Papo Standing Tyrannosaurus rex (Green versus Brown – the Differences)

Outlining some of the Differences between the Two Papo Models

Team members at Everything Dinosaur were informed some time ago that the Papo green T. rex replica, part of the French manufacturer’s “Dinosaures” range would be replaced in what was termed a “running change”, the replacement would be a re-paint of the original model.  The new replica would be coloured brown.  No other changes to the figure were expected, but as these new brown coloured models have started to enter circulation, a number of keen eyed collectors and dinosaur fans have identified some differences between these two models.

The Papo T. rex was one of the first dinosaur models introduced by the new management team at Papo (product code 55001), it is one of the company’s most popular replicas and it has been nick-named by several Everything Dinosaur staff as the “JP rex”, due to this model’s resemblance to the Tyrannosaurus rex seen in the first two films of the Jurassic Park trilogy.  It seems that the 2012 version (we call it simply the “brown T. rex“), has a different head.

Green T. rex and the Brown T. rex (spot the difference)

Spot the differences?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We are grateful to all the collectors and model enthusiasts who have contacted us with information about these two models, in the picture below we highlight some of the differences between these two dinosaur models.

Papo Green and Papo Brown T. rex Models Compared

Outlining some of the differences between the models

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The eye of the brown T. rex (orbit) shows some subtle differences, it is more rounded in the new model when compared to the green T. rex, the eye socket is also reduced in size.  The sclera (yellow area of the eye) and the actual pupil are much smaller when compared to the older T. rex version.

Both models retain the articulated jaw but the teeth (dentition) in the new version are different, whilst not conforming exactly to the premaxilla, maxilla, dentary arrangement seen in Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons the new model does have slightly better moulded teeth which are less peg-like.

The lower jaw of the new, brown version of T. rex is leaner.  The bulk of the lower jaw seen in the older model is not there any more and as a result the lower jaw looks thinner.

In addition, the prominent ridge of bone around the squamosal at the back of the skull looks less angular in the new version of  T. rex.

Both models are good, well-crafted and immaculately painted, it is interesting to note these changes and we suspect there are one or two more subtle differences that we may have missed.

To view the range of Papo models: Papo Dinosaurs

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One Response to “Papo Standing Tyrannosaurus rex (Green versus Brown – the Differences)”

  1. Mike says:

    Today, we are sorting out our order of the two juvenile T. rex models. We too did not know that the head was different on the brown T. rex version, even Papo had not told us of this development and some of their staff did not know for sure. We have been told that the two juvenile T. rex models are identical. I have seen them both and could not tell them apart except for their colour, but we shall be closely examining these replicas when they arrive in May to see if there are differences. Green T. rex stocks selling out, brown T. rex stocks plentiful at Everything Dinosaur. Thank you for your comment.

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