore at Bracklesham Bay (West Sussex) we could effectively “kill two birds with one stone” as it were, combining a review with a bit of publicity concerning the campaign to save the Bracklesham Bay site as a location for family fossil hunts.

First the review of Deposits.  This is a full colour glossy, fifty-two page high quality Earth science magazine.  It is aimed at both beginners, enthusiasts and professionals.  The magazine has gained a strong reputation worldwide, for its superb quality of articles in topical areas.   Certainly, each issue does cover a great deal of ground (no pun intended).  Take for example issue 28 (Autumn 2011) which ever since its arrival before Christmas, it has been in residence in our board room available for all the staff to read.  In this particular edition, topics covered include an insight into the working day of a North Sea wellsite geologist, Palaeozoic fossils to be found in the southern Alps of Austria, Ammonites from New Guinea and the last part of a highly informative overview of the geology of Barbados.

The Front Cover of Deposits Magazine

Issue 28 – Deposits Magazine

Picture Credit: UKGE

One of the great benefits of this magazine, is that it is written for the general reader.  Technical areas of geology are discussed using terms and concepts that everyone including casual fossil collectors can understand.  Scientific papers are summarised in such a way that much of the technical language is removed thus permitting all readers to learn about new discoveries and such like.  We at Everything Dinosaur, try to do the same for aspects of vertebrate palaeontology within this humble web log, so we greatly appreciated the efforts of the editorial team behind this excellent publication.

An example of this would be the article on the fossils of the Carpathian Basin (a substantial and highly fossiliferous region of eastern Europe covering Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and portions of Austria).  The authors of what will be a series of articles about the Carpathian Basin (Gareth Dyke and Istvan Fozy), have provided a well-written and hugely enjoyable article and we look forward to reading more about this fascinating area of eastern Europe in future issues of the magazine.

Now for the plea for help.  The foreshore at Bracklesham Bay running to Selsey in West Sussex is under threat and could potentially be closed to fossil collectors.  The local district council intends to close the beach to families, visitors and fossil collectors to the east of the Bracklesham car park, as they want to designate this area as a kite surfing zone.

We know the Bracklesham Bay area very well, although it has been a few years since we visited this site whilst in the Chichester area.  It is a beautiful part of the world and a very popular location for fossil collectors as the foreshore has abundant fossils, bivalves, sharks teeth, teeth from rays, gastropods etc. all dating from the Palaeogene Period (50-45 million years ago).  The site has easy access and fossils can simply be picked up off the beach, it is a great location for families and many a  young fossil collector has started their collection and fired their enthusiasm for geology after a visit to this part of West Sussex.  Proposed changes to sea defences are already threatening the site, but if the Bracklesham Bay site is closed to fossil collectors this would be a great shame.

Whilst we accept that this location is also very popular with wind surfers and surfers, it remains one of the most family friendly fossil hunting locations in the whole of southern England and as such if this site or part of it were to be closed to families, then this would be extremely sad.

A Facebook campaign has been set up to try to lobby Chichester District Council and to influence any decisions taken over the future of Bracklesham Bay: Safeguarding Bracklesham Bay Campaign

It would be very helpful if readers could log onto this Facebook page and write a message of support etc.

6 01, 2012

100th Edition of Prehistoric Times Magazine – Here we Go!

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Expecting our Anniversary Edition of Prehistoric Times Any Day Now

One of the most exciting events of the Holocene epoch is nearly upon us, the long awaited, highly anticipated arrival of the 100th edition of Prehistoric Times.  To mark this special occasion the team behind the U.S. based magazine will be printing it with two centenary front covers.  As Mike Fredericks, the editor of Prehistoric Times, (otherwise known as PT) states:

“I am very proud to announce that the 100th issue of Prehistoric Times magazine is being printed now and will start shipping next week.  The issue features Albertosaurus and Dimetrodon, has an interview with the amazingly talented artist Peter Schouten, a behind the scenes look at the Terra Nova TV show, plus Steve Brusatte lists the top Paleo News of 2011 and on and on!”

When asked about to describe the two special front covers that have been chosen for this landmark publication, Mike added:

“The issue sports two different awesome Albertosaurus front covers. One by Fabio Pastori and the other by Raul Martin.  It is because of our loyal readers that I get to continue to have the time of my life producing this magazine.  I can’t thank you enough.”

Which Cover will you Get?

All Albertosaurus but which one will you get?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Prehistoric Times

We are looking forward to receiving our copy and to writing a review of this very special publication.

