Therizinosaurus – Enter the “Scythe Lizards”

Therizinosaurus (Therizinosaurus cheloniformis) from Collecta

The new Collecta Therizinosaurus dinosaur model will be available next year.  This is the second model of a “Scythe Lizard” the company has produced, the first being a Nothronychus that came out a couple of years ago.

Collecta Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Model (Collecta Dinosaurs)

A Therizinosaurus about to display.

Picture Credit: Collecta/Everything Dinosaur

Those claws certainly look very formidable, lets hope that the models can stand up to rigours of transport.  The model has been posed as if this Theropod dinosaur is about to launch into a display, perhaps to deter an attack or to attract a mate.

6 Responses to “Therizinosaurus – Enter the “Scythe Lizards””

  1. Robert Baker says:

    excellent model and more realistic than Nothronychus which always reminds me of a “ginger vulture”. (Makes a mental note— must have this!)

  2. Manuel Alejandro Gómez Ramos says:

    The Triceratops is a masterpiece that will surely penalty is so expensive.
    The Therizinosaurus is the best I’ve seen in sickle species of dinosaurs. One question is that regardless of the extraordinary quality of the figure is inspired by a picture of Brett Booth in a book entitled Thunder Lizards! How to Draw Fantastic Dinosaurs book whose author is Steve Miller of the publisher evergreen. It’s just a clarification this figure has turned over 180 degree and already I repeat with the Nothronychus by the same company.

  3. Bart Castle says:

    Hi There, just found your blog, looking good. I saw these guys in a documentary the other day and thought of the Iguanodon debacles of early paleontology, where does the horn go? Heh, big claws like that sure seem like a great weapon for a predator but they don’t have the teeth to support a highly carnivorous lifestyle. Anyhow, cool sculptures, Cheers!

  4. J.R.R says:

    Hey Mike! I really enjoy watching your reviews and how-to videos on your youtube channel called dinosaurMike1. Im thinking of getting this CollectA 2012 therizinosaurus model but I need to see it in a review as there arnt any reviews of this perticuallar model.

    Kind regards

    • Mike says:

      We have posted up a review of the Collecta Therizinosaurus with a couple of pics, you can find this review here at the blog site in a gap we had in our articles (December 6th 2012).

      You can order the model at Everything Dinosaur, just click on the link to the Collecta models that is at the bottom of the article just before the customer comments and reviews we put up.

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