Papo Baby Triceratops – A Written Review

Papo Baby Triceratops Gets Reviewed

The last of the 2014 model introductions into the Papo range has arrived at Everything Dinosaur, it is the baby Triceratops replica and this is our review of this Papo dinosaur model.

Although Triceratops fossil material accounts for nearly forty percent of all the dinosaur fossils excavated from the famous Hell Creek Formation of the United States, fossils of baby dinosaurs are exceptionally rare.  Although there have been a few examples, including fragmentary elements of skull material from juvenile Triceratops often found in association with the bones of adult animals.  This association of bones from younger animals found with the fossilised remains of larger, older animals suggests that this horned dinosaur may have lived in small herds or even family groups.

Young, juvenile Triceratops would have relied upon the protection of adult animals.  A herd structure made up of dinosaurs of different ages would have made an effective defensive strategy against attacks from marauding Tyrannosaurs.

The Baby Triceratops Dinosaur Model from Papo

New for 2014 from Papo

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view Papo Dinosaur models at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

The new baby Triceratops model manufactured by Papo measures around ten centimetres in length and the head with its small, brow horns and neck crest stands around five and a half centimetres high.  It is not possible to determine the age.  However, in 1997 the thirty centimetre long, nearly complete skull of a juvenile Triceratops was collected from the Montana portion of the Hell Creek Formation.  Its brow horns, horns that would grow to be more than a metre long in adults, were only a couple of inches in size and it was estimated that this specimen was around a year old or thereabouts.

The Papo baby Triceratops is obviously well fed as the model makers at Papo have given their replica a big stomach and there are lots of skin detail to admire both on the top and on the underside of this figure.  Along the back, the model has been given rows of larger scales, which are painted an off-white colour to help them stand out against the metallic grey colouration of the flanks, limbs and down the tail.  It has even been described as looking quite cute.

A Cute Baby Triceratops Dinosaur Model

Cute for a Triceratops?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The head shows lots of detail and reflects the fossil material found in Montana back in 1997.  The face has a greenish tint to it and the skull crest has been painted a sandy colour, with larger scales highlighted in black.  Interestingly, the neck shield has definite scalloped edges to it, these wavy edges were replaced in fully mature animals by the development of triangular scales along the edge of the adult frill.  The neck shield of this Papo model reflects quite accurately what is now known about the frills of juvenile Triceratops.

One small point to make about the feet, although the hind feet on this replica have the correct number of toes (four), the front feet are missing a digit.  Triceratops had five digits on its front feet, the Papo  baby Triceratops shows only four digits on its front feet.

This replica with its typical baby dinosaur features, the disproportionately large skull, the big eyes, small horns and short tail, works very well when it is placed alongside the adult Triceratops figure which was introduced by Papo into their prehistoric animal model range sometime ago.

Two Triceratops Models Available from Everything Dinosaur

The baby Triceratops figure next to the adult Papo Triceratops

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

All in all this is an excellent young Triceratops dinosaur model.  For example, if you look very closely at the open jaws ,details of the animal’s palate can be made out in the roof of the mouth along with a small, pink tongue filling the lower jaw.  This replica is a welcome addition to the Papo model range.

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3 Responses to “Papo Baby Triceratops – A Written Review”

  1. Concavenator says:

    On the Dinosaur Toy Forum,we have started a poll to see our prior wants to see from Papo.My only quesion would be if the introductions for 2015 are already planned,because then,we’d be wishing for another year.
    Fantastic take on this creature.However,I personally think the most impressive Papo of the year has been the Archaeopteryx,overall because it’s wonderful when we get a feathered dino,and even from Papo,things turn out even better.
    That’s my opinion tough.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, we see a lot of “wish lists” on forums including the Dinosaur Toy Forum. Papo, like a lot of manufacturers we work with are very secretive about new models, there is a lot of rivalry between various companies. What we advise when it comes to lists of this sort is to consider that these businesses have a number of other lines in their portfolios too, so the design and planning of new models does take longer than most people think. However, such posts and polls are tremendous fun and we enjoy taking part in them and reading the suggestions. We do provide a lot of feedback direct to manufacturers, most of the feedback we pass on are direct from our customers who correspond with us. We feel most loyal to these people, for they are the ones who support our business. In terms of 2015 offerings, we are not at liberty to comment, although I can assure you that there are some interesting models on the horizon and when it comes to looking back over previous forum posts, some of the new model introductions are going to make contributors very happy as they have got it spot on!

      As part of Everything Dinosaur’s philosophy we would never knowingly betray a confidence, so we will not reveal what we know until we have express permission to do so. We would love to say more about new models but it would not be fair on our chums at companies like Papo, Schleich, Collecta, Safari etc.

      Thanks for the comments on the Papo Archaeopteryx and baby Triceratops, we also pass on such feedback to the likes of Papo etc. These companies are always grateful to hear from Everything Dinosaur about how their models have been received.

      • Concavenator says:

        Thanks for answering.BTW I can’t wait til I get the Papo Dilophosaurus.I might order it.Thanks.

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