21 04, 2011

Review of Prehistoric Times (Spring 2011)

By | April 21st, 2011|Everything Dinosaur News and Updates, Magazine Reviews, Main Page|2 Comments

A Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Issue 97)

The latest edition of the magazine known as Prehistoric Times has just arrived in the office and what a bumper edition it is.  The front cover shows the rather gory features of an Acrocanthosaurus (Theropod dinosaur), as drawn by that talented artist Ricardo Delgado, an interview with Ricardo is featured and his work on the “Age of Reptiles” story series is discussed.  Two often neglected but much admired prehistoric animals are in this magazine.  Firstly, there is Plateosaurus, that leviathan from the Triassic, Phil Hore provides an update on the latest research and information on this member of the Sauropodomorpha.  The second prehistoric animal featured, it is really a group rather than a spotlight on a single genus – is the Champosaurs (Champosaurus), long lasting members of the Choristodera, with their crocodilian-like appearance.

Gregory S. Paul sets out the latest scientific work on the Azhdarchids (giant Pterosaurs) and asks the question – were these reptiles bigger than giraffes?  The latest palaeontology news is dealt with in depth (anything that we at Everything Dinosaur have not reported on is covered here), and there is a special section on the genus Giraffatitan.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (Issue 97)

“PT” for dinosaur fans

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The magazine includes lots and lots of contributions from readers, the latest dinosaur and prehistoric animal models plus book reviews and a special feature on how to model a Giganotosaurus.

To visit Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times

One article we enjoyed reading in particular, was the spread on the Museu de Paleontologia de Marilla, in Brazil.  Dinosauria are truly a world-wide phenomenon – great pictures and plenty of information about this museum in Sao Paulo state.

20 01, 2011

Review of Prehistoric Times (Winter 2011)

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Review of Prehistoric Times (Issue 96)

Our copy of Prehistoric Times arrived yesterday, a chance for us to catch up on all things related to prehistoric animal models and palaeontology, plus it reminded us to forward on to the editor some new pictures of the Papo “Dinosaures” releases for 2011.

The front cover of the latest edition of Prehistoric Times features the bizarre, gigantic South American extinct rodent Josephoartigasia as painted by James Gurney.   Described as a cross between a “pig and a rhinoceros”, the author and illustrator of the Dinotopia series comments in a brief article, how he went about creating this artwork.  In another section, James outlines how he went about creating a prehistoric scene showing Titanoboa (the largest snake known to science) constricting a large crocodile.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (Winter 2011)

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

There is a special feature on those cursorial Ornithomimosaurs with lots of artwork and illustrations submitted by readers and it is great to see an extensive and highly informative article on that often over looked group of animals the prehistoric giraffes (no pun intended, as if you could literally overlook a giraffe).

A very handy, double page spread written by the excellent Steve Brusatte of the American Museum of Natural History/Columbia University which highlights some of the most important palaeontological news stories of the last year, plus an informative report on the exhibits to be found at the Field Museum (Chicago) can be found in this edition.

Wonderful to read the article about dinosaur colouring books and how they have changed over the last twenty-five years and we were excited to see that there is going to be a re-issue of that amazing Tyrannosaurus rex 1:13 scale model produced originally by Aurora models back in the 1970s.  One of our team members has this kit somewhere, perhaps we should rebuild it, complete with its glow in the dark teeth and set it up in our boardroom.

Once again, a jam-packed edition and a credit to all the writers and illustrators concerned.

To visit Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times

13 10, 2010

Review of Prehistoric Times (Autumn Edition)

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Review of Prehistoric Times (Issue 95)

Our copy of Prehistoric Times has just arrived and I have managed to get a quick look before it gets hogged by all the other team members.  Another bumper edition with lots and lots of dinosaur and model making information from the number one magazine for the dinosaur fan and dinosaur model collector.

The first thing to stay about issue 95, the autumn edition, or as our across the Atlantic friends like to say, the fall edition, is the superb artwork on the front cover.

Front Cover Artwork on Prehistoric Times (Issue 95)

Artwork Credit: Daren Horley

The front cover features a magnificent picture of that late Cretaceous bone-headed dinosaur – Dracorex.  It was drawn by Daren Horley, the artist behind the artwork on the “Walking with Dinosaurs” television series and “Primeval”.  A Dracorex featured in series two of Primeval (Impossible Pictures).  In this particular episode time anomolies collide and a English knight from the Middle Ages mistakes a Dracorex for a dragon and evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter and his team have to break up the ensuing fight and return both parties to their respective time periods.  This issue of Prehistoric Times includes an interview with Daren and displays some of his amazing digital artwork, including some of the animals seen on the television programmes.

There is a special article on Iguanodon and it is great to see one of our many artist chums Richard Bizley, having his artwork displayed (look for it on page 14).  There is lots and lots of artwork to view and as always a summary of the latest dinosaur finds and discoveries.

Best of all, Phil Hore has written a highly informative and entertaining feature on the Trilobites, those wonderous Arthropods that sadly became extinct at the end of the Permian period.  Lots of really great pictures and information on these amazing creatures from the fossil record.  I look forward to being able to read this article tonight when I finish work.

