First Pictures of Papo Brachiosaurus (Prototype)

Papo Brachiosaurus (Prototype) seen at Chinese Exhibition

We have received the first pictures of the Papo Brachiosaurus dinosaur model (thanks Yang).  These pictures were taken at a recent Chinese exhibition, Papo were exhibiting their model and figure range and of course new models such as the Papo Brachiosaurus were prominent in their display.

Papo Brachiosaurus (Prototype) Model

Pictures at an exhibition - Papo Brachiosaurus.

Picture Credit: Yang Gu/Everything Dinosaur

The Papo Brachiosaurus figure was due to be launched in July of this year, but it has been delayed for a number of reasons.  This is one of the largest figures to be attempted by the French manufacturer, it is certainly the largest replica in the company’s “Dinosaures” range.

To view Papo prehistoric animal models at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have kept in close contact with Papo, for example, the latest information on this model, an update on its progress in the factory was posted only 24 hours ago.  One of the reasons for the delay in production has been that the design team have been keen to ensure the models received the attention and care that is a trademark of the Papo figure ranges whilst in the paint shop.  The first batches of production figures are currently being painted and finished prior to their despatch to the European distribution hub in France.  The figure in the picture is painted a greenish colour, all the pre-production prints that we saw (and have posted on this web blog), suggest that the model was going to be brown in colour, reminiscent of the Brachiosaurus seen in the Jurassic Park movies.

A Close up of the Brachiosaurus seen in China 

Detailed skin texture can be made out on the new model.

Picture Credit: Yang Gu/Everything Dinosaur

The close up picture shows the fine details on the skin, with lots of skin texture and muscle definition.  The sculpting team have really been able to give an impression of a powerful animal that is moving in this particular replica.   There is some excellent tonal contrast between the upper body and the undersides of the animal and the thick, muscular neck is well depicted.  It does remind us of the recently retired Carnegie Collectibles Brachiosaurus, although with the released pictures showing a model painted brown, it will be interesting to see whether the final versions of this figure show the colour change from brown to green.

We are expecting our stock of these models to be with us around the end of the month, we have been promised that Everything Dinosaur will be one of the first companies to receive their stock and we have a video review script already prepared so that we can review this model as soon as it arrives.  We shall soon see whether this new replica is green or brown.

3 Responses to “First Pictures of Papo Brachiosaurus (Prototype)”

  1. Manuel Alejandro Gómez Ramos says:

    I remember as I said at the forum that the facebook everythingdinosaur dinosaur reminds me of a great artist’s rendering of John Sibbick, certainly a reputable paleoartist one of my favorites along with Argentine Jorge Blanco and also great Dougal Dixon .
    It’s worth the wait if as detailed as Vastatosaurus (aka Tyrannosaurus) Papo of this year, and this dinosaur is perhaps within the toy market as the best first impressions Giraffatitan made ​​by any company. Congratulations to the brand Papo.

  2. JACK says:

    -so this isnt brachiosaurus altithorax???giraffititan is supossed 2 be slimmer and more slender while the american brachiosauus remains show a more massive beast overall and longer body as well so a thicker neck probably-even so the figure is bettr than carnegie brachiosaurs-even the new version-

    • Mike says:

      The debate over the African and the North American Brachiosaurid material is set to continue for some time. Dinosaurs continued to grow for as long as they lived which adds an extra dimension to the Giraffatitan and Brachiosaurus issue. Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Search for Giraffatitan in this blog for further information.

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