Update on the Papo Brachiosaurus (New Model from Papo)

Papo Brachiosaurus Model – Latest News

Papo were in touch with Everything Dinosaur team members this morning.  There are going to be some new Brachiosaurus models arriving in Europe but the deliveries are going to be staggered.  Only about 50% of the European stock is going to arrive in time for Christmas as we understand the current situation.  We at Everything Dinosaur, as we work closely with Papo, will be largely unaffected by this, the first of our models should be with us next week, a second delivery is going to be sent mid November.

Papo are very aware how much interest has been generated by their Brachiosaurus replica.  It is a substantial model which measures approximately forty centimetres in length and stands something like  thirty-one centimetres tall.  Papo have an excellent reputation for producing beautiful dinosaur models and this new figure is no exception.  Staff at Papo are doing all they can to ensure models are despatched from the factory as quickly as possible.

To view the concept images of the Papo model: Update on the Papo Brachiosaurus – Pictures

We should have enough models to go round and we remain committed to doing what we can to supply everybody who has requested this model.  Our intention is to do this on a first come, first served basis so that those people who have contacted us earlier get their model first, this seems the fairest way to deal with the situation until our second delivery arrives.

Of course, things can go wrong, we are dependent on Papo shipping the deliveries over to us and supplying the number of models that we have requested.  However, we will do our best to accommodate everybody and I am so pleased that we do not insist on a pre-order policy where people pay for models up front like some other companies do.  I fear that some people who have already allegedly purchased a model from other companies on a pre-order basis might be disappointed when their item is not available this side of Christmas.

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9 Responses to “Update on the Papo Brachiosaurus (New Model from Papo)”

  1. Kelvin A. Classen says:

    How can I get my hands on one of these fascinating trophies?

    • Mike says:

      Hi Kelvin,
      Thanks for your comment, as to getting hold of the Papo Brachiosaurus, we suggest you drop an email to Everything Dinosaur – sales@everythingdinosaur.com they might be able to help you.

      • John Jones says:

        I was wondering when you guys recieve the Papo Brachiosaurus model what would we have to do to purchase one from everything dinosaur.

        • John Jones says:

          And also how many will you have in stock and will enough be available to customers in the remainder of 2012?

          • Mike says:

            We appreciate your input, comments are always welcome. As you may be aware there is a shortage of Papo Brachiosaurus models available but we at Everything Dinosaur are more fortunate than most, thanks to our close working relationship with Papo. We have explained the situation and stock status of this model in an email to you.

        • Mike says:

          Hello John,

          Thanks for your comments we have sent you an email message that updates you on the Papo Brachiosaurus.

  2. Amy says:

    I have been waiting for this fella for what seems like an eternity, watching it’s arrival date move from one month to the next.. I would be very interested in knowing when you will have them in stock. Thanks!

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