Another great edition of Prehistoric Times, the magazine for dinosaur fans and model collectors.

Visit Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times

20 07, 2010

Review of Prehistoric Times (Issue 94)

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Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Summer edition)

The eagerly awaited next edition of the quarterly magazine Prehistoric Times arrived late last week, sent over from the United States as promptly as ever.  Prehistoric Times is the magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and model collectors.  Once again this Summer edition does not disappoint, we loved the front cover artwork depicting two time travellers coming face to face with a Tyrannosaur in some ancient, primeval jungle.  The artist Mark Rehkopf produced this illustration especially for the magazine and there is an interview with Mark and a showcase of some of his work on the inside pages.

The Specially Commissioned Artwork for Prehistoric Times

Summer edition

Picture Credit: Mark Rehkopf/Mike Fredericks

The featured prehistoric animals this quarter are Therizinosaurs (a special on Scythe Lizards) plus an article on amazing Pterosaurs and an update on Megalodon facts and fallacies.  Once again there are lots of examples of reader’s artwork featured and a really fascinating article written by the excellent Tracy Lee Ford on swimming Psittacosaurs.  Great to see a review and some super pictures of the Museum of Ancient Life in Utah (we really must send in some pics and information on the museums we work with).  Also, in the book review section there is an unbiased and informative review on the new Horned Dinosaurs book – “New Perspectives on Horned Dinosaurs: The Royal Tyrrell Museum Ceratopsian Symposium”, a definitive study of horned dinosaurs (not withstanding the current controversy over T.  latus and T. horridus.

All in all a super magazine and well worth the subscription.

To visit the Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times

20 06, 2010

Sneak Preview of Prehistoric Times (Summer 2010)

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Sneak Preview of Next Edition of Prehistoric Times (edition 94)

On Friday, we received an email from our good friend Mike Fredericks (editor of Prehistoric Times), in the email was a sneak preview of the next edition of this magazine for dinosaur fans, palaeoartists and model collectors.

Prehistoric Times, is the magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and it is packed full of news stories, features, artwork and information about the latest developments in palaeontology as well as lots and lots of information about prehistoric animal models.

Sneak Preview of Prehistoric Times (Issue 94)

Prehistoric Times (issue 94)

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

As well as featuring cool prehistoric animals such as the amazing Therizinosaurs (Scythe lizards), the giant shark Megalodon and Pterosaurs it is going to be fun to read all about the Dryptosaurus project – a campaign to publicise and eventually lead to a mounted exhibit of the USA’s second oldest dinosaur (in terms of date described).

To visit the Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times

25 04, 2010

Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Spring 2010)

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A Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Spring 2010) – issue 93

The countdown to the centenary edition of Prehistoric Times continues with the eagerly awaited arrival of issue 92 (Spring 2010).  Prehistoric Times is an American based magazine designed to cater for prehistoric animal fans, amateur fossil hunters, model makers, collectors and enthusiasts of all things dinosaur.  Now in its seventeenth year of production this quarterly magazine goes from strength to strength.

Issue 93 covers a whopping 63 pages.  The featured prehistoric animals in this edition are Mastodons and Spinosaurus.  There is some super artwork on these amazing creatures, really nice to see a “Kids Korner” feature (trust our American friends to alter the English spelling), with a number of Spinosaurus drawings sent in by younger dinosaur fans.  There is a super article on Spinosaurus written by Phil Hore, it explains how the excavation of this particular dinosaur by the famous German palaeontologist Ernst Stromer was interrupted by world events and tells the story of how much of the early 20th Century fossil material was destroyed.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times Spring 2010

Issue 93

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks

Tracy Lee Ford, has written a fascinating article in the series “How to Draw Dinosaurs”, concentrating on the drawing and interpretation of feathered dinosaurs.  This feature fits nicely with the Paleonews section, as it covers the evidence of colouration in a dinosaur fossil – the recently published paper on the small Chinese Theropod Sinosauropteryx.

To read more about this discovery: Melanosomes provide Further Evidence of Feathered Dinosaurs

The news section covers the latest dinosaur and prehistoric animal discoveries, and provides a summary of some of the news stories surrounding palaeontology that have been published in the last few months or so.  The Everything Dinosaur blog provides a little more detail on many of these news stories but it is a handy compendium of what has been happening in the dynamic Earth Sciences since Christmas.  Our old friends, the creators of Jurassic Wars – the dinosaur themed combat game get a mention and a review in the magazine and as I write this a model of Amebelodon (Carnegie Safari) looks down on me from the shelf and it is very pleasing to see the in-depth article on Mastodons and other primitive elephants written by Mark Hallett.

To subscribe to Prehistoric Times: Prehistoric Times Magazine

All in all, a very good publication from Mike Fredericks and team, we are looking forward to discussing the magazine and its contents in the office tomorrow – something to look forward to on a Monday morning.


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