Papo Dimetrodon – A Video Review

Everything Dinosaur Reviews the Papo Dimetrodon Model

The last of the 2013 model releases in Papo’s prehistoric animal range of replicas is the Dimetrodon.  It has been worth the wait, as this is a wonderful model of this Permian predator.  Dimetrodon may have existed long before the Dinosauria evolved, but for some reason this sail-backed reptile is synonymous with dinosaur model collections.  Papo, as a French company refer to their range of prehistoric animal replicas as “Dinosaures”, this can be a little confusing as it now includes a mammal-like reptile, one that is only very distantly related to that part of the reptile family tree that gave rise to the dinosaurs.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have made a short video review of the model.  In this video, it lasts around 5 minutes, we look at the model in detail, highlight some features and discuss fossil evidence that relates to the Dimetrodon genera.

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of the Papo Dimetrodon Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Earlier in the year, Papo added a Carnotaurus and a Woolly Rhino model replica to their prehistoric animal model range.  Only one of the models introduced this year is actually a dinosaur.  It is good to see the design team at Papo working on a variety of prehistoric creatures.  We know that plans are progressing well with regards to new model introductions for 2014, from the reviews we have received so far for the 2013 models, Papo will have to work hard to maintain their high standards.

Papo models available at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Models

4 Responses to “Papo Dimetrodon – A Video Review”

  1. Don Healy says:

    OK. another Dimetrodon, and a good looking one BUT why can’t someone produce an Edaphrosaurus?? Only one version has been produced in the last 15 years and it disappeared quickly. All these Dimetrodons and nothing to eat!!!

    • Mike says:

      Sadly, it is a question of what sells and Dimetrodon remains the “A lister” in terms of Permian creatures. We have lobbied a number of manufacturers about filling in the gaps a bit, perhaps Safari Ltd to make a Toob of Permian critters – Tetrapods which include amphibians and reptiles. This is the first model of its kind made by Papo, they don’t even have any Triassic fauna represented yet and we think with their expertise in making lizard models they could exploit this knowledge to create some really fascinating Permian and Early Triassic models. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

  2. Manuel Alejandro Gómez Ramos says:

    The Papo Dimetrodon is a little masterpiece within the toy dinosaurs market, a real beauty.
    Also performing will Papo prehistoric reptiles or mammals vanguard or dark, for example Archelon, Kronosaurus, Eobasileus, Hyaenodon or Paraceratherium that rivalize with Collecta? It would be interesting and it’s a shame you did not do for now.

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks for your comments.

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