Papo Archaeopteryx – Measurements

Papo Archaeopteryx Model (2014) – Vital Statistics

Everything Dinosaur team members have just received an update from Papo of France about the measurements of the eagerly awaited Archaeopteryx figure.  This information is helpful to collectors and dinosaur model fans as it enables a scale for the actual model to be calculated.

Papo Archaeopteryx Model (2014 Release)
New from Papo for 2014 a model of Archaeopteryx.

New from Papo for 2014 a model of Archaeopteryx.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dimensions of the new for 2014 Papo Archaeopteryx model:

  • Length = 12.5cm
  • Wingspan = 13.5cm
  • Height = 6.5cm

Based on an approximate wingspan of Archaeopteryx lithographica being around 50 centimetres, we calculate that the new Papo model will be in 3.75 scale approximately.  No launch date has been announced by Papo, we don’t have a manufacture date either but we will find out more as we have a meeting with Papo senior management shortly and then we can post up more information on this blog.

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3 Responses to “Papo Archaeopteryx – Measurements”

  1. Concavenator says:

    I have a question:will Papo’s Dilophosaurus and Papo’ Archaeopteryx feature articulated jaws?
    Thanks so much.

    • Mike says:

      That’s a good point, the original plans involved articulating the jaws on the Dilophosaurus that’s for sure, we did point out that the Oviraptor (another Theropod) did not have articulated jaws at a meeting with Papo a while back when the lower jaws were discussed and the point about having articulated jaws on all the Theropods was raised. We have another meeting with Papo in about three weeks time, we can raise the question for you then and in the meantime we will look at our notes.

  2. Manuel Alejandro Gómez Ramos says:

    Mike would ask a question and when we know the fans netizens toy dinosaurs on measures of Dilophosaurus and baby triceratops?

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