A Video Review of the Carnegie Dinosaur T. rex Dinosaur Model

Carnegie Dinosaurs T. rex – Video Review

Everything Dinosaur team members have produced a brief (4:47) video review of the Carnegie Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus rex model that has come out this year.  This T. rex replica is the only new addition to the excellent Carnegie Collectibles scale model series and it is great to see another example of a Tyrannosaur model.

A Video Review of the Carnegie Dinosaurs T. rex Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In the video review, we comment on the care taken by the design team over the size and shape of this dinosaur’s feet.  In addition, we discuss the position of those famous tiny arms and explain how this model reflects some of the latest thinking with regards to Late Cretaceous Theropods.

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One Response to “A Video Review of the Carnegie Dinosaur T. rex Dinosaur Model”

  1. Concavenator says:

    It’s a shame Carnegie’s been releasing just one new figure per year.Can’t they release 2 figures as they idid in the past?I was really disappointed with just one new figure in 2014,the anniversary year for Carnegie.Also,can’t they stop it with the tripod stance?Other companies release theropod figures without oversized feet,but Carnegie sticks to tripods.Please tell these issues to the manufacturer if ypu have the chance.
    On the other hand,I think this is the most aesthetic Tyrannosaurus rex in the toy market currently.
    Can’t wait to see the ( delayed ) feathered dinosaur toy by Carnegie (Velociraptor?) in 2015.I think Carnegie is the best dinosaur model brand out there.

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