JurassicCollectables Unboxing a Battat Terra T. rex

JurassicCollectables Battat Terra T. rex Unboxing

Our chums at JurassicCollectables have produced another prehistoric animal model video.  For the first time on their YouTube they feature one of the Battat Terra dinosaur models, the Tyrannosaurus rex no less.  This model is one of the largest of the twelve Battat Terra dinosaur replicas currently available and JurassicCollectables present an unboxing video, opening the package that we sent them, we note the very sensible advice about using a craft knife.

JurassicCollectables Unboxing Video of the Battat Terra Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: Jurassic Collectables

JurassicCollectables have their own YouTube channel dedicated to all things dinosaur.  The channel features lots of wonderful dinosaur model reviews and we urge readers to visit JurassicCollectables on Youtube and to subscribe to this very informative channel: Check out the JurassicCollectables YouTube Channel

The Battat Terra Dinosaurs

The Battat Terra dinosaurs were introduced last year, they are repaints of the model line created by Battat and the highly respected, American palaeoartist Dan LoRusso that was originally designed for the Boston Museum of Science.  Sadly, with the death of Dan, plans to introduce other replicas that were once part of the range, remain on hold but in our meetings with the Battat family we have expressed our interest in stocking all the replicas that become available.  We feel that this would be a fitting tribute to the inspirational Dan LoRusso.

The Current Battat Terra Dinosaur Range Consists of Twelve Models

The range of 12 Battat Terra Dinosaur Models.

A set of Battat Terra dinosaur models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The current Battat Terra dinosaur range is certainly very colourful.  As well as the Tyrannosaurus rex replica, there are five other Theropod dinosaurs included in this range.  They are the Acrocanthosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Crylophosaurus, Carnotaurus and the scythe lizard Nanshiungosaurus.  Dinosaur model collectors are advised that the Battat Terra Nanshiungosaurus has been retired, stocks are available but this therizinosaurid figure is not going to be manufactured any more.

To view the Battat Terra dinosaur models available from Everything Dinosaur: Battat Terra Dinosaurs

These wonderful models range in size from a compact eleven centimetres long to an impressive twenty-eight centimetres in length. In truth, a number of models are slightly bigger than the measurement figures we have given them on our website, as we have not taken into account the length of any curved tails.

Battat Terra Dinosaur Models

Battat Terra Dinosaurs

The excellent Battat Terra dinosaur models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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4 Responses to “JurassicCollectables Unboxing a Battat Terra T. rex”

  1. Concavenator says:

    Will the Gastonia,Gigantoraptor,Europasaurus and Pentaceratops be released eventually?And the rest of repaints?

    • Mike says:

      We have urged Battat to do exactly that and at Everything Dinosaur we have already informally agreed to stocking any further additions to the range. The Nanshiungosaurus figure has already been retired though.

      • Concavenator says:

        Thanks for the reply! Is there,however,any chance of them to be released?As far as I know since Dan’s passing the line has indeed been very inactive.I thought that perhaps the rest of repaints could be released but not so sure about the new sculpts (including the Nasutoceratops,which I apparently forgot).Could you confirm this?

        • Mike says:

          The decision rests with Battat senior management, we have lobbied them and promised to take into our stock any additional models, but so far we are not aware of any decision regarding the future of the Battat Terra range having been made.

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