Series Four of Primeval Starts on Saturday

Primeval back on the Television with a new Series

The time travelling television series Primeval is back on terrestrial television this Saturday (New Years Day) with the start of the fourth series.  Although there have been a number of cast changes, the format is still the same with our team of dedicated scientists trying to solve the riddle of time portals that open up to permit creatures from different periods in Earth’s history to visit the Holocene.

Prior to Primeval being broadcast on ITV1, the second ITV channel is showing a behind the scenes documentary with interviews with cast members, production crew and the special effects designers.  We can be fairly certain the dinosaurs will feature heavily in series four, expect a Spinosaurus and a baby “Spino” to be just two of the prehistoric animals the ARC team encounter.

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One Response to “Series Four of Primeval Starts on Saturday”

  1. Anonymous says:

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