A Review of the Collecta Achelousaurus Dinosaur Model

Collecta Achelousaurus Reviewed

Collecta, the toy and replica company are earning a well-deserved reputation for their excellent models of horned dinosaurs.  Over the past couple of years, this company has introduced a number of horned dinosaurs into their dinosaur model range, there is of course a Triceratops (several in fact); but in addition Styracosaurus, Torosaurus, Koreaceratops, Utahceratops and Chasmosaurus have been included.

All these models are very well designed and accurately depict the prehistoric animals they represent, this review concerns one horned dinosaur (Ceratopsian) – Achelousaurus and what a very good model it is too.

Achelousaurus Dinosaur Model from Collecta

Horned Dinosaur Model

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Achelousaurus model measures fifteen centimetres in length, although this is not supposed to be a scale model, as palaeontologists estimate Achelousaurus to have grown to about six metres, this makes the model approximately 1:40 scale.  This Cretaceous herbivore was named Achelous’s Lizard after the Greek horned river God Achelous.  The name is pronounced Ak-ee-low-saw-us.

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Achelousaurus is known from several partial skulls and a single fragmentary skeleton discovered in the upper layers of the famous Two Medicine Formation of Montana (United States).  Achelousaurus is a medium-sized horned dinosaur related to Pachyrhinosaurus and Centrosaurus.  Named by the Canadian palaeontologist Scott Sampson in the mid 1990s, the species name “horneri” honours the American palaeontologist John “Jack” Horner who was born in Montana and has worked extensively on dinosaur fossils found in that American State.  As several fossil elements from the type species (Achelousaurus horneri) and other individuals were found in close proximity, palaeontologists believe that this plant-eating dinosaur lived in herds.

A Close up of the Head of the Model showing the  Fine Crest

Brightly coloured features on this horned dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the fine details on this Achelousaurus dinosaur replica, even the dinosaur’s pink tongue can be clearly seen.

The model is very well made and depicts a sturdy, Late Cretaceous Ceratopsian, a member of the Centrosaurine group of horned dinosaurs, known for their relatively short neck frills and the presence of a horn or large bump on top of the naris bone.  The model is painted a sandy, brown colour with subtle bands of black colouration running from the back of the neck along the body and down to the stumpy tail.  The substantial and prominent bump on the nose is painted a vivid red.  There are also red paint markings on the front of the neck crest.  Scientists believe that visual communication was very important to dinosaurs, a brightly coloured frill with a distinctive nose horn may have acted as a signalling device between herd members or perhaps for visual display to permit disputes to be settled.  The eyes are particularly well painted as are the large nostrils of this heavy-set dinosaur.

This replica of one of the more unusual of the horned dinosaurs will make an excellent addition to a dinosaur model collector’s collection, it is also likely to prove to be a firm favourite amongst dinosaur fans.

6 Responses to “A Review of the Collecta Achelousaurus Dinosaur Model”

  1. Robert Baker says:

    I agree with everything you said, this is a super little model of a horned dinosaur and my personal favourite of the recent releases.
    However, I hope that CollectA will eventually produce models of Protoceratops and Centrosaurus, which seem to have been somewhat overshadowed by the more flamboyant species. Speaking of which, I also hope to see Diabloceratops in the fullness of time.

    • Mike says:

      We have put forward a number of not-to-scale model suggestions one of which was a Protoceratops, either as a stand alone or to be presented on a base with a nest of eggs and young. We should be having a meeting with the manufacturer early next year for 2014 releases and hopefully by the end of the autumn will shall be announcing what new items are coming in for 2013.

  2. Robert Baker says:

    That sounds like good news to me. Any further developments on my suggestion that it was about time for an Ichthyosaur to be included in the excellent marine reptiles group ?

    • Mike says:

      We are not able to comment on plans for the next set of models, but we can say that we did pass on a number of model suggestions that we had received from CollectA fans and a request for a British Ichthyosaur model was amongst them. Rest assured as soon as we are able to provide more information we will post it up. Thanks for your input and product suggestions.

  3. Juan Andrés says:

    I think would be good for collectA release a deluxe scale series Allosaurus model. A ceratopsian like Pentaceratops wouldn’t be bad too.Me and a lot of people very very wish an excalent model for a Yutyrannus.I think a deluxe Iguanodon or even Giganotosaurus are good options too.Do you think so?Please answer.I’m an extremely fan of collectA .

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