New Prehistoric Animal Models from Papo (2014)

Papo Reveals New Additions to Prehistoric Animal Model Range for 2014 – Archaeopteryx, Dilophosaurus and a Baby Triceratops

The wait is over, we can now reveal that Papo will be adding a model of the creature sometimes referred to as the “first bird” Archaeopteryx to their prehistoric animal model range in 2014.  The figure is of Archaeopteryx lithographica and what a marvellous figure it is.  The company will also be bringing out a replica of the fearsome predator Dilophosaurus and a rather cute baby Triceratops to accompany the adult “three horned face” that is already part of the Papo model range.

Papo Takes to the Air in 2014 – Papo Archaeopteryx

New from Papo for 2014 a model of Archaeopteryx.

New from Papo for 2014 a model of Archaeopteryx.

Picture Credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

Formally named and described in 1861, Archaeopteryx with its bird-like and reptile-like features is often described as a transitional fossil.  An animal that represents a sort of half-way house between the Dinosauria and the true Aves (Birds).  The Archaeopteryx fossil material at the Natural History Museum (London), is regarded as the holotype and it has been one of the most closely studied fossil specimens of all.  Everything Dinosaur has reported on a number of academic studies into the fossil material, studies that attempted to provide an insight into this creature’s evolution and Archaeopteryx’s flight capabilities.

Article on Archaeopteryx colouration: Archaeopteryx – Back in Black

Flight capabilities in the Dinosauria: Study shows Dinosaur Brains Pre-programmed for Flight

The second new addition to Papo range of prehistoric animal models for 2014 is this rather wonderful replica of the fearsome predator Dilophosaurus.

Dilophosaurus Set for Release in 2014

Available in 2014 from Everything Dinosaur.

Available in 2014 from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

Dimensions for the Archaeopteryx or the Dilophosaurus have not been released yet but as soon as Everything Dinosaur gets briefed we will post them up on this blog and on our Facebook site.

Last but not least comes this rather cute baby Triceratops.  The model has been designed to reflect what is currently known about the growth rates and appearance of baby Ceratopsians.  The model should work well with the adult Triceratops model which is already in the Papo prehistoric animal model range.

Baby Triceratops Model Joins the Papo Range for 2014

Available in 2014 from Everything Dinosaur.

Available in 2014 from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

The baby Triceratops with its stumpy tail, large eyes and rudimentary horns is an accurate representation of what most palaeontologists think a young Triceratops would look like.  The skin texture looks really realistic too, we have been lucky enough to have seen examples of Triceratops fossilised skin impressions and examine them close up.  When the prototypes are available we will have to count those toes and fingers but all in all this model and the two other new additions to the Papo range look most impressive.

A spokes person from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Papo have added another three, intriguing models to their prehistoric animal model series.  This company has developed a strong reputation for the quality of its replicas and figures and it is always a pleasure to see new additions to this French company’s portfolio.”

None of these figures will be available before the 1st March next year, when we get more details we will make sure we post them up.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s current Papo prehistoric animal model range: Papo Prehistoric Animal Model Range

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  1. Rhiannon Short says:

    I can’t express how very excited I am about these models and remain dignified at the sane time, so I’ll leave it at this, and spend the afternoon bouncing around my workplace (I’ll blame too much coffee!)

  2. Manuel Alejandro Gómez Ramos says:

    They are hyper-realistic model especially have they impacted me Archeopteryx and Dilophosaurus, but honestly and I want this do not take this the wrong company Papo and do not want to believe that’s a compliment, I understand that this year is undoubtedly the year of Collecta .

    Collecta apparently seen has reached the pinnacle of all companies of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals and I know that in this case all comparisons are odious, but it’s true, if not shut up me.

    Papo is very good but from my humble point of view and my complete lack of paleontological knowledge this is the year of Collecta.

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